How long does stomatitis in children? Causes, symptoms, treatment and prevention


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Stomatitis in young children - a phenomenon quite common. Before starting treatment, you should understand the causes of disease, and in the future to systematically carry out the necessary prophylaxis to prevent relapses. How long does stomatitis in children and what the consequences are for a child? It depends on the actions of the parents. Let's see more. how long does stomatitis in children


If you notice that your child refuses to eat, so spoiled, complains of constant pain in your mouth, and on examination revealed increased body temperature, redness and sores on the mucous membrane of the mouth, you know it's stomatitis. In infants to determine its quite difficult since they can't talk yet. While older children can tell you about the disease at the very beginning of his manifestation.

How long does stomatitis in children depends on its type and means of treatment. When properly prescribed therapy, the disease goes away fairly quickly and ceases to cause discomfort to your child.

Stomatitis in young children: the danger

To Cure the disease must. Regardless of how long the stomatitis in children, it can cause unpleasant consequences. Inflammation, which appeared in the mouth can be transferred to the lips and face, as well as inside of the body. And reduced immunity as a result of illness contributes to the accession of secondary infection. Against this background, can develop fever, convulsions, may occur damage to the nervous system and more. And the reason for that may be stomatitis in children. The symptoms and treatment should only be determined by a qualified doctor, as each patient's disease can occur individually. Do not delay going to the clinic, if you have something troubling in the behavior and health of your baby.ointment for stomatitis in children


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Fungal (Candida), thrush in children

The Symptoms and treatment of each type of this disease vary. Most common oral thrush in infants (from birth to 1.5-2 years). Its special characteristics:

  • Body temperature usually is not increased.
  • The plaque on oral mucosa from white to gray cheesy type, if it is removed redness or even bleeding.
  • The child's behavior deteriorates: he becomes Moody, bad eating, his sleep becomes restless, as he was plagued by soreness and dry mouth, and blame - stomatitis in children.

stomatitis in infants

How many days lasts the disease depends on the extent of the disease and ways of treating it. Local methods aim to create an alkaline environment in the oral cavity, which helps to eliminate fungus and prevent its further spread. For this you need to rinse your mouth with a solution of soda at least 3-4 times a day. If you treat stomatitis in infants, this solution mother carefully handle the mouth of the baby. Older children and adolescents, the doctor may prescribe special antifungal tablets or suspension, take which should be strictly according to instructions. Ointment for stomatitis in older children (oxolinic, nystatin, "Bonafton", "Acyclovir" and so on.) used for treatment of the cheeks and gums - there is accumulated a large number of fungal bacteria.

Herpetic stomatitis

This type of stomatitis is common in not only in children but also in adults. Sooner or later all pass through a herpes infection, another question is how the body reacts to this virus. If the immune system is weakened, it may develop herpetic stomatitis. In children the symptoms and treatment of this disease are almost identical to those seen in adults.

  • Hallmark are small ulcers in the mouth that cause unpleasant and painful sensations.
  • The child becomes fretful, cries a lot, puts his hands in his mouth and refuses to eat and drink;
  • If the stomatitis in young children has moved into an acute form, he manifested all the signs of SARS: high fever, lethargy, swollen lymph nodes, nausea, headaches and even chills.

viral stomatitis in children how longIn acute course of the disease the child is placed in a hospital. How long does stomatitis in children in severe cases, it is difficult to say, but it is important to be constantly under medical supervision. If the form is not very heavy, can be treated at home, but by the relentless surveillance and control process. Treated the mouth with decoction of chamomile or sage, that have anti-inflammatory action. In order to reduce pain, child 4 years appointed antiseptics. And wound healing can a cotton swab to apply sea buckthorn oil or rosehip oil.

Aphthous stomatitis

The Most difficult type, as it is very difficult to identify the root cause. It can be as an allergic reaction to one of the consumable products, and disruption of the gastrointestinal tract. stomatitis in young children

  • At the beginning of the sores are similar to the mucosal lesions as in herpetic stomatitis. But, after a certain period of time they become aphthae and white ulcers withright edges and heavy redness of the rim.
  • Fever, worse pain when speaking and eating, the baby not sleeping and refuses to eat.

Treatment of canker sores depends on the doctor identified the pathogen. In no case should not self-medicate, because you can miss the situation out of control and bring additional infection in the child's body.

How to distinguish between herpes and aphthous stomatitis

  • Herpetic stomatitis is characterized by the formation of a large number of bubbles in the oral cavity that after some time, turn into ulcers. When the disease is aphthous ulcers are rare and have relatively large sizes - up to an inch in diameter.
  • With stomatitis caused by the herpes virus usually affects the gums, occurs redness and swelling. This is called gingivitis. If aphthous stomatitis are no symptoms.
  • Herpetic stomatitis is accompanied by a rash around the lips. Aphthous such symptoms is not. stomatitis in children Komorowski

Stomatitis in children: Komorowski recommends

Dr. E. O. Komarovsky has his eyes on the considered disease. As there is a viral stomatitis in children how long and whether to treat it - all of these questions famous pediatrician gives detailed answers. He klassificeret this disease at:

1. the Recurrent aphthous stomatitis. It appears with periodicity one-two times per year and is characterized by artami - ulcers in the mouth. Aphthae may appear on the tongue, palate, inside of the cheeks. They are quite large in size and cause unpleasant and painful. Even if you do not treat the disease, it most often resolves on its own within two weeks.

2. Herpetic stomatitis shows a sharp malaise, fever, headaches. This type is very hard to bear children. Is characterized by a large number of small bubbles in the mouth.

3. the Zaedy appear in the corners of the mouth and often indicate anemia. So when they first appearance Komarovsky advises to take the child to the clinic and check the level of hemoglobin in the blood. However, he focuses on the fact that to raise his level only by ingestion of iron-containing products. Certainly the use of special drugs.

How long stomatitis in children? This, alas, can not predict even the famous doctor. However, he knows that in order to avoid unpleasant consequences, it is necessary to conduct regular maintenance. stomatitis in children how many days are kept

What are the features of treatment in children up to 3 years?

Many things are prohibited for use by young children, and because the treatment of stomatitis becomes a little difficult. The child cannot rinse the mouth, so to treat cavity have soaked in herbal decoction wipes or cotton pads. Formed sores you can gently handle the cotton swab. Before you start the treatment or prevention of disease in a young child, be sure to consult with your doctor and carefully read the instructions to the designated drug.


  1. Be Sure to frequently with soap and water to wash hands. Explain to your children how important personal hygiene is. Do not allow them to take out food, take dirty toys or sit at the table, not washing your hands.
  2. Holds a special place oral hygiene. Be sure to brush your teeth a good brush and using the correct paste. Teach your child to brush and rinse your mouth.
  3. Be Sure to wash all fruits and vegetables brought from the store or from the market. Often it was dirty foods that cause thrush in both adults and children.
  4. If the family got sick stomatitis, make sure you make it a personal towel and a separate bowl with Cutlery, otherwise it is likely to infect other members of the family.
  5. Take vitamins and immunomodulating drugs. It is a good immune system will prevent initiation of infection and will not allow the virus to enter the body of a small child. With the same purpose tempers of their children, take them on long walks in the fresh air and in General maintain a positive atmosphere in the family.

stomatitis in children symptoms and treatment

Stomatitis is a very common disease in both adults and children. However, compliance with basic hygiene measures it is possible to avoid. Be healthy!

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