DNS server - what is it? DNS Unlocker - what is it?


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The Internet is a collection of local area networks, which are located in all countries of the world. Typically, such a communication line contact with each other, respecting the common rules called protocols. Such conditions are accepted by all parties on a voluntary basis, because there is not a single government regulation, which would force them to use.

What is DNS?

DNS – this is one of the most important sets of rules. The name stands for "domain name system". DNS should be seen as a distributed database that contains information about network devices: IP address, information for routing mail, machine name.

dns address

The first blast system for BSD Unix appeared 30 years ago. Berkley Internet Name Domain still continues to be part of most Unix systems.

DNS server - what is it?

Any computer on the Internet has the status of the client. Also he can simultaneously play the role of a server.

When there is a need to accelerate the process of determining the names comes to the aid of the DNS server. What is it, you ask?


A DNS server – is a computer which converts the symbolic names to IP addresses and Vice versa.

In case if your computer – client network programs use the gethostbyaddr function to determine the name of the machine on her network contacts. Option allows gethostbyname to get the IP address of the device.

If the device is used as a DNS server, then this is evidence of registration at least one domain on the machine.

The DNS server answers the queries bound to it domains and forwards them if necessary to other computers from a foreign zone.

DNS address in the Internet

Based on the fact that DNS – the domain name system every computer needs it identified. That is why network devices are assigned their own unique names that consist of letters separated by dots.


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Is the DNS address-is a unique combination of a real machine name, and domain contacts.

Basic concepts of Domain Name System

The DNS Structure has the form of a tree hierarchy consisting of domains, zones, nodes and other elements, which you now know.

what is dns unlocker

On top of the root zone. It can be configured in various mirrors, which contain data about the servers and are responsible for the DNS domain. This happens on the computers located around the world.

Many servers of the root zone are engaged in the processing of any requests, even non-recursive. We said several times this mysterious word, and that means it's time to explain what is the essence of it.

Area you can call absolutely any part of the tree of the domain name system. It is an integral and indivisible sector of the map. The selection of multiple branches in one area allows you to delegate responsibility for this part of the tree to another organization or person.

Each region must contain a component of the DNS. This allows to locally store data, for which you have to answer.

dns unlocker what is this program

As for the domain, it is only a branch of the tree structure of DNS, the private node that has more than one device in a command.

The Internet has a huge number of domains, and all of them except the root are subordinate to their higher elements.

DNS Servers

Primary DNS server is an authoritative computer. It stores all the file copy of the zone data accompanied by the system administrator.

Secondary DNS server is one of the main computers. It copies all the files stored on the primary server. Its main difference is that the data coming from the master server, not the configuration of zone files. Secondary DNS server may share information with other computers of the same level. Any request to host an authoritative server will be transferred to either him or the master device.

dns server that this

The Number of secondary servers is not limited. There may be any number. Notifications about changes or expansion of the zone come regularly, but it all depends on the settings set by the administrator.

The zone transfer is most often carried out by copying. There are two mechanisms of duplication: full and incremental.

Caching DNS server

These computers do not have authoritative rights. In his memory they save the answers to the questions that were asked earlier. If information cannot be found, it is necessary to request data from upstream DNS servers.

DNS Unlocker - what is this program?

This is an additional module that is often attached while installing free programs. It is extremely harmful to the productivity and efficiency of the personal computer.

dns service it

This is a program that can destroy the system or lead her to inaction. It is a virus that spreads like wild-fire around the world. After the first invasion DNS Unlocker starts to operate in the background, that is transparent to users. The module gradually install on the computer malicious codes that cause threats to the system. In additionthis virus, the module automatically disables the antivirus so that nothing could protect the important files and documents, which slowly comes program.

How to determine that your computer is infected with malware

What are the signs that your PC is infected with adware? What is this program you already know. Start learning the signals that indicate that your data is at risk.

  • An unknown Windows. When a computer started appearing pop up ads, treat the problem seriously. This is one of the signs that your system had infected the virus module.
  • The Decline of the PC performance. The last time your PC was getting very slow to perform standard actions that used to take seconds? Check the performance of the machine. If this figure fell rapidly, so it's time to check the system and remove the DNS Unlocker.
  • Emergency operation of the system. If the last time your computer started to hang very often, this also may indicate the presence of viral module.
  • Redirect to another web page. DNS Unlocker – is a viral module that can modify the settings of browsers. It appears to redirect to other resources. This may also change the start page and search engine installed by default.
  • New icons. On your desktop may appear unknown labels containing links to malicious web sites.
  • Hardware disputes. This case is characterized by unplugging the printer and other devices without your direct intervention. You can choose some settings, and the computer will respond to your commands differently or does not answer them. This situation can also talk about contamination of the system.
  • Lack of important files. While working with applications, your system may report error – the absence of important data. It is likely that it is the result of a viral module. Moreover, in the system, he is able to get into its settings and delete important files without which the proper operation of the application becomes impossible.

Dangerous impact of adware on Windows

  • Malicious add-on can change your browser settings that are familiar to you. We are talking about a search engine that is the default home page, redirects to all sorts of dangerous third-party resources.
  • Opening a browser, instead of the last tab you will see a strange web page.
  • Various pop-up ads and informational messages will interfere with workflow. And the links of them – is an additional threat for your computer.
  • Label “My computer” icon is replaced by another with reference to outsider malicious resource.
  • Implemented in the system, the virus makes it vulnerable, placing a fake system utilities and toolbars.
  • Search engine browser starts to give inaccurate results, and it will hurt, especially when it comes to finding official information.
  • Adware modifies the default settings of the OS, and disables the task Manager.
  • Applications start to run very slowly and only periodically to respond to user requests.
  • Like most viruses, adware gets access to your sensitive data: name, password. Also, the program will reveal all your photos and personal files.
  • Some users claim that the malicious module able to lock the desktop and demand payment for his discovery.
  • It is logical that adware blocks antivirus, because he wants more time to remain undetected and spread dangerous code.

the dns domain is

It is Therefore very important to identify a malicious module, and as early as possible to remove it. Only such a drastic measure will save your computer from losing important data.

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