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What should be the treatment of lichen in the home have dogs? So the question often asked by people who have a barking four-legged Pets. Today we will thoroughly investigate this issue and consider what are the herpes.

Why is the dog sick?

Fairly common infectious skin disease in dogs is ringworm. Cause this disease certain types of pathogenic virus or fungus. This disease can be transmitted from dogs are not just another dog, but man. Usually the animal becomes infected through contact (through the coat). It should be noted that the fungus through infected soil or a thing may also "catch" herpes, as its spores remain viable for several years. In hot and wet weather (favourable conditions) the fungus can begin to grow, affecting the epidermis and follicles.

treatment of lichen at home in dogs

Factors predisposing to infection:

  • Lactation;
  • The presence of cancer;
  • Pregnancy dogs;
  • The youth or, on the contrary, old age;
  • That is unbalanced (bad) food;
  • Viral infection;
  • Weakened immune system.

treatment of herpes in dogs

To describe how the treatment depriving at home in dogs, we first need to enumerate its types. So let's consider them in more detail. All herpes differ with the degree of risk to the pet, as well as some signs. Thanks to external signs it is possible to determine the type of the disease. So, ringworm is:

  • Weeping (it is also called eczema);
  • Cutting (causes fungal infection);
  • Pityriasis or colorful;
  • Pink (the result of a viral infection);
  • Tinea (triggers a herpes virus).

Pink ringworm in dogs-pictures, treatment and symptoms

This kind of lichen is considered to be very dangerous. The first signs that the animal is sick are small, round spots of yellow-pink shade (size approx two inches). Originally on the dog's body there is only one spot, but very soon all over the body the dog can see yellow and pink markings.


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The first spot is small in size and is “mother plaque”. The skin in that area starts to peel, and itchy.

ringworm in dogs treatment photo

There is such a disease is very sudden. Sometimes as quickly and disappears pityriasis versicolor in dogs. Treatment in some cases is more for prevention than necessary. Any special medical intervention is not required. Often it happens that for five to six weeks the disease is retreating itself. In any case, do not use without consulting a doctor any ointment or other means, because this can only aggravate the condition of the dog. Read more about how to withdraw zoster should ask their veterinarian.


The Danger of the disease lies not in itself but in complications. After combing his body, the dog may introduce infection, which will further lead to inflammation, pyoderma, eczema, etc. Then you will need mandatory medical intervention.

Some experts believe that the affected areas should be lubricated with vinegar (Apple cider) about 6 times a day. Also a sick animal, you cannot bathe, but it takes a long time to walk in the sun.

Sometimes the veterinary doctors recommend antihistamine ointments and creams to lubricate the affected areas to relieve itching.

weeping ringworm in dogs treatment

There is Also an assumption that appears pink ringworm in dogs (photo, treatment and signs of disease - all information adeaide in our article) due to severely weakened immune system. If the reason lies in this, doctors prescribe a course of immunomodulators.

What would please the owner of the animal, which appeared this disease is the fact that the disease is non-communicable.

Ringworm in dogs: symptoms, treatment

This ringworm affects the skin of the head, tail, limbs and ears and claws and nose. Let's find out what the symptoms have the disease. Signs of ringworm include:

  • Small (two centimeters) of the spots are rounded or oval in shape;
  • The rapid spread of the body;
  • The appearance of scales on the affected areas, which in the future begin to go bald and itchy.

Due to the fact that there is a baldness and damages the hair in the affected areas, this kind of lichen called “mowing”.

Now consider how to conduct the treatment of lichen at home in dogs. Manual:

  • First, you need to cut out the fur from the affected areas, and capture and healthy hair about two to three inches from the patient. And how to distinguish healthy skin from the affected by the fungus? Normal skin look much paler.
  • Cut the wool must be destroyed.

ringworm in dogs symptoms

  • Peel off the skin should (if possible) to separate, because we need to treat the surface.

We will use some drugs to overcome ringworm in dogs. Treatment with iodine is the simplest way of dealing withfungus. They need to lubricate the affected areas twice a day. It should be noted that in the process of treatment by this method may appear side effects in the form of necrosis of the skin and contact dermatitis. In such cases it is recommended to use other drugs. For example, three times a day to treat skin ointment “Pits”. Also used to treat “Clotrimazole” in the form of a cream, which lubricates the lesions three times per day.

What to do if affected a very large area? Then doctors recommend the use of systemic medications “Ketoconazole” and “Griseofulvin". If suddenly having a relapse of the disease, an urgent need to make the animal vaccinated against ringworm.

Tinea versicolor in dogs

This type of lichen is also called colored or beach. It is very common. The first sign of the disease – the appearance of small pink spots on the body. Other visible inflammation at this stage, no. Actively developed tinea versicolor on the neck, legs and the back of the animal. How to determine what area of the skin affected? It will have a specific color (it can range from yellow color to brown). In addition, the animal is often observed peeling of the skin.

ringworm in dogs treatment iodine

As you can see, treatment of herpes in dogs is different. Each kind of disease need to be treated by certain methods. With tinea ringworm is to fight back using the following tools:

  • 3-5% salicylic alcohol;
  • Anti-fungal medication “Undeceived”;
  • “Ointment Wilkinson”;
  • 5-10% sulphur ointment.
  • Drug “Neotigason”;
  • Juice of onions (1 per day you should lubricate the affected areas).

Before you use these drugs, it is better to consult with a veterinarian who examines your animal and prescribe the correct treatment.

Weeping versicolor

This disease may have different disease course (chronic or acute inflammatory). The nature of it – allergic. Let us now consider, how does weeping ringworm in dogs, treatment of which we will describe next. The main symptoms:

  • Rash (various);
  • Itching and burning of the affected areas of the skin;
  • Swelling;
  • Perhaps the appearance of crusts, cracks, bubbles;
  • Peeling.

Treatment of weeping depriving

Treatment of this disease should be comprehensive. The first thing you need to do – is to find out the cause of weeping eczema. Only then the doctor will be able to choose the right treatment depriving at home in dogs. Causes of eczema weight. To trigger the emergence of can fleas, poor diet, infections and more.

How to treat? First vestigate hair around the affected areas, in order to ensure the access of air to the tissues that are inflamed. Next is to handle the areas of anti-inflammatory (extract of St. John's wort, drug “security systems", etc.). Next, use a drying cure – powders and ointments on the basis of zinc, talc and so on. If the animal suffers severe itching, the affected skin is applied a sedative, for example, the drug “Her” or “Diphenhydramine". Drugs such as “sulphur-3" or "Mercurius" in this case appoint inside. Sometimes recommended diet for people with allergies.

Herpes zoster in dogs

This type of lichen causes the herpes virus. First, the disease manifests itself in the intercostal and belly. In these parts of the body itch. A little later appear the liquid bubbles that burst, and their locations can then see the crust. Note that this disease is not always manifested in the abdomen, sometimes of a pathological process can affect other areas.

pityriasis rosea in dogs treatment

For treatment with antivirals, antiseptics, analgesics, and corticosteroid ointment.

Tips to owners who have a sick dog

If you find your dog ringworm, immediately protect it from contact with other animals and people. All places in the house where there was a sick pet, be sure to wash with bleach. To establish an accurate diagnosis and proper treatment planning is necessary to address in veterinary clinic. Self-medicate in any case, do not engage.

Preventative methods that will help you avoid getting infected with ringworm

  1. Do Not allow contact of your pet with stray and sick animals.
  2. You Should regularly inspect the skin of your dog.
  3. You Should periodically to handle things the animal from parasites.
  4. Recommended time to enter the injection (vaccination) of depriving for dogs.
  5. You Should regularly visit a veterinarian.

Wrapping up

As you have seen, deprive has several types, each of which has its own symptoms, course, and treatment. It is very important to diagnose, because it affects the way of healing. Improper treatment of herpes in dogs can lead to additional health problems of animals. The duration of the recovery and outcome of the disease depends on how quickly it started medical intervention.

how to withdraw ringworm

I Hope that now you understand how to give the treatment depriving at home atdogs. Take care of your Pets, love them, and they repay you in return.

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