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Every mother taking care of her baby, trying to choose the most high quality stuff that will satisfy all its requirements and ensure the safety of the child. Manege Jetem will be a real springboard for creative activities to the kid and his entertainment. With the purchase of the arena, parents will have not only more free time, but also the confidence that the child is safe.

About the brand

The Birthplace of the company Jetem is Germany. The brand has earned recognition of customers and an indisputable authority in the world. The company specializiruetsya in the production of goods for children. All products of this brand combines a tandem German quality, French chic and Japanese innovative technology.

The Company very carefully monitors the whole production process of goods, regardless of whether a travel bed or stroller. All raw materials used in the production of goods for children developed exclusively by specialists of the brand.

Manege jetem

The Main advantages of the brand Manege Jetem

  • Very modern and stylish design.
  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Sturdy metal frame.
  • Raw material that is used for the cladding of the arena, is environmentally friendly, does not cause allergic reactions and redness.
  • Affordable pricing policy of the brand.
  • The Presence of fixing locks, which exclude arbitrary folding.
  • Manege Jetem in the kit has a bag for his carry, which is very important during travel.
  • The Presence of wheel clamps to move the arena in every corner of the apartment effortlessly

playpen bed

Range of playpens

  • Sibling — these models are designed for children from birth to 3 years. As a rule, they are the beds, playpens in which the baby can sleep and play. This line of playpens are Looping, C3, Quadro and Sport.
  • Duplex — the kind of riding this brand, which has a two-story structure. One floor is able to withstand a child weighing up to 9 kg. the set comes a convenient changing table. This playpen bed is designed for children from birth to three years. The weight of the baby should not exceed 15 kg. an Example of two-level arenas will serve as models C1, C2 and Rhapsody.

Manege jetem sport

Quality assurance and security

Playpen Jetem embodies the absolute safety of the child, thanks to the collaboration of the brand with serious group test of character. All elements of the product tested to meet the highest requirements and standards. Control is exercised at all stages of production, from project design and ending with output. It should be noted that any playpen Jetem is subjected to complex tests on the ground, which created conditions close to real.


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The Tests are all constructive elements of products, including the frame, upholstery, wheels and brake system.

Manege jetem looping

Pricing policy

Playpen Jetem is the epitome of functionality and democracy. The cost of a single-level arena is about 6-10 thousand rubles, split level - from 7 to 13 thousand rubles. This is evidence of its availability, which is an important factor for many young parents.

Most popular varieties of single-level arenas

The Most popular models of playpens with sibling system bottom are Sport and Looping. Due to the huge number of advantages, they are leaders in number of sales worldwide.

  • Manege Jetem Sport has a rather interesting advantage in the form of a removable roof. Thanks to this part of the product, the arena quickly turns into a beautiful house. To play in this incredible building - a pleasure. Distinctive features of this model are playpen easy fold and extremely portable fully assembled. This product is absolutely safe for children, proof of that is the locking mechanism which excludes unintentional folding. Due to the side manhole, children will be comfortable to get inside yourself. Manege Jetem Sport is equipped with a ventilation viewing Windows and mosquito nets, allowing you to play it on the street. For ease of transportation to the arena set includes a convenient bag with durable handles.
  • Manege Jetem Looping is a great portable structure for children that is easy to fold and is compact in size. Thanks to a special locking mechanism completely eliminates the possibility of accidental folding. Thanks to the side hole, the children themselves will be able to go inside of the arena. Additional convenience create a support ring and a strong, fairly hard bottom. Leg in the Central part of the arena ensures its stability on any surface. Mosquito net on the arena will protect the baby from mosquitoes.

playpen jetem

Manege Jetem and its main technical characteristics

  • Any kind of arena from this brand is designed for children from 0 to 3 years.
  • All rectangular models of this brand have an extra leg in the middle of the design, whichprevents unintentional folding.
  • Easy system that allows movement of one hand to fold the playpen in a more compact position.
  • The Use of quality materials that are durable, easy to clean and does not require special care. Frame products are made of high quality aluminum, the upholstery of the arena of durable bright fabrics, does not cause allergic reactions.
  • Due to the rigid bottom, the baby sleep and entertainment will not bring him discomfort, and posture of the child will be formed correctly.
  • The Role of support from the halls of this brand perform a sufficiently reliable handles-rings.
  • Special comfort for the little man creates a hole in the side of the playpen.
  • Average weight of the arena is 12 kg.

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