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Among the most famous cities in the world Los Angeles (California, USA) is one of the first places. This is one of the largest cities in North America known as the world center of the entertainment industry. Here seeking tourists, aspiring actors, Directors. The city is constantly bustling with life, there is always something going on, there is something to see and do.

Los Angeles California

Geographical position

Los Angeles (California, USA) located on the West coast of the Pacific ocean. The settlement is located in a comfortable low-lying lagoon, surrounded on all sides by mountains, the San Gabriel, Santa Ana and Santa Monica. The region is irrigated by the waters of the river of Los Angeles, a large part of the channel which is stuffed into the pipe. During the hot months it is almost dry. The area around the town has a diverse landscape, there are hills, plains, and swamps. The proximity of mountain systems makes the area earthquake-prone, in the 20th century happened here 4 quite a large earthquake. Favorable geographical position creates conditions for the formation of diverse flora and fauna.

Los Angeles CA

Climate and weather

The City of Los Angeles (CA) enjoys a subtropical climate. Living conditions (temperature and humidity) here is similar to the Mediterranean. But in Los Angeles there is almost no seasonal temperature fluctuations. The average for the year is 14 degrees. In the city there are, as in all tropical places, two seasons: wet and dry. The first lasts from December to March, the second – from April to November. Summer temperatures can rise to 30-40 degrees but the breeze makes it easier to transfer people heat. In winter, the same sea wind make the weather much milder. The hottest month in Los Angeles-July when the indicators on the thermometer hovers above figures 30. The “cold” month – December, when the thermometer shows an average of about 14 degrees Celsius. Winter in the city occasionally snow falls but melts quickly, and in the mountains at this time is snow enough for skiing.

Los Angeles, CA, USA


Favourable conditions for life have long been attracted to the Pacific coast people. The research of anthropologists, linguists and archaeologists say that the native population lived on the territory of modern California 2-2,5 thousand years ago. It was the semi-nomadic tribes who are gradually transition to a settled way of life. It is well documented that in the place where today is Los Angeles, California, the first settlers lived in the 16th century. It was the Indian tribes tongue and Kumasi. They were engaged in hunting and fishing, possessed the skills to make tools and pottery.

In 1542, arrived here the Spanish conquerors led by the Portuguese Navigator Cabrillo. After 30 years on the same coast came a British citizen F. Drake, who declared the land the property of England. This conquest was purely formal, a large migration of Europeans in this region was not observed for another two centuries. In the late 18th century, people come here from different countries and with different goals: someone with Christian missions, someone with the end of the hunt, someone to capture new lands. While all the invaders brutally massacred and expelled the local population.

In the 19th century part of the lands won their independence from the Spaniards, so there was Mexico, a short time in Los Angeles included in its composition. In the middle of the century the town passed into the possession of the United States. In the last quarter of the 19th century here comes the railroad, and begins a rapid development of the city. In the 20th century the city rapidly growing, open industrial plants, a growing population is construction. In the development of Los Angeles in the last century there were several spurts during the Second world war, in the postwar years. Today the city is a major industrial and economic centre on a global scale. It is home to nearly 4 million people, and if you count the entire Metropolitan area, almost 20 million

Los Angeles, California, USA


A Long and rich history of the town has left many monuments that are of interest to any tourist. In addition, Los Angeles (CA) has many unique places associated with the entertainment industry, which also attracts travelers. All sights can be divided into several types:

- everything related to show business (home stars, film studios);

cultural and educational facilities (museums, theatres, libraries, Observatory, planetarium, Getty center);

-architectural monuments (towers of watts, Bank of the United States and “East”, Disney hall, city hall and “Capitol records" station "Union station");

historically - significant objects (Chinatown, K-town, Little Tokyo, Olvera street, Rodeo drive);

- the various places of interest, surrounded by myths and stories (Grauman's theater, Venice, Hollywood Boulevard, Disneyland), Zuma beach.

time in Los Angeles, CA


Los Angeles, CA, Hollywood – it is almost synonymous. For many people, “dream Factory” is the most important thing there is in this region. Hollywood, as a tourist attraction, includes many objects on display which may take more than one day. These include the famous HOLLYWOOD letters on the hillside of mount Lee. They have been around for almost 100 years and have become a real symbol of the city. The letters can be lifted from the deck offers beautiful views of the city. Of the many film studios that are open for tourists, the most popular is the oldest “universal”. It is a huge theme Park with a variety of facilities and entertainment. The Dolby theatre, formerly known as the Kodak where the ceremony of awarding the prize “Oscar”, is also a place of pilgrimage for movie fans. The “hot” the Los Angeles (CA) - this February, when the ceremony takes place. Wishing to see “red carpet" not contains not only the city but also the surrounding areas. Hollywood Boulevard with its famous Avenue of stars – a place of worship, where all the tourists flock. There is always a lot of characters, disguised as stars, backpackers and aspiring actors.

Los Angeles, CA photo

Getty center

Los Angeles (CA) is famous not only for its entertainment facilities, there are many high-class museums. One of the most famous Museum is the Getty center. It is located on the top of a hill to climb to where the funicular. The complex itself is an architectural masterpiece, in the garden you can walk, viewing the sculptures and taking in the views of the city. The Museum's collection includes a magnificent collection of works "old masters" of a photograph, drawing, sculpture.

Los Angeles CA Hollywood


In the late 19th century, immigrants from Asia are creating in Los Angeles own district, so there were the famous Chinatown. Chinatown-a city within the city. There is a theater, newspaper, internal government. But tourists come here to visit the excellent restaurants with authentic Asian cuisine, look at the special architecture and feel the atmosphere. There are a huge number of shops and stalls, as well as several huge shopping malls where you can buy everything from Antiques to latest gadgets. Tourists must see the building of the Chinese Bank, Chinese Methodist Church, the old well, in which it is customary to throw coins, 5-step pagoda, the statue of the founder of the Republic of China.

Theatre and Grauman's walk of fame

Tourists in Los Angeles is necessary to reach the famous Grauman's theater which is located in a unique building, designed in traditional Chinese style. It can be considered a very long time. But the fame of the theatre brought it to the garden, which is the Park with the handprints of the stars of world cinema. Them here a lot, so for convenience, there is a special card “prints”.

Los Angeles CA

Beverly hills

Place of residence of many of the world stars – Los Angeles, California. The rich and famous of Beverly hills has today become a real tourist attraction. After filming the iconic series about the life of “Golden youth” flocked here still fans of this film. The heart of the area – famous street Rodeo drive with luxury shops and restaurants where you can often meet celebrities. The district is interesting to walk, considering the elegant mansions and enjoying the atmosphere of the eternal feast.

What to do

Los Angeles (CA), a photo of which is constantly featured on the covers of travel magazines, of course, is famous for its atmosphere. Therefore, in addition to the mandatory program with visits to different objects, here we must walk and visit the most interesting places. Tourists with children should not miss the oldest and most renowned Disneyland which is 35 km from the city. For lovers of cultural holidays can find numerous museums, particularly the magnificent natural history Museum, wax Museum, the famous Museum of modern art with a unique collection of works by American artists. Will be an incomplete experience without visiting the famous beaches of Los Angeles. The most famous of them: Venice and Zuma.

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