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2009, 2010 and the following years have seen the invasion of the Ransomware. It is this kind of programs which occur during Windows startup on the user's desktop in the form of a banner. Then – voluntary-compulsory please send a paid message for a specified mobile number. All applications of the user are blocked to meet the requirements of the attacker.

If you are trying to figure out how to unlock the computer, and are ready to send sms, in any case do not do it. Nobody will give you guarantees so you will be free from virus. Rather, the attacker will continue to extract money from you.

There are ways to remove the malware, as the treatment in safe mode, run a bootable CD with virus scanners, special resources, which laid out the keys to unlock, etc. Some of them will be discussed in more detail. All the tips are informative only.

How to unlock computer from virus without sending sms

There are several Variants and they all give the opportunity to remove the banner from your desktop for free.

The First of them – to use the website Kaspersky. Their share is deblocker – the script that generates the key to unlock.

The Second – to use the laboratory of Doctor Web. The result will be similar to the previous one. Both resources represent the major antivirus companies, tackling the question of how to unlock the computer infected with a virus.


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If the unlock key approached, and the banner is gone, check your PC again anti-virus scanner with updated definitions, if there is still any malicious software.

Delete viruses using Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool.

If these methods do not give the desired effect, you can scan your computer anti-virus scanner from Kaspersky - Kaspersky Virus Removal Tool. the process was rapid, and the result is predictable, it is better to perform treatment in a diagnostic mode of Windows.

To Run this mode before downloading the system, clamped holding the f8 key. As soon as the boot menu, choose the option “safe mode” and run Windows.

The Utility works in two modes: manual and automatic. It is recommended to perform a manual scan. In the select objects to check include the boot sectors of the partitions and RAM.

Additional insurance

You Can unlock your computer from virus through the registry editor. Some malware registers itself in the autorun through the shell Explorer.exe or through the application's user initialization – Userinit.

Run the task Manager, the shortcut Ctrl+Shift+Esc. Then, select “end task”. In the field of “New task” type “regedit”.

Go to the CurrentVersion/Winlogon in there there are two keys: “Shell” and “System”. The first key must necessarily be the value explorer.exe. The second parameter default C:WINDOWSsystem32userinit.exe, (comma should be at the end).

Of Course, best of all, this method for use in Troubleshooting. How to unlock computer if the task Manager does not run this combination? Try the options Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Y, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+U, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+J. Some of them may be the startup Manager.

Translate arrows of hours of computer

Sometimes annoying banner you can remove the transfer system time backward or forward for a substantial period. It is clear that in this case you will have to use the BIOS. After starting the PC press Delete or another preset button until you start the BIOS SETUP utility.

Then we find the parameters for System Time and System Date. In the first one you can adjust the system time in the second – to put the need to remove the date.

I Hope these information about how to unlock a computer that was useful and readable.

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