Beautiful mittens knitting (jacquard): scheme for the different sizes


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Among all available accessories for winter are the hardest masters to knit mittens knitting (jacquard). Scheme, even the simplest, involve simultaneous work with threads of different colors (at least two shades).

mittens, jacquard knitting

In the course of the loops are one color, then another. The thread, which is not used for promazyvanija remains on the wrong side of the fabric, and then picked up knitting specific loops. As a result, the front side of the obtained pattern composed of colored loops, and inside out – pulling from the unused yarn.

Rule clearance the inside

We Need to work hard to create a neat mittens knitting (jacquard). Diagrams and description of the process of knitting is not always accurate and often ignore one important caveat. To prevent too long broaches, need to know how to twist the thread.

For Example, we use two colors: white and blue. In one of the rows every ten white loops should execute one blue. If you just stretch blue yarn from one loop to another, on the underside of the formed broach long (their length is equal to the width of ten white loops). In the finished product, especially if you make these mittens (jacquard) knitting, the strings will get tangled when putting them on. This is bad, because when tightening the stringing pattern on the front side may be deformed.

The Problem can be solved as follows: knit into three stitches with white yarn, then twist the working thread from the non-working (blue) and again to purl three stitches white. It is important to know tension, not to pull all the ornaments and not to weaken the fabric (in this case, the white areas will be visible blue dots).


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This twisting is usually performed after 3-4 loops.

Children's mittens knitting (jacquard): scheme for different sizes

To tie the mittens pictured in the photo at the beginning of the article, you will want 50 g yarns in the following colors:

  • Beige dark;
  • Ecru;
  • Light beige;
  • Pink;
  • Ochre;
  • Wave of the sea;
  • Pistachio.

Of Course, be used not all of the material, many will remain. You can use them on a hat or bib to complete the set.

The diagrams below shows the scheme for knitting. Mittens (jacquard), made in this style, perfect for children and adults, but due to the difference in the size of the ornament is different. So, designers have developed circuits for children from 3 to 5 years.

diagram for knitting mittens jacquard

Here a total of three large flower. The pattern is designed for making half of the items (such as crochet back side of the mittens). For the full accessory master need to repeat the same ornament twice.

The Following scheme for children from 6 to 8 years.

mittens knitting jacquard schema and description

Here the height of the ornament remained unchanged, but to increase the width of the added loops on the sides. The icon that resembles a barrel, means that you should make a yo and in the next row knit into an additional loop. It is necessary to twist the yo when promazyvanie to avoid the hole.

After you have finished the main part of the pattern (three flowers), added earlier, the loop should be cut (an icon with a slash).

Large mittens for Teens and adults

And the last scheme is intended for children from 9 to 12 years and adult people.

mittens knitting jacquard schemes

The Designer added another element to the basic ornament you can now see not three, but four of the flower.

If the artisan wishes to produce even larger mittens knitting (jacquard), schemes need to expand on the proposed algorithm: to increase the width due to the new loops, or by adding a flower.

Near to the most important rapport is a diagram of adding loops for the formation of the thumb (the triangle). This is a necessary measure that helps to give the mitten is anatomically correct form.

Sequence operation

Considering all the above aspects, knitting the right mitten is necessary to carry out the following:

  1. To Dial the desired number of loops, spread them on the toe needles and to close the ring.
  2. Knit cuff any band (about ten centimeters).
  3. Proceed to the execution of jacquard and between two neighboring rapport together with the main pattern knit triangle thumb. The width of the accessory must be equal to the size of your palm at the base of the thumb.
  4. When the triangle is formed it the loop is transferred to the knitting pin, and the jacquard continue to knit in a circle without regard to the captured items. That is, the width of the mittens will fit the width of four fingers put together.
  5. When a pattern ends, you need to try the product. When dealing with large mittens may require a few extra rows.
  6. When the canvas reaches the level of the little finger, should begin to decrease. In four places of each row shorten one loop (for example, the first two loops on each needle join one).

The Completion of knitting

When the loop ends, pass to the knitting of the finger. Gaining previously removed the elements on two needles and knit desired number of rows (in progress trying on the product). Thencut two loops in each row, until you get a neat tip.

So you have knitted mittens knitting (jacquard)! The scheme, proposed in the article, will significantly simplify your work.

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