Ultrasonic humidifier Ballu UHB 205: reviews, manual


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With the onset of the heating season, many residents of city apartments are faced with this problem, as the dry air. A similar phenomenon often causes health problems. Can cause runny nose, cough, and peeling skin. To eliminate the dryness in the apartment there are special devices. One such device is the air humidifier Ballu UHB 205.


An air Humidifier Ballu UHB 205 has a stylish and modern design. The device is equipped with all the necessary functions. The manufacturer offers consumers three colors is:

  • White /green;
  • White/purple;
  • Black/green

The Device is equipped with a temperature indicator and humidity. These values are reflected on the LCD display. These options allow you to create the desired indoor climate. The display on the device if necessary can be disabled. The apparatus includes a filter cartridge that purifies the water from salts, which prevents the formation of a white sediment on surrounding objects.

The Apparatus designed to maintain the required humidity. The optimum moisture content for the dwelling 40-60%. If the humidity in the apartment drops below the programmed rate, the device automatically turns on. Conversely, if the humidity in the room has reached the set level, the device shuts itself off.

An air Humidifier Ballu UHB 205 (customer reviews note that the device moisturizes and consumes little water) can be used in apartments, country houses, offices, townhouses, cottages and winter gardens. It is not intended for industrial applications.

Humidifying the room is due to the ultrasonic water vaporisation. The fluid reaching the chamber of the vaporisation, under the action of ultrasound is converted into fine droplets. The obtained particles of water are connected to the steam cloud, through which the fan built into the device, blows air from the outer atmosphere and then outputs it to the room. Thus, the process of humidification of a room.

humidifier ballu uhb 205 reviews

Specifications humidifier

Ultrasonic Humidifier Ballu UHB 205 has a combined color. It can be white combined with green, white in combination with purple or black with green.

Maximum working capacity of the device is 23 W and a water flow equal to 350 ml /h. Tank is designed for a 3.6 L. the noise Level is small and does not exceed 35 DB. The unit has a electronic control type.

The Device is able to normalize the humidity in the space area of 40 square meters up to 120 CBM Is possible to adjust the intensity of the release of steam. For this purpose there are three modes. Housing is an indicator of low water level. When it lights up, the device automatically turns off. Have an indicator to detect the room temperature and humidity of the atmosphere. The device has a display, has a sleep timer that can be set for 1-8 hours.

Atomizer humidifier rotates around its axis 360°. Direction is regulated pair in manual mode. When choosing night function, the device turns off the display. To enable it you can press any button.

The Device has a hygrometer and humidistat. They allow you to measure the temperature and humidity of the room. Complete with a humidifier is the filter cartridge.

The Device operates from the mains 220 V. Made of high quality durable plastic. Its height is 34.8 inches, width-16 cm, height -16 cm Weight moisturizer is equal to 950 g Type of mounting & ndash; outdoor.

The package of the device includes a humidifier Ballu UHB 205, filter cartridge, manual and warranty card.


humidifier ballu uhb 205

Ultrasonic air humidifier Ballu UHB 205 is designed simply. At the top of the device is a rotary atomizer vapor, rotating 360°C. From the front side is a water tank and a filter cartridge that purifies the water from salts and other impurities. It comes with the device.

At the bottom of the case there is a display of round shape, and around it is the control panel.

The package includes the humidifier, instructions for use, the filter cartridge and packing box. Projected service life is five years, and the warranty is for one year. The unit is made in China.

Rules of filling the tank with water

An air Humidifier Ballu UHB 205 Home be sure to fill it with water. For these purposes, rotary atomizer out of the tank. If this is not done, it may fall and be damaged. The water tankremoved from the base. For this it is taken by its sides and gently pull up. After these manipulations, the water tank will be extracted. To pour into it the liquid, Unscrew the lid counterclockwise. After that, the container filled with water. The cover of spin, and the capacity put into place. From the top mounted atomizer.

All items in the avoidance of leaks, should fit snugly to each other. When leaks of internal parts and clearances there is a possibility of leakage of water.

Can Not switch the unit on without a sprayer. In this case, the steam will settle on the lid of the unit and adjacent objects.

In the tank you cannot add essential oils and aromatic liquids. It is forbidden to pour into the water tank with detergents and chemicals. Do not add any funds other than water. Other liquids can lead parts of the device are in disrepair and affect stable operation. If the device is not operated for a long period of time, the water from the tank and the sump to drain, and dry well.

An air Humidifier Ballu UHB 205: the manual

ultrasonic humidifier ballu uhb 205

After the tank gets the water, the device should be connected to the network and click “on/off”. The humidifier will automatically start in third gear. To select another mode providentia click on the speed button.

When you first run the appliance on atomization is unstable. Such error provokes the difference between the room temperature and as water.

At the beginning of the operation of the device the desired humidity is achieved on 7-10 days of regular operation of the humidifier. This is because the generated first absorb humidity of the walls, furniture, flooring, and then it is formed in the air.

In the humidifier has a timer that is configured to disable the device. To install it press on the timer button and set the desired time in the range from 1 to 8 hours. The device is equipped with a hydrometer and humidistat, but their testimony may be given substantial errors.

For setting the desired humidity, press the timer and hold the button for 10 seconds. The display will show the button forward or backward. After their appearance on the screen the rate of humidity is 55 %. Buttons timer and speed set the desired humidity value in the range from 55 % to 95 %. If the level in the room above the set, the machine will not work. It will turn on when the humidity in the room will start to fall.

The phone has the option “night mode”. It works without the included display. To start, first set the mode of operation of the device and press the power button. It should be held until then, until the display goes off.

As soon As the volume of water in the device reaches a minimum value, from indicator low fluid level and the unit turns off. To start the machine in operation, add water to the tank.

In a humidifier Ballu UHB 205 can pour ordinary tap water. The filter, located inside the device, easily cleaned fluid from the extra salt.

At the end of the operation of the device, click on “on/off” and the plug disconnected from the network.

Maintenance of apparatus for the humidification

ballu home humidifier uhb 205

An air Humidifier Ballu UHB 205 black/green does not require special care. The body of the device is enough to wipe with a soft, damp cloth once a week. It is impossible to clean the unit, use abrasive and harsh chemicals.

In the process of operation of the humidifier under the tank, in special grooves, water accumulates. It should be removed with a soft cloth. During maintenance of the device carried out and cleaning of the membranes. They are cleaned with special soft brush.

Once a week take care of the surface of the nozzle. Rag removed the remains from the water. To care you can't use wire brushes, talcum powder and a razor blade.

For purification of the water tank capacity is detached from the base and remove the atomizer. To remove the cover from the tank, it should be turning counter-clockwise. All removed parts are carefully washed under running water and wiped dry with a cloth. Give them how to dry.

If the device is placed in storage, the inside of the hull and the tank does not have to be water. For this purpose it is fully assembled, the water tank is mounted on the base and on top is placed a rotating sprayer. A unit with all components placed in a cardboard box.The storage device should be at room temperature.

An air Humidifier Ballu UHB 205 white/green can not be stored in the unseasoned condition, as the surface mold may form.

The Device must disconnect from the socket as soon as no longer needed in its operation. The same device when you disconnect:

  • Water inlet to the tank and before discharge of the liquid;
  • Maintenance of the apparatus and its components;
  • Assembling and disassembling unit;
  • Move the humidifier from one place to another.

For the avoidance of leaks, the unit should only be installed on a level surface, away from heating and electrical appliances. Do not immerse base unit in water. Also do not place the set on the walkway where it is likely to hurt him.

That the instrument is in full force, it is not necessary to block the spray and air intake vents with foreign objects. The machine should be protected from the ingress of any contamination and not to drop it.

The Device does not operate in damp and wet areas. To set the device not to shock, should not be to damage and scratching its details.

Possible fault

humidifier ballu uhb 205 filter

An air Humidifier Ballu UHB 205 black /green should be used in accordance with the manual. When the device is used from time to time you may encounter the following faults:

  • Be no spraying. In this case there are two possible reasons. First – the appliance is not plugged in or the plug away from the outlet. The second tank ran out of water or the amount of liquid reached the minimum level. In this case, you will see the red indicator low water level. To resolve the problem, check the network connection. In the second case a reservoir is necessary to add water.
  • Weak spray. Occurs when the device is configured at low intensity spraying. In this case, you need only to choose a high speed spray of steam. Weak atomization can occur due to clogging of the nozzle. If this happens, you need to clean the rotary atomizer.
  • On the surrounding objects appear white patches. It is not that other, as hardness salts contained in ordinary tap water. This situation occurs for two reasons: when the membrane is clogged and it formed lime deposits, and when a period of operation the cartridge filter, it has ceased to purify the water. In the first case it is necessary to clean the membrane humidifier brush. Second - you need to replace the cartridge with a new filter.

If specified the problem persists, you should seek assistance at the nearest service center.

Cost of a humidifier

An air Humidifier (ultrasonic) Ballu UHB 205 (reviews note that, in the operation of the device often is a white coating on the furniture) is in the range from 2500 to 3000 rubles. This device can be purchased in the major appliance stores, such as Media Markt, “Eldorado”, “world class”, “DNS Tekhnopoint”. The device is sold in retail outlets serving HVAC equipment, such as hypermarket “the World of air”. In addition, the product can be purchased in many online stores, including on the official website of the company.

An air Humidifier Ballu Uhb 205: the positive feedback

humidifier ballu uhb 205 white purple

The Humidifier of this brand has caused a lot of conflicting reviews. Positive opinion about the device note that humidifying the room. The simplicity of operation and ease of maintenance. These people say that with the advent of this device, they began to sleep better. Passed runny nose, dry nose and gone is the peeling on the skin.

Users report that fits perfectly into any interior and has a stylish design humidifier Ballu Uhb 205. Reviews point to the excellent display, the presence of a thermometer, humidistat and led type DDD. Many argue that the device operates quietly, and a light gurgling sound keeps them awake. For this reason, the apparatus include some or night. Note that full tank is enough for 1.5 nights or seven continuous hours of operation.

Among the positive aspects, users choose to automatically shut off the humidifier when low water levels in the reservoir. These consumers believe that the device is compact, takes up little space and fits perfectly at the bedside. Worthy its price. Some, in order to avoid white residue, are poured into a machine only distilled water.

Overall, this category of users humidifier Ballu UHB 205 white/purple (and others) liked it. And they to his work and condition of the home atmosphere did not show any complaints.

Negative user opinions

humidifier ballu uhb 205 white green

An air Humidifier Ballu Uhb 205 feedback is negative. These people say that the sensors lie. The thermometer has an accuracy of up to 5°C, and the hygrometer is able to deceive even 20%. These individuals argue that the device, when running, quite strongly, bubbling, and turn on at night keeps them awake.

Some users believe that could be the water tank, and more, humidifier Ballu UHB 205. Negative reviews are saying that the device quickly breaks down. There are thosewhere the device broke after 3 months of regular use, in some individuals, it failed in six months.

Many say the leak of the device, which it repeatedly returned back to the store under warranty. Even the negative aspects of operation of the device users include:

  • Sleek design, on which there are traces from fingers;
  • White coating on furniture, appear for 2-3 day operation of the humidifier;
  • Short cord;
  • Bad mounting of the water tank.

A Negative-minded citizens say that this device is not worth the money. They say that in the market you can find a more practical and cheaper option that will moisturize not worse than this model.

Overall, humidifier Ballu Uhb 205 justify the cost, and many users were pleased with his work.

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