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To Decorate your home for the New year with origami – this is not only Japanese, but also the world tradition. Paper figures perfectly complement the interior and create a feeling of lightness and holidays. In addition, these products are very beautiful and you can make them yourself, which is several times cheaper than buying the toys in the stores. So if you've already done the Christmas tree and Santa Claus in this method of folding figures from paper, it is possible, you will want to lay down and the snow maiden. So, in this article we will reveal the secret making of origami “maiden”.

So the first method – folding figures from a set of small paper items usually are triangles. If you are familiar with the technique of origami, you should know how to fold these triangles – they are called modules. If you do not know, then you need to find a master class on their production. Otherwise you will not be able to stack the snow maiden on our scheme. So, maiden of the modules of origami is almost the same as Santa Claus. The fundamental difference lies only in the fact that it is blue and not the red coat and the braids on his head. Of course, maiden should be more slender than her grandfather, so you should consider this option.

Thus, when all the nuances clarified, we can proceed directly to the manufacture of our products – origami “maiden”.

For a start, will do 60 white modules and arrange them in three rows of 20 each. Then comes the row, which is only 1 white Tripoli, and the remaining 19 should be blue. Followed by the 5 series. There is already 2 white and respectively - eighteen blue triangle. Then the product will need to turn out. And then go for a contraction: you will need to do 17 blue and 1 white module. Further - 16 blue and two white. Then again on 17 – 1, and then strung a series of 9 – 2 white and 14 blue. Then again, expanding – 17 blue and 1 white. And then two white and 16 blue. Then 17 blue 1 white. And a number of 16 blue and 2 white, respectively. Then 1 white and 17 blue. Fully white and a number of 18 white triangles. The trunk is ready, now is the head. Origami “maiden” must be nice after so try to stick to her good-natured face. And now let's start: modules have to put on the other side – it's much smoother. In this row should be 15 yellow triangles – hair and 3 bodily center. Then 4 physical and 14 yellow. Then 5 corporal and two yellow edges, and white 11 – fur hats. Then 4 physical, 5 yellow triangles and 13 white. Then there are two identical rows. Them 18 white triangles. And then 9 by 9 red and white triangles – alternate after 1.


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Then you need to make pigtails of the 6 modules, yellow each. Then – – blue modules – 7 pieces, one white on the end. White will need to glue the mitten. And in the end make out a person. All your origami “maiden” is ready to delight you your family your radiant smile! But this is only one way, and there are plenty of others.

The snow maiden-origami paper can be done like this:

Take a square of blue paper measuring 15 by 15 inches, then a rectangle with an area of 4 5 inches – the color does not matter. Two square with an area of 2 centimeters by 2 centimeters and a stripe width which is not more than 2 inches. Make sure that the paper is colored on one side only.

First you need to make a coat out of blue square. You need to bend the square in half 2 times, then leave the side. After this you need to raise the bottom and lower the top corners ago. Then the angles should extend from the back side. Turn the product and check the result. Then fold the top right corner for themselves, and those down the bottom – that is, from himself. Again, overturn the workpiece. That turned coat.

Now take the strip - bend it in half vertically. Then to the center of the folded left and right side. It turned out the collar-it glue to coat. Cut out the mitten and glue them on, from a round sheet make the head, draw the face. The product is ready!

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