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Today we decided to tackle the question of how to start “WM Keeper” and if you decide to work with this payment system on a constant basis, in this case, this article will be relevant for you as for communicating with the wallet, need to install special programs. Now we will tell you in detail about how to install the program and start to use it.

Confirmed source

wm KeeperThe First thing you'll need to go to the official website of the payment system WebMoney. That is where you will be able to download the installation file of the program. If you wish to ‘Keeper, WM” was perfectly safe, then we strongly encourage you to get the app on the official website. If you download the installation file from another source, then you have all the chances to fall into the hands of fraudsters who, without much difficulty using the virus program will be able to acquire access to your wallet.


Sam installation file has a small size, because the download will happen quickly. After the upload has occurred successfully, in order to start using the ‘Keeper, WM” you will need it to start install, and run the resulting element.

wm Keeper login

If done correctly, in this case, there must arise a new active window where you are prompted to press the button “Next”, use it. After you will need to accept the rules of participation in the system. Of course, almost all users do not read the conditions, since in reality there's a lot written, and to waste your time nobody wants. But if you have the need to cooperate with this payment system as a legal entity, in this case, we can recommend to meet with all requirements provided, however, that is your right.


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In any case, in this window you need to tick. And thus, you agree to the provided rules, then again click on the button “Next” and automatically proceed to the next stage of the program installation. Don't worry, “WM Keeper” installs very quickly and the whole thing you will not have spent more than five minutes. Still, if you're installing it for the first time, then we recommend that you perform all steps according to our instructions, otherwise you may experience various issues.


Now you need to choose the directory in which the program will be installed and all the necessary certificates. You can do it manually or write options in the same position. If you do not wish to specify a new address, in this case, you will need to again press the button “Next”.

how to run wm Keeper

We have prepared "WM Keeper”, the entrance will be carried out through several steps and authorization is successful, you will need to enter your details that you have provided during registration, however, the program itself can also undergo the procedure of creating a new account, you will need it only in the case if you have not received an account.


You will open a new window, which we recommend special attention. Read the information provided and try to remember it. After you have studied all the suggested you need to press the button “Next”. If everything was done correctly, the program should begin installation this means that in a few minutes you will be able to run your “WM Keeper” and begin to dispose of the funds. If you just created the wallet and installed the program, then you'll need to get a score in your account, this is done in the program. As you can see, nothing complicated. Enjoy!

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