Orenburg region, Abdulino: familiarity with the city


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Armed with a map of Russia, you can see that in the Southeast there's Orenburg oblast. Abdulino – the administrative center included municipal district. From Orenburg he is separated by 280 km and is located close to the border with Bashkiria.

Quick overview

The City is located among the picturesque nature of the Urals. This location provides clean air and favorable climate. For lovers of fishing or just a wild holiday here flows the water flow Tiris (tributary IR). Its water is also used in other purposes such as irrigation. Has long been famous for the beautiful landscapes of the Orenburg region, Abdulino – a city where the population according to the January 2016 amounted to about 19.3 thousand people.the Orenburg region, Abdulino


Mention of this village was found in 1795. This is the date of birth of Abdulino. The name of the village was named in honor of its founder – a successful merchant of king Abdul Yakupov. For 100 years this town was just a small village.

Like other parts of the Russian Federation, fascinated by its beauty Orenburg oblast. Abdulino has transformed from a rural settlement. After the 1811 railway business life in this city has picked up markedly, which has led to the increase in the local population. Prosperity was stimulated and the legendary Orenburg tract, passing through the village (now the Federal highway Kazan-Orenburg). Since 1923 Abdulino turns into a city, then became a district center.


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Transport links play a large role in the development of cities and regions. Of considerable importance this industry has and Orenburg oblast. Abdulino has a railway station. A large part of the business life of the city is connected with Railways. Moreover, it is not just a station, and a railway junction, which tied all the way to the European part of our country and on the Urals. They go from the Far East, from Siberia and Kazakhstan.Orenburg oblast g Abdulino

So here is the one of large enterprises of our country on the track machines repair and production of spare parts. By the way, this is depicted on the city arms: on a red background shows a gear, and inside of it – locomotive. The flag of the city you can see the grain ears.

Farming and agriculture-the basis of Abdulinskiy rayon. However, these industries thrive throughout the administrative center. Orenburg oblast (the city of Abdulino) is famous for the cultivation of many crops. There is also a plant for the production and repair of machines for agriculture.

Culture and education

Many cultural facilities of the city still bear the imprint of the glorious merchant of the region. For example, the locals call Gogolewski, in honor of the merchant who planted the first trees. Many beautiful, old buildings – the former homes of wealthy people.

Interesting historical feature is the railway station, established in 1895. In Abdulino is a Museum-apartment of the great Russian engineer Florentia Kazantsev, who invented, as is known, an automated train braking system.city of Abdulino Orenburg region

One of the most beautiful buildings is the Church of the Holy Prince Alexander Nevsky, erected in 1912 After the revolution the Church was closed, it was revived only in 2008. The city of Abdulino Orenburg region boasts of having a mosque.

There is a Museum, a monument to the railwaymen fallen in the Great Patriotic war. Near Gogolevskogo Park is a Park dedicated to the memory of countrymen who fought in Afghanistan.

Educational institutions can distinguish the branch of Moscow state University of technologies and management. The city also has its own television station and newspaper.

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