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It wouldn't be a secret news that every corner of our planet was discovered orbiting satellites, which its literally all-seeing eye addressed the objects in such detail that it can't seem like something magic. However, the magic here does not even smell, only the technological progress of mankind. In this article we will explain how to “Yandex.Maps” to enter coordinates of a certain point, and then safely to search results. The article is recommended for those who want to visit the most remote corners of the planet, not rising from his chair.

How do the maps work from the “Yandex” and Google?

In the twentieth century, mankind has conquered space, though very small space, but even then everyone knew that space carries with it many incredible discoveries, one of which is orbiting artificial earth satellites. On their side are incredibly powerful and productive camera, able of space to consider the human, not to mention the creatures of the dynamic maps of the world, of which even Columbus never dreamed of.

Yandex map

Modern search services use data from satellites, that every user can see every corner of our vast world. An example of such services can be Google Maps, "Yandex.Cards" and others, can significantly ease the life of the traveler. But what if you want to see the map on certain coordinates? In «Yandex.Maps” to enter coordinates? Recommend information to people who are actively involved in tourism.

Search by coordinates in the «Yandex.Maps”

Before you tell me how to enter coordinates, you want to see that on the Internet there are special sites that posted the coordinates of unusual places. The word “unusual” means absolutely incredible, for example the drawings in the margins, significant buildings, etc. Knowing the coordinates and having access to the Internet, you need to see.


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Search in map

Instruction of how to enter coordinates in the «Yandex.Maps”

  1. Open a browser, enter «Yandex.Cards”.
  2. The Very first will need page, you will see a map of your region.
  3. In the search bar, type a decimal value with a dot and no more than seven digits after it. You must enter the latitude and longitude of, for example 12.1234567 and 12.1234567. The latitude and longitude be separated by a comma.
  4. The values Entered here will point you to the required object on the map.

In conclusion

Hope you understood how to «Yandex.Maps” to enter coordinates, it's incredibly useful knowledge for you if you travel around the world. By the way, a similar search can be performed by other search engines. In Google Maps you will also be able to find the object using the instructions above.

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