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In our daily life very often, things happen that we are upset and outraged. Despite the fact that society accepted some uppercase and unwritten laws, it often happens that certain individuals openly ignore them. What makes some people comply with these laws, and others – to ignore them?

What is the social duty of man

If we start from the definition of the concept, it means accepting the necessity of obedience to the will of society. Since man is a social being, he in any case, when life enters into various relations with surrounding people, forming a society. debt publicEntering into a relationship with society, we automatically have certain responsibilities. These responsibilities form the public duty of man. Moreover, they are inherently objective, i.e., independent from our desires. Whether we like it or not, we must meet these responsibilities, otherwise the society will not accept us. Antisocial people fall out of the so-called human community and become a source of trouble and misery both for the society and for myself.public duty

Responsibility and duty as factors of social relationships

The public Debt is very closely linked with such concept as responsibility. It dictates the need to constantly perform the duties to society. Debt is an obligation of the person that performed them under the influence of not only purely external requirements. Inner moral impulses are the factor, which is based on the need to perform a public duty. The exact performance of their duties – this is not enough. Society expects a person's personal relationship to them. Awareness of their duty, his voluntary acceptance, personal interest in the performance of their duties – all of these factors put the public and the moral duty of man to that degree that leads to highly developed relationships in the community.

Properties and peculiarities of debt

The First attribute of the debt is the awareness of its necessity. In order to fulfill his debt to society, he must understand what is needed. Understanding the reasons and comes to the conclusion that to perform certain duties necessary to maintain public order and normal relations in society.

Hence the second property debt – interest in the performance. Aware of the need to perform certain duties, the person becomes personally interested, and to be aware of public debt connects moral motives.

Based on the first two properties, the public debt is also characterized by the voluntariness of its execution. Many people, especially not fixed at the legislative level duties citizens perform without coercion, a controlling factor is only the conscience.


We came to the question of who controls the discharge of our civil duties. Above are talking about the concept of the human conscience. It is an internal controller in this case. What is conscience? public dutyBelievers believe that she is the voice of God inside man, and the important feeling that is given to everyone at birth. Of course, some people are more conscientious than others. However, this feeling in varying degrees, is inherent in almost all men, with rare exceptions. The mystery of conscience, perhaps, scientists will never be able to reveal. Conscience dictates to perform a public duty, as well as overseeing its implementation.

In addition to the internal control, of course, there's also external. Society itself judges how this or that citizen responsibly perform their duties. Public opinion is a regulator of the relationship between the society and separate individual.

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