Why sick leg joint?


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When sick, and swollen leg joints, it is important to interpret the symptoms of disease and correct diagnosis. The causes of pain can be very diverse. They result from destruction of the ligaments sore leg jointTendons, joints, bones, muscles, and nerve endings and blood vessels. In each specific case is different nature of pain and symptomatic manifestations. The pain may be dull or sharp in the form of or be accompanied by a burning sensation. It can occur abruptly and be of the nature of the attacks or continue. Therefore, in order to understand why the joint hurts, one should study the General information about the causes of pain.

The Most common disease of joints of legs

The diseases include osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis and gout. Osteoarthritis usually occurs in the knee and hip joints. The disease usually goes away without strongly pronounced tumor process. This disease are most susceptible to the elderly. When driving they periodically observed creaking and clicking in the joints. Sore leg joint more often during exercise, after a long walk or prolonged standing in an upright position. Treatment of osteoarthritis is with the use of massage, swimming, physiotherapy and mud therapy.

sore foot at the ankle joint

Rheumatoid arthritis, by contrast, is an incurable disease. However, timely medical intervention can prevent deformation of the joints and bring them into complete immobility. Arthritis is often a sore leg at the ankle joint, but may lose and other joints. Unlike osteoarthritis, the pain sensation of arthritis is dulled after exercise.



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When pain in joints feet with gout, we can conclude that the patient has a large number of purines. Treatment in this case should take place with the use of special diets. The diet of the patient is limited to the content of meat products, fish and alcohol. He prescribed drugs that normalize metabolism.

Other causes of pain in foot

There are factors that can cause pain in the area of the leg joint. These include:

  • Dehydration;
  • Insufficient level of calcium, sodium, potassium, magnesium in blood;
  • Ligament rupture;
  • Fractures or cracked bones;
  • Tumors of the bone or bone infection;
  • Various circulatory disorders;
  • Inflammation of the tendons;
  • Referred pain when shifting your spinal discs.sick and swollen leg joints

Methods of diagnosis

When pain in leg joint, the inspection of the patient and the conversation with the purpose of identifying symptoms. Then, at the discretion of the doctor appointed by the required method of inspection. They include:

  • Blood test to determine the level of white blood cells, red blood cells, uric acid;
  • Ultrasound to detect deep vein thrombosis;
  • Radiography to study the integrity of the bone and joint;
  • Arterial-brachial index for assessment of circulation in the legs;
  • Computed tomography and magnetic resonance imaging for more detailed study of the joint, blood vessels, bones and soft tissues.

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