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So familiar in everyday life a high ponytail – almost universal hairstyle. First, its creation would not require much time, and secondly, he how to make beautiful ponytailFits almost any clothes.

Choose tail

Making a pony tail, it is imperative to take into account the peculiarities of their appearance: face shape, complexion, neck length and, of course, hair type. Surely every owner of long hair wondered: «How to make a beautiful tail?" a lot – from the most basic to very intricate and interesting. Choose your own costs, on the basis of where you and that hair are planning to go and how much time you are willing to spend on its construction.

Classic high ponytail

How to make a beautiful high ponytail? For this you will need a brush and comb, nail Polish, or a wax, a sturdy elastic hair band. If you have naturally straight and smooth hair, do this hairstyle is not difficult: quality combed strands of hair collected at the crown, using a comb to get rid of the irregularities and “cocks" fix with gum. If the hair is not perfectly smooth, remove the waves with the help of varnish. If this option is not suitable to answer your question: “How to make a beautiful tail?”, separate the tail from the bottom strand, comb through and wrap it around the elastic, fixing with small studs and varnish.

how to make the tail

Another version of how to make a beautiful tail, is based on the same principle as the classic look of this hairstyle. But before you gather hair at the nape, it is necessary to give the volume of a single strand, located in the top of the head. The volume is given by means of fleece with the use of fixing means. Beautiful and elegant with this hairstyle can look a barrette. You can also add a ribbon or a handkerchief, under which hide the elastic band.


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Holiday hair

How to make a beautiful tail that not only emphasize your sophistication and taste, but also will become a hairstyle worthy of the red carpet? For this you need a  brush,how to make a beautiful high ponytail the comb, elastics, hairpins, Bobby pins and locking means for the hair. Part of the hair (mentally draw a horizontal line above the ears) on the top of collect and catch to not interfere, and the remaining comb well and collect in a ponytail at the nape. This hairstyle looks good on straight hair, so if they have wavy, pre-straighten them with hair straightener. Now, when one tail is ready, the separated part of the hair comb and separate into two equal parts. Of them formed two “petals” the future of the bow, firmly fix with pins, hide the ends under the elastic band, masked all the bumps and sprinkle with varnish. The use of pins with decorative elements-sequins, flowers, tiny bows – for added refinement.

Now that you know how to make a beautiful tail, can safely begin to experiment: even if you do not succeed the first time, you will certainly see the desired result after some time!

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