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The herb Senna is used in folk medicine as a remedy for constipation, as well as in eliminating pathologies that require a soft stool and easy bowel from disposal of feces. This plant belongs to the legume family.

In folk medicine uses the fruits and leaves of grass. The area of cultivation of this medicinal plant is the area from the Sudan to West Africa.

Harvesting of the leaves produced after they are fully developed. For the preparation of medicinal raw materials are dried in the open air. Harvesting is carried out after full maturation.

Senna Has grass in its composition the main active components, which ensure its therapeutic effect. They are anthraglycosides, which can have a laxative effect. After getting the herbs in the bowel the process of decomposition on aglycone and sugar in the bacteria and enzymes of digestion. Also a medicinal plant has in its composition free amodini and flavonoids, resins and organic acids, traces of alkaloids and phytosterols.

Senna – grass, which is a laxative that has a very strong influence on processes in the body. Its leaves are part of the various teas used for constipation. The fruits also contribute to a laxative effect, but their impact is much softer.

It Should be remembered that the use of any means from constipation, including natural, for a long time can lead to a reduction in the amount of vital salts in the body and irritation of the intestine. Resin included in the composition of the aforementioned herbs, are able to exert a negative impact on bowel function. In this regard, overdose can cause pain and cramping, nausea and vomiting. A long course of treatment may result in degeneration of the intestine and the liver. There is also the risk of arrhythmia. So the passage of the prolonged courses of therapy undesirable.


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Senna – grass, recommended for constipation, as well as the presence of cracks in the anal region and hemorrhoids. Appoint her for the release of the intestine from feces before the procedure, fluoroscopy, and after operations on the rectum and the abdominal cavity. Senna – grass, producing cleansing the body of toxins and contribute to increasing the motility of the colon and prevent the absorption of fat.

This plant Has contraindications. Its use is prohibited in case of hypersensitivity to constituent elements, as well as in intestinal obstruction and strangulated hernia, acute inflammatory processes that occur in the abdominal cavity. Not, we recommend taking herbs for bleeding in the digestive tract, spastic constipation, and disorders of water and electrolyte metabolism. With great care, this tool should be used by pregnant and nursing women, children under the age of six years, as well as patients suffering from renal or hepatic insufficiency and patients in the period after the abdominal surgery.

Herb Senna for weight loss used as part of a specially designed diet. Wishing to restore your weight with the help of this method, you do not eat in the evening after six o'clock. In the process of losing weight is the intake of a mixture of figs, apricots, raisins and prunes. One hundred grams of each component is ground with the grinder. In this mass add honey and steamed with boiling water the leaves of Senna (these components are also used in a number of hundred grams each). Within three weeks shall receive a tablespoon of the mixture before bedtime. The effect of medicinal herbs begins after seven to ten hours after ingestion.

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