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Unfortunately, few young families can afford a huge apartment. Therefore, the majority of our countrymen have to live in small areas. Many of them face the problem of placing furniture and things in a small apartment. In such a situation, the best solution may be small-sized sofas with a sleeping place. The furnishings are very comfortable. After all, it can be placed not only in the bedroom but in the living room.

small sofas

What to look for when buying?

Modern manufacturers produce a wide range of such furniture. All small-sized sleep sofas Have excellent appearance and great functionality. However, this piece of furniture will serve you for many years, when buying you must pay special attention to some of the nuances.

The First thing you should assess when selecting such furniture is its convenience and comfort. It is recommended before the purchase to sit on your favorite model and listen to your own feelings. It is important that the height of the back fully provided for relaxation of the back. The armrests should be placed at the level most appropriate to the location. Plays an important role and seat depth. It must be quite large to provide a rest for the feet.

Modern small sofas sleeper . Their range is so great that anyone can easily find an option that fits perfectly into the overall style of the room. When choosing such furniture necessary to check the quality of the mounts. It is desirable that they were metal. It is also recommended to pay attention to the material from which made upholstered furniture. Ideally, they should recover quickly after pressing. Padding should not be too thin.


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small sofas sleeper

What affects the price of the sofa?

The people there is quite a widespread belief that quality can not be cheap. Actually it is not so. In modern furniture shops you can find cheap but high-quality small-sized sofas. The Cost of these products depends on several factors. One of them is the material from which is made the basis of the framework. Furniture made of solid wood, is much more expensive. It is believed that it is more durable and reliable.

The Second pricing factor is the material of the upholstery. Modern manufacturers produce small-sized sofas covered with fabric, leatherette or leather. Of course, the most expensive would be the last option. Deciding to save money and purchase a sofa with fabric upholstery, it is necessary to pay special attention to the quality of the material.

Also the price of small-sized sofas Depends on the availability of fashionable add-ons. Those who wish to save a little, it may be advisable to abandon the models that are equipped with counter tops, built-in shelves and removable covers. Also, do not forget that the cost of a modular modifications will be slightly lower than the holistic mechanisms.

small corner sofas

Types of models

Those who mistakenly believes that small-sized sofas – It's very simple furniture, you need to go to the nearest furniture store and see his own wrong. Today, there are many different versions and mechanisms of folding.

Perhaps the most popular can be considered a so-called “.”. The main advantage of this furniture is the simplicity of its operation. This furniture is ideal for a small room. This model is considered to be one of the most durable. This is a relatively small load on the headset and the mechanisms of the sofa. Additional benefits can be attributed to the wide surface and the presence of compartments for bedding.

No less popular are sofas “even”. The folding design of this furniture has similarities with the eponymous musical instrument. Such furniture is suitable only for long and narrow spaces, as in factored form it takes a lot of space. The disadvantage of such sofas is the lack of internal secret niches for storage of linen.

Still not lose relevance and popular since Soviet times, the sofas “click-clack". To put this furniture, you need to raise the seat so that the hook fittings are disconnected from the mechanism back. After you hear the typical clicking sound, you can safely lower the front part of the structure.

small bedroom sofas

Features small kitchen sofas

All small apartments kitchen not only performs its main function, but also plays the role of the dining room. So most of us prefer to establish a small corner sofas for the kitchen. When you choose such furniture, it is important to know the exact dimensions of the room. Otherwise, the angle may not fit into the basic concept of space. The wood used for the manufacture of such furniture, is subject to specialtreatment to eliminate swelling from temperature fluctuations and humidity levels. For the kitchen you may safely purchase the model with aluminum frame, waterproof and washable upholstery. The best option for the kitchen can be a durable and reliable sofa, made of molded polyurethane foam.

small sofas for kitchens

Compact corner sofas

This model is ideal for small living rooms for family gatherings and entertaining. Such furniture does not occupy extra area and will serve as an additional sleeping place. It can be used as a place for recreation and as a full double bed. A compact corner sofas Is equipped with various useful options in the form of convenient shelves on which to put cute trinkets, or bar, hidden behind a removable cushion.


The Existing range makes it easy to choose the right sofa for a small apartment. Do not skimp on what makes the comfort and quality of sleep. Before making a purchase, it is recommended to think and plan.

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