Attenuator furniture: functional features and characteristics of the mechanisms


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Today, the widespread use of conventional door hinges in the design of the furniture fades into the background. An increasing number of manufacturers, and those who create it with their hands, prefer a more modern fittings serving as alternatives. We are talking about the lifts or the shock absorbers of the furniture.

attenuator furniture

Do you Need a gas shock

Many people mistakenly believe that the gas struts for furniture – the extra luxury. But in the case of picking, hinges, or springs, of a product susceptible to premature exit out of operation, due to the constant knocking at the sharp closing of the doors. Additionally, the sound accompanying such closing, are unpleasant to the ear.

To avoid inconvenience, experts recommend to mount the piston dampers, gradually slowing down the progress of the facade and providing a silent closing doors. Some confuse shock with other functional mechanisms, calling them furniture closers, although these mechanisms are responsible for other functions in the composition of furniture.

gas damper furniture

Types of shock absorbers

According to the type of opening system to distinguish between plowing up and down the facade, mechanisms for folding of the facades and versatile lifts which can be of the mechanical or gas.

Damper accessories for modern furniture divided into two types:

  • Bumpers;
  • Shock.

Shock furniture – gas or oil damping system, which looks like a sleeve with elastic button taking the brunt of the closing of the facade, gradually softening process and returns it to its original position.


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Dampers for furniture

The Persistent buffers (bumpers), which is no less popular, as gas absorbers ensure quiet closing of doors. They look like silicone or plastic strip attached to the end portion of the housing. This system eliminates the sound effect while the door is closing, but does not protect the mounting system from rapid wear of machine components. This type of “shock” is intended only for light types of facades.

How to choose a lift

Such systems are used in the construction of furniture, as with light and heavy facades. The model selection of shock absorber for furniture depends on the weight of the suspended structure. The lift should be easy to cope with anticipated load.

Furniture shock absorber set-up

One facade (door) is mounted on a two post lift. When buying items, you need to select the identical mechanisms from the same batch with the same characteristics. Otherwise the door can parasitise.

The Advantages of mechanisms

The Main advantages of the products are defined:

  1. Smooth closing system of the doors of the facade, providing security in the premises.
  2. Prevent unwanted closing or slamming, accompanied by loud claps, which helps to extend the life of the doors and frames of the facade.
  3. The Main difference between a gas shock absorber is ride comfort. Some of the mechanisms can keep the facade in intermediate, semi-open or any recorded human condition.
  4. In addition to ensuring smooth running doors, modern door dampers credited with another property: the simultaneous transformation of the facade to its original position and snap the lock.

The Principle of operation of mechanism

A Mechanical system operated by spring, gas is more complicated. Gas damper furniture presented in the form of a sealed piston inside which when opening/closing the doors circulates the inert gas contained in a chamber.

The Piston, finger and rubber parts are protected from corrosion thanks to a special anti-corrosion system. The internal elements of shock absorbers for furniture is not influenced by negative factors, being in a completely sealed condition.

Attenuator mortise furniture

Features of installation damping devices

The shock Absorbers are mounted on doors of different types, not only for furniture but also for interior, and special front door with additional protection.

This device as the damper has earned popularity due to its reliability, practicality and long life devices. Modern shock absorbers for furniture can be installed independently on any external or internal door in the living room or complement the overall security system of the premises or building in General.

In the first case, the setting mechanism is held manually during the installation process or operation, the second – syncs automatically, being one of the links of electric network security.

Mount the dampers, cutting or blending into the facade or the door. For the latest models of dampers have a special adapter together with a furniture damper, the installation of which depends on additional elements.

Select the type of the described devices and accurate position fixing it depends on the type of furniture or door facade design: the width, weight, additionally the use of accessories. Beforethe final fixing of the shock absorber mortise furniture is recommended to do a trial mount to check the level and symmetry.

80% of customers appreciated this innovation as a gas shock in the design of furniture. Today almost all of it is equipped with gas dampers which are paired with closers make its use more comfortable.

The Gas struts furniture allows us to free ourselves from the mass of inconveniences, for example, you can not worry about the silent closing of the doors, and rapid loss of their presentation, the wear.

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