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This article describes the design of the car VAZ-2110: brake system, main components and mechanisms. You will learn about the General scheme of the actuator, the design of all elements.

General structure

VAZ 2110 brake system

Arranged brake system of VAZ-2110 in such a way that the pads are actuated by applying pressure in the tubes. There are two circuits, a special pressure regulator, vacuum booster and a liquid level sensor in the tank. In the case if there is a failure of one circuit, the other will remain operational. Of course, braking performance will fall sharply. It should also be noted that on the front wheels, "a dozen" set-vented brake discs.

The design provides Also the presence of the indicator pad wear. On the rear wheel have drum brakes, which are driven with for two-piston cylinder. There is also a mechanism that automatically adjusts clearance between drum and brake pads. The basis of the system — is a master cylinder mounted on the vacuum amplifier. In the upper part of the GTZ, there is an expansion tank, in which there is a lid with a built-in level gauge.

Brake master cylinder

brake system 2110

Is the braking system of VAZ-2110 from multiple sites, but the main is cylinder, which increases with the pressure in the tubes. In the cylinders the pistons move in sequence. The one which is closest to the vacuum booster creates a pressure on the right front and left rear brake mechanisms. The second piston causes the calipers of the left front and right rear brakes. Please note that the cuff, which is put on the pistons the same. They have a diameter of 20,64 mm. But there is an o-ring working under low pressure. It is located on the piston closest to the brake booster. In addition, it has a groove.


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diagram of brake system 2110

Schema of the brake system of VAZ-2110 provides for the presence of the vacuum booster. With it increases the force that is applied to the pedal. The booster is between the pedal and the cylinder. The connection is performed by means of two studs. Design involves disassembly, so in case of breakage, the device must be immediately replaced with a new one.

To test the vacuum amplifier, it is necessary to muffle the engine and depress the brake pedal several times. Then push the pedal down to the end, start the engine and pay attention to what is going to happen. If the pedal had gone forward, the vacuum booster is fully operational. Of course, in the event that there is visible small defects. It is also worth noting that the device will not function or its efficiency will decrease significantly, if the sealing of the hose that connects it to the exhaust manifold. In the presence of such a defect on the VAZ-2110 braking system will work poorly.

Pressure Regulator

repair of the brake system 2110

For the rear brakes is provided a pressure regulator. It is attached with a bracket to the vehicle body left rear side. And one of the bolts produces a fork mounting bracket actuator controller. The holes are oval. Due to this, the bracket can be moved near the regulator. This changes the force acting on the piston mechanism.

If you increase the load on the rear of the car on the lever affects the amount of force. At the same time it is transmitted to the piston. When you press on the brake pedal, a liquid tries to push out the piston. But it prevents the force which acts on the lever. Next is the trim brake system. On the rear axle is not performed the braking force. As a result, it is not allowed to lock the rear wheels. Diagram of braking system of VAZ-2110 demonstrates how the motion of the fluid through the tubes.

When there is an increase in the load on the rear axle, the wheels and the road have a maximum degree of coupling. Using the regulator to supply more pressure to the cylinders of the rear wheels. When the load acting on the rear wheels, the pressure becomes lower. On the body there is a small hole, which is closed with the cap. If you discover a fluid leak from there, there is a leak in the seal rings.

How to replace master cylinder

VAZ 2110 brake system malfunction

It is Necessary to provide access to the cylinder to remove the upholstery in the engine compartment. To do this, Unscrew the three screws on the VAZ-2110. Brake system, failure of which are considered in the article hidden under the upholstery. It should be noted that completely remove no need. Quite a bit to unbend. After you access the cylinder, you must disconnect the fluid level sensor. You then need to Unscrew the cap from the surge tank. With a bulb syringe or pump out all the fluid. After that Unscrew from the cylinder fittings tubing. Get them away.

Nowyou can Unscrew the two nuts, which are using the GTZ mount to the body of the vacuum booster. Remove the cylinder together with the surge tank. To dismantle the last case it is enough to pry it with a screwdriver. Install the brake master cylinder in the reverse order. It is necessary to Prime the system. However, virtually any repair of the brake system of VAZ-2110 ends with pumping.

How to remove power booster

As in the previous section, remove the upholstery. You will also need to remove the pads mounted on the windshield. To ensure a spot of air in the hydraulic system no need to disconnect tubing from GTZ. Then Unscrew the two nuts, which produced the fasteners of the cylinder to the brake booster. Take GIZ to the front of the car - try not to break the brake lines.

After this you must disconnect the hose from the intake manifold. Moving further into the cabin, disconnect the wires, then Unscrew the four nuts, which made the mounting bracket of the brake pedal. Now you can remove the brake booster with the pedal.

How to replace front pads

brake system 2110

Pretty reliable brake system of the car VAZ-2110, but the pads still be erased with time. To replace them you'll need to hang the front wheels. Remove the wheel, then bent the edge of the plate, which is fixed the lower bolt securing the caliper to the hub. Next, Unscrew bolt using a screwdriver, raise the caliper Assembly upward. Now you can easily pull the pads. Note that a new set would be problematic, as the piston is in the extended condition. It must be with the gas key push to lock.

If there is no suitable key, you must install the outer pad. Then the caliper should be lowered to the starting position and install the mounting blade between the disk and the piston. With its help, the latter is pressed into the caliper. Assembly should be carried out in reverse order.

Replacement rear brake pads

brake system of the car VAZ 2110

To determine the condition of the rear pads, no need to disassemble the whole mechanism. It is a special viewing window. It is necessary to pull the plug, then you can determine what thickness are overhead. Note that the allowed minimum thickness of half a millimeter. On the car VAZ-2110 braking system performed according to the standard scheme, the same used on most machines.

First, you need to hang and remove the rear wheel. Second, loosen the Park brake cable, remove the pins and turning the brake drum with a small mallet to apply light strokes in the end. You can then remove the drum. Using a screwdriver, disconnect the top spring, then guide and lower. Then you need to withdraw from the engagement tip of the Park brake cable. Then removed the cotter pin with the axis of the lever of the Parking brake. Then you can install new pads in reverse order.


The repair is easy if you know how the braking system of VAZ-2110. For all events you'll need a standard set of tools and only one special key for 8 crimp terminals. It is called “the key for brake pipe”. With it easily is to Unscrew the fittings.

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