The scheme of location of land plot on the cadastral plan of the territory


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Significant changes in legislation have significantly altered the procedure of allocation of sites, their registration, cadastral valuation of land.

Is it Difficult to purchase new land?

If you had used the act of choice land, now have, along with the request to submit the scheme of location of the land in the form of an electronic file. Not everyone has home computers, not all have computer literate enough to handle the circuit in the graphic editor, to make new boundaries, the accurate calculation of area, so for most the issue of self-production schemes in the electronic form automatically disappears.

From the moment the administration makes an affirmative decision, the applicant will have two years to place the memory in the property.

Diagram of location of land

Clear the information collected on the website of Rosreestr from all corners of the country, helps to restore order in the land records and continuously updated data on the total cadastral map allow to obtain an accurate picture of the status of land of interest.

In the free mode, you can get valuable information on the website, not spending hours in queues at administrative agencies to consider several options, to choose the most suitable size, location, cadastral cost of lands in the area.

What information is necessary to provide for the allocation of land?

The layout of the land plot is a document that contains a graphic image and a text description, it clearly represents its boundaries as they appear on the cadastral plan, it indicates the exact area. To determine its location on the plan marked coordinates. If earlier error allowed up to 1 meter, but now they must be specified with a precision of 10 cm.


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Diagram of location of land on the cadastral plan of territory

The layout of the land plot shall be made on the basis of inventory, documents on land management on the basis of existing norms. If the administration will take a positive decision on the allocation of land on the basis of the project will be the landmark plan, which is now a mandatory document for registration of ownership in the building.

Who is involved in the preparation of schemes ?

Depending on the purpose of application of schemes of location of land at KPT, the act designated the persons entitled to try making them, because basically this was done before the administration. The memory circuit can be arranged at gossie, but some people think that safer and cheaper to perform such work themselves.

Civilians and organizations can do to make the layout of certain areas, if they, for example, are living below, rented, issued without bidding. Make it yourself maybe the bidder, if it is the only wish to acquire a particular land. This opportunity and successors of parcels after their withdrawal.

In other situations, the documents are engaged in the administration, in whose jurisdiction is the territory.

In some cases, the scheme is memory?

The Scheme area requires the formation of new holdings or to modify existing ones. It is tied to the terrain, gives an understanding of what district the land is situated, which has the shape of a square shows that there is no intersection or complete coincidence with other areas or territories.

Diagram of location of land photo

Satellite photo perfectly shows the topography of the site - whether it's placed in the plain, hills, ravines. Thus, in the allocation, sale and seizure of land have a design layout of the land.

It is cases such as:

  1. Change the boundaries of existing allotments, which at this point are already in private ownership, for the formation of new. It can be the sites intended for individual housing construction, gardening or horticulture, as well as those that are in state ownership.
  2. In the section of the municipal land for allocation of legal entity and private person on lease or permanent use.
  3. Seizure of her property.
  4. If possible, get a land plot without an auction. This is the only case when the layout of the land plot on the cadastral plan of territory can be submitted in the usual form, on paper.
  5. During the auctions. To participate in the consideration of the application is submitted and the scheme of the plot, publishes the announcement, all applications wishing within 30 days. If there is only one application, then the applicant receives land and holds the land and the scheme of the POS at his own expense, and if few applications, the auction design and conducting the municipality.
  6. To design scores, which are owned by citizens.

What is important to consider when submitting documents to the administration?

After putting the layout of the land and applications for approval, the administration will review the documents, approves the application or denies the allocation of land.

If approved, the scheme considers whether the memory allocation to the legal requirements. For example, located close to parks, fields, strategic objects,zones with special conditions of use, do not plan any development of land, residential areas, what facilities are nearby.

Reasons for denial can vary:

  1. The paperwork is not compliant, they include errors, incorrect construction, since it is not always possible to consider all the requirements of the administration. In this case you need to make corrections and re-submit for consideration.
  2. The plot is located real property of third parties or the state.
  3. The Administration could not approve a scheme of land that is already owned by shareholders.
  4. Territory is part of the approved survey plan or has overlapping borders, the imposition of all or a partial square.
  5. The Plot can be located at a location which will be used for implementation of projects for the development of the area.
  6. The Area under the scheme exceeds the actual by more than 10 percent.
  7. If the schema location of land in CCP an error is detected, it is necessary to conduct a survey of the borders with a view to their refinement on the basis of the previously made plan, which will be made more specific.

But this is possible only after an affirmative decision of the administration, as before registration in Rosreestra cadastral engineer will be preparation of a survey plan with the coordination of borders of neighbours, forestry and other participants.

Diagram of location of land example

There Are cases of failure in the allocation of plots when their purpose is the administration changes after the submission of the application. For example, the withdrawal of land for construction of multi-storey buildings.

When the land was divided, the new project limits do not argue, and made the landmark plan, since the shape of the layout of the land plot on the cadastral plan of the territory does not change, it remains at its existing borders. So do otherwise by Association of private plots.

Design Features municipal zones

After the decision of land allocation, local authorities should forward it together with the scheme of the memory address of the Russian register to make changes on the Public cadastral map on which they will be reflected. On execution, you have five days. The approved scheme of location of the land plot certified with the help of a special digital signature of an official of the administration, which took a positive decision.

Documents for the formation of memory from the earth which is in municipal property, accepted by the administration in accordance with article 11.3 THE LAND CODE OF THE RUSSIAN FEDERATION. For information use the scheme of location of land plots on the cadastral plan of the area.

Electronic circuit: order or make your own?

For information about the location of the plots could be used by everyone, the scheme memory is recorded on electronic media. Borders on it, and the paper must exactly match.

The Electronic version of the layout of the land can be ordered on the website of Rosreestr.

It is easy to find in PKT visually or by account number. From the section “ Electronic services for individuals” go to "Personal account".

A Sample layout of land at KPT shows the data filled in the approved form, a graphical plot location, description, image of the territory taken from the satellite, including the address, coordinates, cadastral data size.

Despite the fact that citizens in most cases can make their own scheme, not all have the skills mapping with the desired accuracy and operate in a graphics editor.

It is difficult to link the scheme to the cadastral plan, if there are objects marked with coordinates, to fulfill all the requirements of the state register and the administration. Therefore, it is recommended to immediately order the production schema on the website or ask for help to the cadastral engineer.

He can complete the order by going to the site and without it if the inventory has enough information to determine the boundaries of the site. After the approval of the scheme the work carried out by the cadastral engineer, will be used to produce a survey plan. Its presence is a prerequisite for the further registration of the land in the building.

If a scheme can be based on the FCT, the cadastral engineer can provide information from you without going to the site.

Purpose of the land use and functional zones

The location of the land and layout of functional areas should not have contradictions.

According to the city plan, all areas have specific purposes to use. When choosing memory it is important to find out in which functional area it is included, what to do in the area.

the location of the land and layout of functional areas

For Example, if the land is used for agriculture, then they can't build houses and industrial buildings. Activity on the site, which is not included in the urban plan, not permitted or limited.

The land for individual housing construction is not to build a store or repair shop. Information on the task assignment phase can be found in the General plan of the settlement, where functional areas painted differentflowers.

If the memory is within the boundaries of functional areas, in contrast to the finding in the territorial zones, it does not always affect the legal regime and causes of failure. It all depends on what passes through the site or along its boundaries.

Permitted use of the site

Therefore, when choosing the land, before making his scheme, you need to find out if it is suitable for the implementation of your plans. Distinguish between residential areas, industrial, recreational, agricultural, military and others.

Collective gardening plots for individual dwellings are located in residential zones. They can include objects of social and engineering infrastructure, business development. Especially many questions arise when the site is bordered by forestry.

Diagram of location of land at KPT act

In order to change the permitted use of the memory, you must apply to the land registry house or the administration, which will consider such decision.

The Functional areas have boundaries that are displayed in the map, and special purpose indicating the main thrust of land use.

What information is on the diagram of memory?

The layout of the land plot on the cadastral plan, a sample of which is shown in the photo must have:

  1. The surface area of each plot, if any.
  2. Conventional rooms, if you create two or more. Taken for this cadastral number of the plot, if connected or divided into account the earth, or the number of cadastral quarter in which the resulting plot is fully, letters, memory and the sequence number in the new scheme.
  3. The Site should be written in the coordinate system used in the state cadastre.
  4. Symbols which are used in the preparation of diagrams in electronic form.
  5. Cadastral number of the plot or quarter.
  6. In the text part of the address or description of location, identifies adjacent zones of special use, the scheme of location of the land in the photo.

The Red lines on the diagram marked new boundaries at prirezke, new boundary separation in the formation of several allotments, for the boundary of the boundaries, the places where changes are not allowed.

layout of the land plot on the cadastral plan sample

Example layout of the land, which formed its visible boundaries, cadastral district, functional areas nearby. The site is bordered by is already registered in AGNR the earth, so its coordinates are easier to specify.

The layout of the land plot with the photo site in electronic form can be ordered on the website of Rosreestr.

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