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Automatic metal swing gate is very easy to use – at the site or in the garage is the most secure way to move in. And you do not even have to leave the cabin of the car – to open the entrance you can use a simple remote control. Moreover, it is possible to install in the car keychain with ID and make the system like the store models («antivor»).

The Main advantage of such a mechanism – it is something to manage the check-in is possible from afar, which comes in handy in bad weather. But the cost of the finished products is quite high – much cheaper will be the Assembly of automatic gates from scrap materials. Such fiscal structure we will look at today.

Features of automatic swing gate type

Just need to pay attention to what kinds of designs can be implemented in practice. No need to delve deeply into this question, to explore innovative designs that occur in a single instance.

Lever actuator

We will tell only about the gate, widely used in practice, and it is:

  1. Garage.
  2. Hinged.
  3. Sliding.

That wing have a rich history, you can recognize them by the characteristic of – they have two sashes mounted on side supporting pillars with hinges. The design of the gate is simple and reliable, but to open them you need a lot of space on the site or outside.

The advantages and disadvantages of hinged structures

Swing design is perfect for a very narrow passage, so as they have a high degree of reliability. But there is a disadvantage – very high demands on the quality of the side supports. If they are stiff enough, it will tilt the valves. As a result, they will start hard to close, you can even jam.


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appearance of metal swing gates

Therefore, the installation of metal swing gates should only be performed on a solid support. It is desirable to use thick-walled tube, lined with brick. To implement automatic opening of gates of this type, you need two-wheel drive, which will work simultaneously. Please note that all other types of designs work with just one drive.

The Design of the sliding gate

But if you are not interested in metal fabrication of swing gates, pay attention to the sliding design. Their peculiarity lies in the fact that all the canvas you can literally hide behind the fence. There are several types of sliding systems:

  1. Console – draws the curtain on the rollers, which are set on a Foundation of concrete. This Foundation must be poured away from the areas for car travel. The most reliable systems are the gates of the lower roller carts and top guides.
  2. Rail construction is characterized in that the flap rests on the rollers. The latter move along the rail, which is mounted directly on the roadway. Such designs are not widely received, as they need constant care rail and flat ground.
  3. Pendant designs – the top is a guide on it on the rollers moves the flap. Such designs are ideal for places where you need to set the blade height of not less than two meters. Important to use this design with a large drop height and at the entrance to trams and locomotives. If one side does not have enough space for fold, makes the construction of the two halves.

The advantages and disadvantages of sliding gates

Please note that the sliding systems are the most practical because it does not depend on whether there is space directly in front of the entrance. Among the disadvantages of such structures can be identified that need to make high-quality Foundation. The design sliding gate is much more complicated than the swing.

Linear actuator

And the area should be large enough in width – in one of the sides of the passage must be a minimum distance of five meters. But such designs are very easy to automate, they are reliable and comfortable. As for the garages, for them it is best to use a sectional, roller shutter or tilt-up mechanisms. But these systems in a controlled environment quite complex to manufacture and, therefore, in our material we will not be considered.

Types of drives for automation

It is Understood that any of the motor shaft is rotated, and we need to drive forward motion. To make “conversion”, you can use such construction:

  1. Crank mechanisms.
  2. A Worm or a helical gear.
  3. Toothed wheel and rack.
  4. Chain drive.

These kinematic scheme is simple in construction and proven over the years. You can even implement them in the garage conditions with a minimal set of tools.

Swing gate operators

Now consider what it would take to manufacture garage metal swing gates or leading to the yard. To produce such a design, you needinstall lever or linear actuator. Linear – this mechanism with helical or worm gear, they work due to the fact that changing the length of the stock. According to the principle of a lever is very similar to the human hand.

They include two short levers, which are connected by a movable hinge. Such designs are quite complicated, so often, in practice, using the actuators of the linear type. They are easily installed onto the doors swing gates, and can implement the opening in any direction. In that case, if the paintings are hung on pillars of brick, you can apply any lever type – they are not so demanding on the fulcrum.

appearance lever drive

If you decide to make the drive, for the realization of opening the valves can be used, for example, actuators for antennas. As for lever designs, they are made on the basis of Windows. Some craftsmen put the motor from the wiper and the old Jack for automobiles of the classic series.

Sliding leaf: features automation

To make the drive sliding gates, you can use the factory automatic. It consists of the following components: direct electric drive, control unit, sensors, rack. If you want to save money, you can find a suitable motor and reducer, sprocket and chain. And implement the design of the drive will be very fast – because everything is already at hand. Now let's get back to making the gate swing type.

Preparatory work

To make for the garden gate swing metal gate, you can buy the factory kit. The industry produces a lot of actuators-both linear and lever. And you can choose not only the type of drive, but the operating voltage, the stress when opening. The mechanisms are very high strength, they are able to work in all weather conditions – in snow and in rain or heat.

Simple gates

But the cost of such mechanisms, as you know, very high-over 20 thousand rubles. But to do it yourself swing gates can be easily. For this, consider the following factors:

  1. The Place where you plan to install the gate.
  2. Method of opening the valves – in or out.
  3. Overall dimensions of the valves.
  4. The type and Form mounting pillars.
  5. Methods of wiring to the actuator.
  6. Power supply (only the grid or to install a backup battery).
  7. Be Sure to pay attention to the design features of a latch.

And don't forget the characteristics of the materials used in the construction, depends, if not all, a lot.

How to put the stands?

Metal swing Gates with a gate shall be installed on poles that are buried at least a meter. Otherwise, under the weight of the valves they will start to move in the vertical plane. The method of installation of the supports for the gate.

  1. Marks the place of installation of pillars.
  2. Dug two holes: diameter 50 cm, depth of – about one and a half meters.
  3. At the bottom is placed a plate (about 20 cm in height). Watered it with water and seal.
  4. Install the prop and align it in the vertical plane.
  5. Mix the cement M400 with sand and water (ratio 1:3:3).
  6. Pour in the pit solution for getting rid of air are stykovka.

If the mass from the stands is quite large, it would require the construction of Foundation and ligation of racks made from metal.

Welding gates

All welding should be done on flat and clean place. Preferably wooden bars and rails to make a simple bench. Remember that these are depicted in the article on photo swinging metal gates can deform under the force of the wind.

Loop gate

So you need to make the frame as rigid. This is especially necessary in the case if the frame is sheathed with polycarbonate or corrugated sheet. Supporting frame made according to this technology:

  1. Produce a cutting profile for the necessary pieces.
  2. Are Placed on the slipway of the lower crossmember is welded thereto at right angle side stands.
  3. Set upper cross-member and remaining components.
  4. Welded loops.
  5. If necessary, mount the corrugated sheets or polycarbonate.
  6. Clean up all the welds.

All painting works should only be done after a drive.

Just drive

In the manufacture of light metal swing garage gate, you can use a simple actuator, which extends the antenna. But if the gate is heavy, you need to apply more serious drive. It will require the following elements:

  1. Two drive wiper.
  2. Two screw Jack that is used on automobiles of the classic series.
  3. Several pipe sections of rectangular and square sections.
  4. Studs with thread (diameter 6 and length 10 mm).

Of Course, you'll need a grinder, welding, drills and other tools.

How to install a simple gate

The Process of manufacturing of electric drive of metal swing doors for the garage like this:

  1. Remove both jacks metal protective cap, remove the gear and the handle. Pitch of locking washers and snap rings. It will prevent longitudinal movement of the screw.
  2. Cut from the Jack support platform.
  3. Remove the wiper motor. You only need a motor with gear.
  4. Take a section of the profile 20 x 20 mm, length not more than 8 cm From it to make the coupling – it is fixed on the screw Jack.
  5. Rod is necessary to make a hole and cut threads in it, on which will be screwed the shaft of the gearbox.
  6. Mounted on the motor mate drive the gate.
  7. To the top you want to weld a small plate of steel (size 8 x 8 cm), it will be assigned to the electric motor.
  8. Drill holes for fasteners reducer.
  9. All the parts of the actuator are connected by means of long nuts, and studs.

The Good shows itself in the work of the drive from the Windows of the car GAZelle.

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