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From ancient times to the present time in connection with the need to maintain permanent accounting and control the movement of inventory items is one of popular professions is the profession of a storekeeper. The storekeeper is a specialist related to the category of technical artists. This position is assigned to a person having secondary education, preferably experience, however, if needed in many companies is training. Any goods arriving at the warehouse, starting from food and finishing concrete mixtures, for the storekeeper called commodity-material assets (TMTS), for which he is directly responsible. In connection with computerized records of inventories currently, one of the requirements to the employee applying for the post of storekeeper, is the knowledge and ability to work with the program «1C Warehouse” (of course, not in all companies).


Who is appointed who is subject to the

As storekeeper specialist, reporting directly to the supervisor or Manager of the warehouse, he is appointed by order of the Director with the approval of the direct supervisor. Subordinate to the storekeeper there may also be staff, such as porters or drivers.

Duties and responsibilities

Job description the storekeeper is developed and approved each enterprise taking into account specificity of work. Duties is the sphere of activities that is assigned on her face. For storekeeper this:


Work in

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  • Receiving, sorting, recording the movement and release of inventory;
  • Matching incoming to the warehouse of the goods specified in accompanying documents;
  • Placement of goods in the warehouse to ensure the maximum possible rational storage;
  • Management of the process of loading, unloading, moving of incoming merchandise;
  • Preparation of income and expenditure documentation;
  • Inventory commodity-material assets;
  • Allocation of responsibilities and control over their implementation staff, under the direct supervision of the storekeeper.

Each position is regulated by normative documents. For this position is:

  • manual warehouseThe legislation of the Russian Federation;
  • Specifications and standards for the storage of inventory, accounting management;
  • Terms of reception, storage, home goods and materials;
  • The types, grades, standards, storage conditions of goods and materials;
  • The quality characteristics and standards costs of goods and materials;
  • Safety and fire safety in places of storage of goods and materials;
  • Organizational and administrative documents of the company's management.

Location and schedule

The job of storekeeper – warehouse, manufacturing, storage of goods (stores, warehouses, logistics companies). When hiring an employee for the position of "storekeeper" in a warehouse the size of the payment and the schedule of work are negotiated individually and depend on specificity of activity of the enterprise. Depending on the caseload of the employment of storekeeper varies from half rate to work on the day. In some areas, a profession storekeeper can wear traveling nature.warehouse to warehouse


Because the storekeeper is the person financially responsible, he is responsible within the labour legislation of the Russian Federation. However, for intentional wrongful acts made while performing their official duties, he is liable under administrative and criminal codes of the Russian Federation. The storekeeper is also responsible for the actions of employees under his direct command.

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