Prostate biopsy: indications and what is required


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Quite frustrating when the doctor is forced to send in such a procedure, because such a decision suggests that he may have suspected cancer. But don't be upset, because I know better than you sick and how to treat the disease. A prostate biopsy involves special study, in which the doctor using a special needle which takes the sample material from the tissues of the gland. These samples were then carefully examined for the absence or presence of cancerous cells (atypical cells). Do it in two ways: transrectal (needle is inserted through the rectum) and transuretralna (medical instrument inserted through the urethra or perineum).

prostate Biopsy

Prostate Biopsy can be prescribed if the doctor at survey will detect the increase in level of PSA (prostate specific antigen), the presence of hypoechogenic areas in the prostate tissue and just plots which, according to experts, can cause cancer of the prostate. The most common provocateur of the appearance of cancer cells is a disease of the prostate, especially its advanced forms. Let's learn about this illness in order to avoid serious disease.

Effective treatment of prostatitisProstatitis

This disease is characterized by inflammation of the prostate gland, or rather of its tissues. If time does not seek help to the doctor, you can develop chronic prostatitis that will only aggravate your condition and increase the risk of cancer. Causes that provoke prostatitis can be sexually transmitted infection, hypothermia, all kinds of stress or mental stress, physical disruption of muscle and even dental disease. The first signs of the disease quite painful and very noticeable. Let's take a look at them.


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Chronic prostatitis: symptoms

1. Pain in the abdomen, especially when urinating.

2. Pain in the scrotum and perineum area.

3. Lowering of erection and reduced sexual intercourse.

4. Different allocation.

5. Accelerated ejaculation.

6. Reduced potency.

7. General fatigue of the body.

Chronic prostatitis symptomsEffective treatment of prostatitis

After the doctor diagnoses you have prostatitis, he should prescribe the treatment program, which will consist of a range of medicines. Will also be prescribed an antibacterial, antiviral and improves vascular tone therapy. Can include in the course of treatment and some physical therapy techniques, such as laser inductothermy, ultrasound, reflexology and even “healing” by leeches. If the doctor noticed the suspicion of the presence of cancer cells, you will need a prostate biopsy, which has previously been mentioned. The duration of treatment depends on the severity of the disease you have. On average, therapy lasts from fifteen to twenty days. In a more complex and advanced cases-a month and a half. Don't forget to inform the doctor about their allergies, or to receive some medication, which may have been prescribed to you to avoid unexpected complications during treatment. In any case, do not be afraid of such procedures as prostate biopsy.

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