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Hockey has a lot of types and great history. In General, there are many surfaces on which you can run games under that name. It is also necessary to say that the game is not only puck, but also with the ball. Yes, there is a separate sport that is called "hockey". And the sport is developing well in Russia. But the main and basic kind of hockey is hockey on ice and with the puck. This sport hails from Canada, he's well developed and now in this country.

the largest score in hockey

It is Also very popular in the United States of America, Russia and the Scandinavian countries. These countries have the world's strongest domestic Championships, which are the dream of any hockey player.

Hockey Scores

Hockey, like any sport, has its records, and their major accounts. The largest expense in hockey is the same record as, for example, the maximum number of hours without sleep.the largest account in the history of hockey Not so easy to score a lot of goals in one game, but someone once succeeded. Of course, there is the largest account in the history of hockey. For many who do not know the usual account of hockey, seems to score 10 goals already kind of a record. But fans of the sport know that 10 goals often fly into the gate for one match.

Here is a number of goals such as 92, a record. The largest account in the history of hockey - 92:0. In 1982, in the match between South Korea and Thailand, the audience saw a record number of goals scored.the largest account in the ice hockey This match will remain in the memory of all fans of hockey forever, it is very rare to see. It was the largest score in hockey. Certainly in different countries once modified hockey. Therefore, we can only say that the score 92:0, which was recorded in 1982, is the largest account in the ice hockey. As a ball game allocate a separate species, and the records there on your own.


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Ice hockey world championship: the largest account

In 1987 took the world championship in ice hockey, it was a very loud event. Was set largest score in hockey. Strange that it happened on such a prestigious tournament. Until the day the record was the score 47:0, and seemed to beat it unrealistic, especially at the world Cup. And in 1987, in a match of Group D between Australia and New Zealand record was broken. As it turned out later that it was a very unusual world Cup of hockey, as the above result was established in the period of the event. Then players Australia managed to score New Zealand 58 unanswered goals. ice hockey world championship with a big score

The largest account in the KHL

In the Kontinental Hockey League also have their records. There are the most effective match was recorded between "vanguard" and "wings of the Soviets". The score at the end of the match was 17:1. That's a pretty big expense, but it can not be compared with large accounts in international hockey.

Russian hockey is developing well, maybe that's why teams don't give yourself a chance to miss a lot of goals, as the level of players is high enough in each team. Because of the large accounts in the KHL is also included in the history match in which the victory was won in 9 goals. In that match took part of the team «bars» and «Severstal». Then the hosts won with the score 10:1. According to official sources, this match is one of the most successful in the Continental Hockey League. He also has a Statute of “the biggest win”.

The largest guest victory in the Continental Hockey League is 0-for-7. This record have files from two matches. It is a match «Tractor» - «SKA» and «Spartacus» - «Severstal». Guests were able to score seven unanswered goals, thereby entering the history of the Russian League. An interesting fact is that the team is “Severstal” has three record associated with the major accounts in the history of Russian hockey.

Largest score of the Russian team at the world Cup

For the Russian national team has its own record for number of goals the match. However, these statistics are, unfortunately, not the best for the Russians. The maximum number of goals in the match involving the national team of Russia on hockey has recorded 11. It happened in the match Russia - USA at the world Championships in 2013. Then team USA defeated Russia with a score of 8:3.

The largest expense of Russia at the Olympic games

At the Olympic games, Russia often shows a good result in hockey, but the biggest expense was recorded in the match, when Russia lost. In 2010 Russian national team played Canada hockey team and lost 3:7. This match entered the history of Olympic games the national team of Russia on hockey as the most losing. The matches between Canada and Russia have a long history and always interesting, as are two of the strongest teams in hockey in the world.

In conclusion may be noted that hockey is a game that can surprise your account. At least sometimes, but there are matches when the gate flies very much unanswered goals. Record matches for a long time included in the history of world hockey, and this attracted the audience.

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