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The Charvak reservoir, photo of which is posted in the article, is located in the Western foothills of the Tien Shan, between the spurs of the Chatkal and Ugam ridges. This area is located to the North of Tashkent region of Uzbekistan.

Charvak reservoir

Brief description of the reservoir

Artificial reservoir was created in 1970. It arose due to the construction of the Charvak hydroelectric power station on the water flow of the Chirchik. Rivers Chatkal, Pskem and Koksu, which originate in the mountains and are clean, clear water in the Charvak reservoir. Water depth in some places reaches 140 meters, and the area is more than 37 square km, the Reservoir is actively used for irrigation purposes for agriculture in the valley of the river Chirchik, so its level during the summer months may significantly fall. Despite the peculiarities of the location (mountains), its banks in many places have a low profile, and with the lowering of the water level is wide open sandbar of the shoals.

Charvak reservoir photo


The Charvak reservoir is located in the foothill basin. This location determines the flora, typical for the area. The flora can be divided into 3 altitudinal zones.

In the foothills are dominated by grass and woodland. These areas are ideal for grazing small cattle, making livestock production in these lands of ancestral occupation of the local people. It is also interesting the presence of some species of plants listed in the Red book, such as saffron Altestovo.

The average high-rise waistband grows a mountain forest, with a predominance of juniper. Juniper – is the common name of various species of coniferous evergreen trees used by the peoples of Central Asia. Various kinds of unpretentious junipers occupy almost the whole middle belt of mountains, thanks to its local climate. Further, in the highlands, are summer pastures for grazing. In addition, in mountain valleys there are cultural plantings, fruit trees and vineyards.


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Charvak reservoir stay


The Charvak reservoir (photo attached) are equally diverse fauna. In its transparent waters acclimatized with a subsequent permanent dwelling species large variety of fish. Here along with carp species such as crucian carp, white Amur, silver carp and other, it is possible to meet representatives of the genus whitefish. Among them there Peled, Ladoga, Siberian whitefish, whitefish. There are also salmon: trout in Issyk-Kul and rosy. This list can be continued indefinitely. A wide variety of fish makes the Charvak reservoir is extremely interesting in terms of fishing.

Fishing is Possible in various ways and all sorts of gear. To hunt for a local carp fishermen often come from other countries. This fish is unusual for this type of living conditions behaves differently than in more usual places. Carp in Charvak prefers to stay at great depths and are extremely picky about the baits we offer. This makes it challenging and interesting opponents for the sports angler. Fans spinning fishing are available fishing for trout and whitefish lure.

The Charvak reservoir: recreation

The Favorable and comfortable conditions for visiting the reservoir with the purpose of fishing or just relaxing provides expanded tourist infrastructure. For the coastline, the total length of which is about 100 km, there are many tourist bases, rest houses, children's summer camps, boarding houses, several hotels and beaches. There's also the possibility of a wild vacation for people who prefer privacy.

For those who value convenience, open doors of comfortable establishments where it is possible to rent a house. And this can be done both in specialized places and the locals are willing to provide premises.

The Charvak reservoir in the summer is nice and warm, the water temperature reaches +18 ... +25 ⁰C. In these parts the temperature rises to +35 ⁰C. The swimming period lasts from may to late September. A beach vacation also includes the possibility to make excursions or to rent a personal watercraft, such as jet skis.

Tashkent Charvak reservoir


Considerable interest is the cultural heritage of these places. Natural conditions and climate, raw materials for the production of tools has created the preconditions for the settlement of the area since the stone ages. Ancient monuments – primitive people, caves with rock paintings located in the reservoir area, attracting curious tourists. Coupled with the fresh mountain air and climate makes this reservoir the most popular health resort of Uzbekistan.

Charvak reservoir depth

How to get to the pond?

To Reach the pond is a snap. Approximately a hundred kilometers away is the town of Poprad. Charvak reservoir is located quite conveniently. It leads to the road. Thus, anyone can reach it by car or to taketaxi from Poprad: any driver will gladly make the journey.

Another option – to use public transport. To do this, first you need to get from Poprad by bus to the city of Gazalkent. Then it is recommended to use the services of locals who are gaining companions and transported to the pond. By choosing this method in order to visit the Charvak reservoir, it is possible to save a considerable amount. That is why this path is the most popular among tourists.

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