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Earning a certain amount of money, many people are thinking about how not to lose them, but to increase it. Someone keeps the house cash, someone buys securities or deposits. But there is a certain group of people who are interested in investment coins.

bullion coins

Banknotes of such a plan contain precious metals and are, as a rule, to a specific event. Therefore, represent the value as due to the content of silver (gold), and in connection with a particular collectible component.

Bullion coins that you can buy on the territory of our country, may be issued by the Central Bank of the Russian Federation or of foreign issuers. For example, today you can buy Tuvalu dollar with the image of the white shark, released Australia. It contains 31 grams of silver, has a diameter of 40,6 mm. of All such coins issued 2000 pieces worldwide, which increases their value in the future. Today on such an investment you need to spend about 3.7 thousand rubles.

Some other value is the coin of Rwandan franc from the “zodiac”, released Germany. It costs about 9500 rubles and contains 93.3 grams silver 999. The product includes gold-plating and diamonds with a mass of 0.002 gram each (4 PCs.). Total production amounted to 10 thousand.

selling investment coins

Investment coins produced and the CIS countries. For example, Belarus has issued a silver Belarusian rubles total number of 5000 copies with a picture of a squirrel. The coin weighs of 31.06 grams, contains 999 silver and Swarovski crystal red color (eye whites). To buy such a lovely thing it is possible for 2.2 thousand rubles. Some advanced users acquire these products as a gift, which is a really valuable work of art and a good investment.


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If you have 2 500 000 rubles, you can afford the investment gold coins weighing 1,000 grams. This remarkable issue did the government of Liberia, releasing products “Paul” and “Peter”. And among the Russian samples you can find quite affordable copies. Including:

- coin of 50 rubles. “George”, weighing approximately 7.8 grams, fineness 999 for 15950 roubles;

- coin of 25 rubles. “zodiac”, weight 3.11 grams, 999 for 6300 rubles;

- coin of 50 rubles. «Sochi 2014", weighing approximately 7.8 grams (the current price is 19950 rbl.);

investment gold coins

Bullion coins represent a great value, so we must think about the conditions of their storage, and, possibly, insurance. If you have no means to provide security, it is better to open «metal account” that to acquire a certain amount of precious metals in virtual form. In this case, the collectable component of the attachment, of course, is lost.

Sale of investment coins by the major banks (Sberbank, etc.). They can buy some copies back at fixed prices that may be below the sales price. So invest in coins of precious metals funds that are designed to ensure life, is not recommended because you may lose the difference in rates if we ever need to take the coin back. Otherwise, these investments are almost ideal in the long term.

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