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In this article you will be able to find all the possible techniques of swaddling newborns. Algorithms and a photo will be presented to your attention. In addition, we propose to discuss a lot of other interesting questions. For example, why it is necessary to swaddle the child if there are any opinions against changing the kind of diaper to choose, and so on.

When first-time mom faced with the challenge of changing? Of course, in the hospital, when she give her beloved baby. This unpretentious thing, diapering, mom teach nurse. And some women (even before the birth of the baby) are special courses for parents where they learn techniques of swaddling on dolls. Some parents refuse to "last century", i.e. the cradle. Because now in the twenty-first century, so many different clothes, even for such babies. Already in hospital the mother can refuse to diaper and dress the child in clothes, which is pre-picked.

Should pay your attention to the fact that washed by hand and dry it on the battery thing baby strictly prohibited, because in the wards of the hospital should be sterile. Will have to "drive" daddy daily for clean stuff.

Previously, people could not do without changing, because the diaper was not only a garment of the baby, but also performed the function of absorbency (absorb all the bowel movements of the baby before the moment is stained the bed). The algorithm of swaddling a newborn be sure to tell and show the nurses the hospital. But now is the time diapers, so the need for diapers anymore. As for the opinion of doctors, they can't give any recommendations about this, the mother should decide. However, there are opinions "for" and "against" changing Mat. Let the first section will analyze this issue in detail.


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Why you need to swaddle baby?

First we need to note that the tradition of swaddling has very ancient roots. Before the diaper performed a number of important functions. Many pediatricians advise parents to enlist the help of diapers. But what is this? Let's deal. Diaper required to:

  • Insulation (thermoregulation in infants is not perfect, if you put your baby naked, then it will freeze);
  • Protection from chaotic movements and sudden fear (in that case, if the child in the dream, touching his pen to the face or body);
  • Sense of security (the baby while in the womb, felt, and the diaper creates a sense of the very protective cocoon).

As mentioned earlier, there are supporters and opponents of swaddling newborn babies. Even now there is debate pediatricians about the benefits and harms of diapers. Among the positive arguments we can find:

  • Maintaining a comfortable body temperature of a baby;
  • Good fixation of the limbs;
  • Peace of mind during sleep.

In Addition, it should be noted that swaddling is essential for kids who are born with the pathology of the feet or hands. Preterm babies are also recommended to swaddle.

Against changing

There are many techniques of swaddling a newborn (the algorithms we will discuss a little later), but tight, according to some experts, is very dangerous for the baby. Now we understand why.

There is the following evidence of scientific medicine:

  1. Tight swaddling delays the progress of motor function;
  2. Children who are exposed to the tight swaddling, a very long time to get used to their limbs (can flinch at night right up to year);
  3. Provoked dysplasia;
  4. Blood circulation;
  5. There is compression of the lungs;
  6. Body overheats, resulting in deteriorating the immune system;
  7. Deteriorating health and appetite;
  8. Children, which are swaddled as tight as a rule, nervous and excitable;
  9. The worst - high risk a child's death.

We talked about tight swaddling technique now in General about the diapers. All women who have become mothers know that after the birth of the child, his naked body spread on the abdomen of the mother. Mother and baby covered with a blanket, it is now possible for the first time to attach. Now, the warmth mom warm child much better than any blanket and diaper. In addition, the skin contact of mother and child necessary for the settlement of baby skin friendly bacteria mom. Yet it's worth noting that the child himself makes a way to their mother's breast. What kind of diapers there can be a speech?

Studies have Been conducted that have proven that breastfeeding to work very hard if the baby immediately after birth to potty-train. What can explain this? For starters is the lack of skin contact, the second is to put the baby in the diaper to her breast much harder, the third - my mother did not start the mechanism, as there is no feeling of the baby.

After the birth, mother and baby need to rest. The child needs to feel the whole body of the mother. Therefore it is better to relax in the same bed without any diapers. In addition, the child must be breastfed on demand, and the diaper will become an obstacle to feeding. Even after full recovery of the mother, the baby shouldn't be left alone in a cold bed. He needs contact, wear it more on hand, you can use special slings. At night are close in the same bed, why do we need an imitation of my mother's arms by the cradle?

When the kid grows, he needs to move more, he will examine your arms and legs,every day to learn new moves (roll over, climb on the handles or knees and so on). Diapers will slow down this process.

Types of diapers

swaddle newborn algorithm

For the First time all the mothers will know about the correct algorithm of action of swaddling a newborn in the hospital. But one should be concerned about the correctness of the choice of fabric for the manufacture of diapers.

For this purpose you can use the following:

  • Printed cotton for swaddling in the summer (in winter it is possible to use cotton nappies together with a flannel);
  • Flannel is used not only as a warm diaper, but as a sheet or towel (if the baby is very sensitive skin);
  • Don't forget about the disposable diaper that can be purchased in the store (material similar to diapers, but it is an indispensable tool when going to the doctor);
  • Pay your attention to a material called muslin, which is good enough and will not irritate your baby's skin;
  • Of course, the Jersey, which can be used in both summer and winter (the material is quite pleasant to the touch, stretches).

Types of diaper changing

Next will be submitted to different techniques of swaddling a newborn, the sequence of actions, a photo of which you can see in the following sections of this article.

Wrap a baby can be different, now there are a lot of techniques. Which one is the best fit for your baby? This question can be discussed even with doctors and nurses in the hospital. Perhaps your child any deviations from health, which require tight swaddling. Be sure to consult on this matter with a physician.

There are several ways to swaddle a baby:

  1. Closed swaddling;
  2. Public;
  3. Tight;
  4. Wide;
  5. Head;
  6. Blanket envelope.

Next, we consider each of these options in detail.

Closed diapering

diapering a newborn the algorithm of actions

In this section, we will consider the algorithm of swaddling a newborn closed technique (the most common). This swaddle is suitable for sleeping and for walking, and feeding. We will need:

  • Cap;
  • Body;
  • Diaper.

So the sequence of actions:

  1. Worn on the head cap;
  2. Put on the vest (it is necessary to smooth out all the creases on the back);
  3. Put the baby on top of the diaper (center);
  4. Both sides of the diaper have to be bent and fixed at the back;
  5. Wrap the bottom behind.

Open swaddling a newborn

the technique of swaddling a newborn algorithm


  1. Put on kid's t-shirt, t-shirt, a vest or other clothing which will cover handle, chest and back child support;
  2. Place the baby on the diaper so that its edge is on the lower back;
  3. Wrap the edges around the baby;
  4. The lower part of the diaper is raised, secure it behind me.

This technique is very similar to the first, but it is suitable for older children. A when you open the fold used diaper.

Tight swaddling

diapering a newborn the algorithm of actions in the hospital

Now on to the algorithm of action of swaddling a newborn tight technique. This method is one of the most popular. Tight swaddling is often practiced in the hospital. Kids turn into "columns", which can not cause yourself any harm, as it is entirely immobilized. In addition, the tight swaddling helps to freely feed her baby.

Previously it was thought that the tight swaddling helps to straighten the legs of the baby, however studies have been conducted that have proven that this way the babies can lead to a lot of negative effects. We talked about it earlier. Mother herself the right to choose the manner of babies, but if she chose the tight option, you should act according to the following algorithm:

  • Put the diaper end;
  • Wrap one edge;
  • The second edge of the cast and place on the shoulders of the child;
  • Wrap the second edge and secure it at the back.

Your "column" is ready.

Wide diapering

diapering a newborn

Turn to the algorithm for swaddling a newborn broad way. This method is quite spacious and comfortable for baby. However, it allows you to protect the baby from injury that he can inflict themselves. It is recommended that this technique be applied in a more advanced age.


  • Roll out diaper triangle;
  • The Central part of fabric put on the tummy to toddler;
  • The two remaining edges of the wrap and tie at the back.

As you know, the natural physiological position of the baby - frog. So, this swaddling allows him to take the child. This method is ideal for sleeping, as the head and the handle are not fixed.

Swaddling with the head

the algorithm of swaddling a newborn nursing

There is also a special type of wrapping that allows you to swaddle a newborn with head. It is used in the very first days of life of the baby, as it allows you to keep warm and feel most comfortable outside the womb. The algorithm of swaddling a newborn baby:

  • Spread out the Diaper and put the baby down.
  • This method is very important is that the head should be well below the edge of the fabric, to be able to bend a sufficient amount of it.
  • First, turns head, and then the fabric is slid over the arm and tuck on the second side.
  • The Baby, thus fully wrapped in a soft cloth and protected from any impacts.

Cocoon Blanket

swaddle newborn action algorithm photo

Now let's look at another rather interesting question about nursing - algorithm of a method of swaddling a newborn "blanket envelope". The nurse must be aware of this technique, as it is ideal for walks and discharge newborn in the winter. For this technique, in addition to diapers, you must use a blanket. You should focus on the weather conditions if the temperature outside is very low, mothers prefer to use not one, but two blankets.


  • Lay the blanket like a diamond;
  • Slim, which is currently the top placed baby;
  • Its worth it to swaddle one of the following ways - closed swaddling or swaddling with a head;
  • As a warm blanket, the first thing is to insulate the legs;
  • Next, wrap it around baby and secure with tape on the belly;
  • As you can see, there was one free angle, it can be used as a hood.

Nowadays, it is not the most popular form of swaddling, the fact is that there are already insulated envelopes for newborn babies. These devices already have the necessary form, all that parents need to unzip, put the baby and close the snake.


We reviewed all the most popular algorithms of action of swaddling a newborn. Nursing is not only a very interesting profession, but also educational. It requires a mass of knowledge, which are updated on a monthly refresher courses. The thing that constantly appear on the market new inventions medical topics, and who does not like the nurse and the doctor to tell you about them?

Now, very briefly we will give some advice that will this difficult process (swaddling the baby) to make a favorite pastime of the baby. To begin with you should pay attention to the material of diapers, it should be soft and cuddly for baby's delicate skin. While dressing needs to have a dialogue with the child, distract him from this hated classes, sing a song, tell with the expression of a nursery rhyme. Before swaddling, be sure to prepare everything in advance, so as not to waste time, everything must happen quickly, but at the same time and accurately.

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