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Tuning bumper for car – this is a pretty heavy operation, which involves many processes. It can be executed by professionals or with their hands, but still it is hard work that takes a lot of time and effort.

tuning a bumper

General information

Tuning bumper front and rear, as well as for a car or truck. The article will consider the most common technology of manufacturing the front and rear of a modified part, installation of accessories, what should I do if the item was broken.

tuning front bumper

Of Course, you can buy the finished product from the factory. It is a standard, cost less, but its aerodynamic and streamlined properties too low. So typically, motorists make a tuning bumper in order for an individual project. This method is quite widespread in Germany, USA and Japan. In the CIS, this technology was introduced only 10 years ago that gave impetus to the development of tuning-Studio and Atelier in the former Soviet Union.

Tuning bumper: options

There are several ways of making a tuned bumper. All the technology popular in their own way and are used depending on the vehicle. So what made this item of tuning:

  • Plastic.
  • Fiberglass.
  • Clay.
  • Alloy metals.

All these materials for its own good, they have pros and cons. They have different costs and other factors discussed below.

tuning rear bumper

The Technology of manufacturing plastic

By Itself, the plastic is quite brittle material, but when properly processed it becomes durable and suitable for tuning. Most modern cars have the regular plastic bumpers, which are made of alloy with plastic mixed with other materials.

Consider closer technology tuning bumper, as do the famous Studio BSS, AEK, ATE, JP and others:

  1. Training material. Take plastic that has already served its (best to use a broken old buffer). It is broken and placed in a crucible, put on the fire to melt plastic. You use only the ceramic containers, the material does not stick to the walls. When plastic is melted, it should be molded to make a sheet. Then you need cooling, the material is frozen.
  2. Design design. To do this, the designer and Gager are the measurements of the old bumper and make a computer 3D-model of a standard product. Thereafter, design development and calculations of aerodynamics. So is born a new model bumper with all the options.
  3. All calculations are transferred to the contractor, who with the help of the special dryer, the electric heating elements and ready-made frames makes the ground for future details.
  4. Manufacturer anchorages and landing places under accessories. This is done with a soldering iron. Each mount should be located exactly according to the drawing because improper installation would entail the marriage details and the making it anew. Master clearly braze mounts, and also makes slots under the grille, optics, and other elements that will be installed.
  5. Debugging involves the fitting of the finished product and the completion details which will then be treated with a special hardener for plastic-type PF-110.

Highlights of manufacturing process of a bumper, plastic, considered, then move on to the next material-fiberglass.

The Technology of manufacturing of optical fiber

This is the easiest and most common method of manufacturing the tuning-parts. Fiberglass is easy to take any form, as made by a roll and curing requires special liquid-epoxy or resin with gelcoat-hardener.

Thus, the tuning bumper using fiberglass is pretty simple:

  • Take a roll of fiberglass and tearing small pieces. The optimal size is 30 × 30 cm
  • Causing the curing agent to cut off a piece, lay the next and so on. It is worth remembering that the form must be brought at once because after drying it will be impossible to bend.
  • Once the item is ready, it putty, primed and painted.

The Technology of manufacture of technical clay

Tuning the bumper with his own hands is being done mostly from the technical clay. He is taking the desired shape and requires no special tools. In fact, it's modeling what she wants the motorist. In order to make the tuning of bumpers, it is worth remembering the lessons of childhood.

Painting in this case is made in the normal way. In order to staypaint coating, the surface should be degreased, then apply the putty. Then apply in two coats over a layer of primer and color detail.

tuning the bumper with his own hands

Tuning bumper WHA is this way. However, this applies only to cars of a series of “Classic”, namely the VAZ 2101-2107. While many motorists choose fiberglass as the basis, because they believe that perform from it cheaper tuning bumper. The price of clay is lower, because it does not require additional materials or equipment, it appears that the less expensive part is the material. This clay is easier to work than fiberglass.

The Technology of manufacture of metal

Metal or mixture of metals is the basis for tuning of the bumper on the SUV. Why is this material? All who are interested in tuning, I noticed that many of the crossovers in the front is the winch that the plastic or fiberglass item simply will not stand.

Tuning front bumper on the SUV is carried out to enhance the car and the installation of additional equipment. In addition to the winch (hoist) can be set kenguryatnik, which protects the front of the vehicle from different kinds of solid objects. Mostly it is the cars that participate in races on the road and romp through the forest and mountain areas.

bumper Priora tuning

The tuning of the rear bumper is to install a trailer hitch and built extra light. In most cases, the tow bar is chrome plated and has an attractive exterior design. Technical designation is rarely used and serves for the perfection of the design of the SUV or pickup truck.

Tuning domestic cars

Often, the owners of cars VAZ prefer to tune their cars. These are the parts manufacturers. Important in this process is the price of the bumper. Tuning Vase is quite common among motorists. If you decide to change your bumper, expect a price of around 100-300 dollars depending on the model. If you have a 2107, the cost will be about 50-70$. For example, about 170-200 dollars is on VAZ-2172 tuning bumper. "Priora" tuning which quite often do the owners, becomes after these changes unrecognizable.

tuning bumper prices

In second place firmly established the legendary "Volga". Here the prices vary from 150 to 500 dollars. The high cost is due to the fact that the cavity of the items are more, and accordingly, material and time to produce more leaves.

bumper Priora tuning

Of Course, very different from the domestic car prices on the bumper. Tuning VAZ therefore also has a different cost, which includes the price of the item and a wizard.


Tuning bumper – a complex technological process that requires specific equipment and skills. Usually the items that are made to order, painted in the color of the car. Look at the complete technological process of painting tuned bumper:

  1. To Start with, the costs to prepare the item. For this purpose, the surface sanded, cleaned all the rough edges and flaws. This is done using angular grinding machine and special polishing wheels, which for different material are different.
  2. Degreasing. Everyone knows that this is done using special means, for example, solvent.
  3. Applying putty. As in construction, puttying bumper used starting and finishing putty. Each manufacturer chooses. First, a thin layer is applied to the start option and when it dries, finish the job of finishing putty. After drying, it is necessary to sand the surface.
  4. Priming. This process is simple. With spray applied 2 coats of primer.
  5. When dry the primer, move on to the painting. Paint falls into 2 layers. It should be noted that the varnish is applied, if the surface is plastic or metal.

tuning bumper WHA

Painting it is possible to do with your hands if you have special equipment or go to a professional masters of painting. Ends painting a tuning bumper. Prices for painting start from $ 200.


The Accessory part is very important. This includes:

  • Extra optics, daytime running lights, fog lights and tail lights.
  • Manufacturer or purchase further mounting chrome-plated products. For production use a special bath, which with the help of electricity allowconventional metallic parts be shiny and attractive.
  • Setting arrays, which usually can be purchased inexpensively in stores.
  • Other accessories.

prices on bumper tuning VAZ

Thus, after these parts are bumper taking its final shape and installed on the car.

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