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Welcome Happened: a player has accumulated enough experience to unlock the tank of the eighth level of the Soviet branch “bands”. In his hands is treasured is-3! One of the first series of tanks, released by developers. Honored, many times, reinvent and one of the most recognizable and popular tanks in the game. What is it?


IP 3 Hyde

The guide on the tank is-3 let's start with the fact that this fighting machine, unlike many in the game, existed in reality. Form and layout of the towers, suspension parts, location of the armor plates and many other technical features laid the foundations for the subsequent development of Soviet tank design ideas. This fact alone commands respect.

Pump tank

On stock suspension, you can install all the modules and additional equipment, which is an advantage of the tank and facilitates its pumping. Hence, considering the is-3, the guide recommends the following order of study:

  • Gun BL-9. With that gun the player will feel on the battlefield is not a useless piece of iron, and one of the creators of the victory. Standard armor-piercing shells of almost all taking on heavily armored opponents ammunition always have piercing ammunition.
  • Tower. Will increase the number of health points, speed, turning, reload. Booking forehead allows us to catch a bounce from a solid caliber of the enemy.
  • Chassis. Increases the dynamics of the tank, turn rate and overall maneuverability.
  • The Engine. The increase in power will allow the player to have time to change position (up to the complete change of the flank), to return to protect his base, to support the attack of the Union of ST, if necessary.
  • Radio. The module is not critical, so study it last. Let it be.

Train crew

wot for IP Hyde 3

Traditionally, the consideration of creatures WOT is-3 guide implies that the crew has three full “perk”. We arrange them in order of study:

  • Commander – “fighting brotherhood" (gives the increase of all skills), “handyman” (partially compensates for the injury to any member of the crew), “repair” (speeds up the correction of corrupted modules during the battle).
  • Gunner – “fighting brotherhood”, “repair”, “snap shot" (a bit reduces the range of information and increases the accuracy).
  • The Driver – “fighting brotherhood”, “repair”, “smooth ride" (increases accuracy on the move).
  • Charging – “fighting brotherhood”, “repair”, “non-contact combat pack" (significantly reduces the risk of explosion of ammunition when hit).

Additional equipment

Reviewing information about the is-3 guide can not be supplemented with recommendations about the installation of reinforcements of the tank. Slots for the equipment of all three. Filling two of them no doubt. This improved ventilation and rammer caliber. In the third slot you can put either vertical stabilizer or accelerated drives information. The choice for the player and depends on his preferences in terms of warfare. With super-aggressive game briefly set the first option.


Hyde tank is 3

As with most other tanks, considering the is-3, Hyde will offer two options depending on the setups commands:

  • Top of the list. Going “push” direction. Don't forget that we have a pronounced assault tank, and sit in the bushes – disastrous tactics. Aggressive Tanquam tracks. For this we have excellent screens on the sides, great eats damage from the enemy, and the magnificent tower rebound. Don't forget to hide the NLD, because it is the most vulnerable part in the frontal projection. Actively use a clinch (except for high enemies type, KV-5, T32, or because they are happy to shoot us in the fragile roof of the tower). The main thing here-not to be left alone, i.e. a pair of allies need to support you during the reload and hide from the sunset the Board. If necessary, or quickly breaks through the direction or “solve” and go to the rear of the enemy on the opposite flank, supporting the allies. When bad scenario, alone, occupied a comfortable position (hiding the body) and become impassable dot.
  • The lower part of the commands list. Do not lose heart! Our miracle gun and good armor in a battle with the “tens” it is able to render good service. Go with the main group of the Federal “bands” and support them: bring down the caterpillar, hit the boardsdeployed towers, etc., If necessary, once or twice can be substituted under enemy shot, covering your top. The word Gadim enemy than you can, and wait until “great uncle” to sort out between themselves. At the end of the fight we're going to finish off the wounded and survivors of the artillery.

the guide on the penetration of IP 3

With all this, our tank is a feature that cannot be forgotten. Talking about the structure of the body – the so-called Shchuchye the nose. With them, we just have to forget about setting the diamond as the tactical element of combat. We are only a front to the enemy! The recharge bothering to aim, actively playing hull and turret, but only the forehead. Each complete rotation of the body in one direction or another critical breaks VLD.

The Main and most dangerous opponent on the level is our fellow man. However, the guide of penetration is-3 (not one) will allow you to figure out how to solve this problem. Its study will give the player the opportunity to experience the nuances of your own machine, and at the same time will get rid of the common mistakes made by drivers of this wonderful device.

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