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Peter and Paul Cathedral (Tomsk) – a beautiful temple, one of the few that survived the years of Soviet power. This majestic stone structure is still preserved the spirit of the old pre-revolutionary Russian Church. As in the past, today in the Church are daily worship services, organized Orthodox holidays, religious processions.

Where is the Cathedral

For Those who want to visit this old temple, you must go to the sublime Eastern outskirts of the city. Once this place in Tomsk called Mukhin Mound. In XVII-XVIII centuries on this hill lived the robbers, which scared the whole neighborhood. Their leader was a former peasant, nicknamed the Fly. According to legend, at the end of life the villain repented of their sins and even began to secretly distribute the stolen money to the poor. For a long time in Muhina the Hill stood a chapel and a wooden cross. Now here is the Peter and Paul Cathedral (Tomsk). Address: Altai street, d. 47.

Peter and Paul Cathedral Tomsk

During the XVIII-XIX centuries, the city gradually grew and in the end Mukhin Hillock was in his line. First time staying in this district the Orthodox had to visit temples in other parts of Tomsk. But then they decided to build their Church. Originally it was supposed to build in the highest location on the corner of street Soldiers and street Craft. However, in those days, there was already a building Society to promote physical development. Therefore, to build the Peter and Paul temple and decided on the site of an old chapel. The number of parishioners of this Church before the revolution was 1000-1300 people.

Hours, how to get phone

Peter and Paul Cathedral from Monday to Saturday from 8 am to 7 PM, on Sundays-from 7:00 to 19:00. You can reach it by taxi №13 or №28. One should go to stop “Church”. To obtain more accurate information on all questions you can, call in the Peter and Paul Cathedral (Tomsk). Phone temple run 53-15-68.

When it was built

The laying of the Cathedral 31.05 1909. The rite of Foundation of the new Church made the priest Macarius Nevsky. Construction of the Church on the donations of parishioners. Also, the petition of the inhabitants of the area was allocated 10 thousand rubles, and the city authorities. Actually, the opening of the Church took place 18.12 1911. It was consecrated suffragan Bishop innocent.

Peter and Paul Cathedral, Tomsk schedule of services

Peter and Paul Cathedral (Tomsk): the after story of the revolution

In the period of the split of the domestic Orthodox Church (20 years) temple at the request of the new authorities came under control of the Renovationists. The first time, this new Christian movement was endorsed by many members of the clergy. However, in people it is recognition has not received.

After his release in 1923, Patriarch Tikhon, who called the faithful to observe loyalty to the new government, Renovationism has lost almost all its supporters. In 1924 he break his relationship with this movement and community of the Cathedral. In 1928 the faithful of the temple joined the "Gregorian".

Unfortunately, the fate of many Russian churches in the Soviet era did not pass and the Peter and Paul Cathedral. Tomsk for several years there was no temples. In 1940, this single is still taking the faithful Church by the decision of the Executive Committee were closed. In the next few years, its premises were used as a warehouse Tomsk distillery.

Peter and Paul Cathedral, Tomsk phone

After a meeting of the Russian patriarchs with Stalin in 1943, relations between the state and the Church warmer. In Russia again began to open Orthodox churches. The Cathedral was returned to believers 8 Feb 1944 In 1980, he was recognized as an architecture monument, and in 1989 there began to operate a Sunday school.

The Temple in the 90s

From 1997 to 2003 on the territory of the Peter and Paul Cathedral was the Tomsk diocesan administration. In 1999 at the initiative of the Bishop Rostislav was laid near the stone baptismal Church. Lit this new Church was in the winter of 2010 in the name of John the Baptist. Now in this Church the baptismal font for full immersion at baptism.

Tomsk rite of Holy unction in the Cathedral of Tomsk

Many of the existing Orthodox churches-that's what in our time can boast of Tomsk. The rite of Holy unction in the Cathedral of Tomsk, in the same way as baptism, marriage etc, can now take anyone. Judging by the reviews of many believers, this ancient temple-the most sacred andbeautiful in the city.

Architectural features

Built the Peter and Paul Cathedral (Tomsk) was the project engineer A. I. Langer in a traditional Orthodox Church Russian-Byzantine style. The basic material for the construction of its wall was red brick. The temple is a cross-domed building, the Central volume of which rests on four supporting pillars. The composition of this monumental stately buildings complement the four corner domes and the chapel over the entrance.

The Peculiarity of the Cathedral is not quite usual for Russian churches decor. Brick walls not plastered. The main decoration is architectural details made of Sandstone (columns, arches, Windows). The southern and Northern facades of the building decorated with terracotta tiles, the color of which harmonizes with red color of brick.

Interior decoration and relics

Unfortunately, at the time when Peter and Paul Cathedral (Tomsk) was used as a warehouse, all his property was lost. Only one was preserved image of the virgin Mary – “Sign”. He was found in the chapel of the Church in Soviet times was the main temple.

Peter and Paul Cathedral Tomsk address

Today, the Cathedral is among the best Tomsk churches the iconostasis made in the Baroque style. The Western wall of the temple is decorated with scenes of the last judgment. The main shrines of the Cathedral are:

  • Cross with particles of relics of 24 saints;
  • The land of Ephesus from the tomb of John the theologian;
  • Multiple images with the relics of saints;
  • The miraculous icon of the Mother of God.

In Addition, in the temple there is the image of St. Nicholas in the charred frame. In 1986, the Peter and Paul Cathedral was set on fire. The fire quickly spread through the premises, destroying the ornaments, however, before reaching this icon suddenly stopped without human intervention. In memory of this miraculous event and it was decided to leave on the charred frame.

Peter and Paul Cathedral Tomsk history

Of Course, now attend this Church not only deeply religious Christians. Is one of the most important sights of Russia Peter and Paul Cathedral (Tomsk). Schedule of services in the Church depends on the specific day or Orthodox holiday. Daily are held in the Cathedral the morning Liturgy (8:30) and evening service (17:00).

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