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It is known that dolls are not only the object of children's play, but also the decoration of the house. Some collect them, collecting all the representatives of a certain series, giving considerable sums. These toys are made of rubber, rag, plastic and porcelain. Of particular interest are the most beautiful dolls in the world, which today is quite a lot: from exclusive porcelain to fashionable characters of famous animated projects.

Popular worldwide dolls, considered the most beautiful

Among the most famous is the Barbie doll, it was played by more than one generation, children of each country know what it looks like. Many believe that these are the most beautiful dolls in the world, focusing on the image and stylish solutions. Since the advent of Barbie, many companies have worked on the image of the doll, expanding the wardrobe and hairstyles. She not only has an excellent appearance, but also a perfect friend - Ken, animals, children and the house. Barbie as the most beautiful dolls in the world are popular until now and do not lose their "star" status.

For a long time, Barbie had no competitors until the appearance of a series called "Bratz" created by the company "Mjiei". The dolls are distinguished by proportions, far from ideal: a rather large head and a miniature figure. In terms of beauty, bratz faces are not inferior to more popular competitors. All the girls in this series are beautifully and stylishly dressed, have a bright appearance and modern make-up.

In addition, the most beautiful dolls in the world are:

  • Winx;
  • "Princess Disney";
  • Monster High;
  • Ever Alter High;
  • Porcelain dolls from companies with worldwide fame ("Galtier").

Самые красивые куклы в мире

Handmade dolls

One of the most spectacular dolls has always been considered porcelain, made by hand. At first glance at the collection is breathtaking, and immediately there is a desire to buy a similar copy. The most exclusive works of masters are sold in limited quantities. Porcelain dolls perfectly complement any interior, serve as a decoration and a real pride of the owners. The most beautiful specimens are produced by countries such as France (based on sophistication) and Germany (the thoughtfulness of the details). Famous companies - "Galtier" and "Jimia."


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जैक्वार्ड के ताने-बाने का विवरण। फैब्रिक जैक्वार्ड: संरचना, गुण

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In the life of almost every person - or family - sooner or later there is a moment when there is (and actively discussed the idea) about the appearance in the house of someone shaggy and four-legged. In the first place in popularity at all times rema...

Monster High Collection

Famous "monsters" - the most beautiful dolls in the world. Photos "Monster High" display not only their original appearance, but also a pronounced thoughtful style, which in many respects determines the popularity of toys among children of all ages. Each representative of this series is unique, has its own history, style, ability to magic. According to the story of the famous animated series, the dolls are students of the "School of Monsters" in which they study various disciplines. The most beautiful girls of the "monster" series:

  • Blue Lagoon;
  • Frankie Stein;
  • Gulia Giles;
  • Laura's fight;
  • Claudine Wolf;
  • Cleo de Nile.

All these dolls have similarities with such characters as Catwoman, Cleopatra, Mummy, etc.

Самые красивые куклы в мире монстр хай

Features of the series

"Monster Hai" is taught the science of magic and witchcraft together with ordinary children, which allows you to put a special emphasis on their appearance. The dolls are designed for children aged 5 years and older, as many consider it unacceptable to buy them to kids who have no idea about real school life and relationships.

Girls from the school of monsters are distinguished not only by beauty, but also by courage, kindness and purposefulness. In addition, the heroines have pets, which they care about, which positively affects the child's idea of caring for neighbors. The cost of Mattel's creations ranges from 500 rubles to 4,000 rubles per doll.

Ever After High

The Ever Alter High series resembles "Monster High" in its exterior. It is also the most beautiful doll in the world (photo can be seen below). These charming girls are trained in an unusual school, where everyone takes an oath of passage in the future the same way as their famous fairy-tale parents: Snow White, Little Red Riding Hood, Cinderella and many others. All dolls are attractive appearance and individual character: some of them dream of a fairy tale, others do not want to give people good and happiness.

Самые красивые куклы в мире фото

The most famous heroines of "Ever After Hai":

  • Ravey Kwi;
  • Ceriz Red Riding Hood;
  • Blondie Locks.

The Wizards of Winx

Winx series - incredibly cute sorceress-girls, each of which has a unique ability and talent. The most beautiful Winx dolls in the world are:

  • Bright dark-skinned Leila;
  • Reasonable and charming Bloom;
  • Dreamer and romantic Flora;
  • Talented and brooding Muse;
  • State-of-the-art and advanced Tekna;
  • Kind and caring Roxy;
  • Fashionable and glamorous Stella.

Самые красивые куклы винкс в мире

Many girls in all tend to resemble their favorite characters: beautiful to dress and comb, even "learn"Magic. In the appearance of the dolls traces the features of the characters of Japanese cartoons. In addition, many note the similarities of heroines with such famous personalities as Jennifer Lopez, Beyonce, as well as Britney Spears and Cameron Diaz. Beauty girls have the ability to fly. They are not only outwardly attractive, but also internally. The most beautiful dolls "Winx" photos can be seen below, in many respects make a serious competition Barbie.

The cost of such dolls depends on many parameters, mainly on the set-up and the main details. You can find the heroine for 500 rubles, but there are also copies, the price of which reaches 3,000.

Самые красивые куклы в мире винкс фото

Barbie dolls

Famous Barbie dolls are sold all over the world, almost in a hundred countries. Children of different generations played with these charming dolls, but at all times it was considered one of the best and most attractive. The most beautiful dolls in the world (Barbie photo is shown below) - it is not only a subject for games, but also collectibles by adult successful people. Some give a lot of money for rare representatives. Success is explained by the incredible beauty of the face and figure, outfits and hairstyles. Each doll is individual: her style, makeup and overall image. Many seek to collect huge collections, paying special attention to all sorts of accessories, jewelry and special furniture.

Самые красивые куклы в мире фото барби

Barbie as a model of beauty

Despite the fact that Barbie dolls today have a lot of competitors (the sorceress "Winx", cute "Bratz", charming princesses from cartoons, as well as stylish "Monster High" and representatives of "Ever After Hai"), she still enjoys huge success. This doll is played by children from an early age to adolescence. In addition, it imitates not only young fashionistas, but also adult girls.

The uniqueness of the doll in question lies in many ways:

  • Original and diverse wardrobe;
  • Different types
  • Variations with spheres of activity: doctor, journalist, queen, nanny, singer, etc.;
  • Perfect appearance: white silky hair, long legs, wasp waist.

Despite the opinions of some psychologists, who claim that the doll can develop an inferiority complex in a little girl, still "Barbie" is considered the most popular in the world. Any girl will be delighted with this beauty. New models of the doll cost from 600 rubles and above. Collector's editions are not available for purchase in retail stores, their cost is quite high. Determine which beauty belongs to a certain series or is included in the limited edition, you can box with a toy. The manufacturer indicates certain colors corresponding to the rank of the doll. For example, the pink label is a series of unlimited quantities, and the gold label is only a few copies in the world.

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