Iraq. The Kurds in Iraq: the number, religion


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Today, not every nation, even many, have their own state. In the world there are many countries where live people of several nationalities, which causes some tension in the society.

The world's Largest nation virtually without States-the Kurds. Increasingly, the news reported about it the people. Many know little about them. Who are they? The article presents little information on the Kurds: religion, the number, location, etc.

Iraqi Kurds


The Kurds – it is an ancient nation, which lives primarily in the mountainous regions (Kurdistan) and includes many tribes. This region occupies the territory of Syria, Iran, Turkey and Iraq. As a rule, a way of life – semi-nomadic. Their main occupations are agriculture and animal husbandry.

Scientists have been unable to establish their exact origin. Kurds call of the ancient Medes, and Scythians. Also there is the assumption that the Kurdish people are close Armenian, Georgian, Azerbaijani and Jewish peoples. What is the religion of the Kurds? Most of them profess Islam, there are Christians, Yezidis and Jews.

Unknown and the exact number. In total throughout the world, they live about 20-40 million in Turkey – 13–18 million in Iran – a 3.5-8 million, in Syria – about 2 million in Asia, America and Europe – approximately 2.5 million (living communities).Kurdish religion

About the settlement of the nation

The Number of Kurds in Iraq is more than 6 million people. Their exact number is unknown because a census of the population in the areas where Kurds live, was not carried out never.

As noted above, they live on the territory of certain countries in the Middle East, which includes Iraq. According to the recently adopted Constitution in this country, Iraqi Kurdistan has the status of a wide autonomy. It turns out that territories are semi-independent from the government of Iraq.


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But there is one controversial example. And the Catalans in Spain thought so, but Madrid has always been the key word. The authorities have taken and completely dissolved the Catalan Parliament, even though the latter was trying to prove something and to take to secede from Spain. In the same position and the Kurds. We can say that they have no rights.

Iraqi Kurdistan

This unrecognized Republic, but it has its own anthem, language (Sorani and Kurmanji), the President and the Prime Minister. Currency – the Iraqi Dinar.

The people of the total population is 3.5 million people live on an area of approximately 38,000 sq km. the Capital of Iraqi Kurdistan-Erbil.

South Kurdistan

Ethnic Kurds in Kurdistan

The territory of Iraqi Kurdistan (amendments were introduced by referendum 2005) include the following areas: Sulaymaniyah, Erbil, Kirkuk, Dahuk, Hanekin (or Diyala governorate), Sinjar, Makhmour. They live most of the ethnic Kurds of Iraq, but there are also other nationalities. The Kurdistan region is officially called only 3 governorates-Dahuk, Sulaymaniyah and Erbil, and the rest of the land, too, where Kurds live, we cannot even partial autonomy to brag about.

In 2007, could not be held in the Kurdistan region of Iraq scheduled a referendum. Otherwise, an ethnic group that lives on other Iraqi territories, could obtain at least partial independence.

Today, there is an aggravation of the situation – living in the lands of the Turkomans and Arabs, and in considerable amounts, mostly set against them and do not want to accept the laws of the Kurds.

A Bit of history of southern Kurdistan

There are some suggestions that the modern ethnic Kurds were formed on the territory of Iraqi Kurdistan. Originally there lived the tribes of the Medes. This is evidenced found near Sulaimaniya is the first written source, made in the language of the Kurds. The parchment dates from the VII century. This is a small poem, the content of which oplachivaetsya the destruction of the Kurdish shrines in the attack of the Arabs.

After the battle of chaldiran that took place in 1514, Kurdistan joined the Ottoman Empire. In General, the population of Iraqi Kurdistan for many centuries living in the same area. In the Middle ages there existed several Emirates, with almost complete independence: Baban (main city – Sulaymaniyah), Sinjar (center – G. Laleche), Soran (capital – Rawanduz), Bahdinan (Amadiya). In the XIX century, in its first half, the Emirates Turkish armies had been completely eliminated.the Number of Kurds in Iraq


The Modern Kurds of Iraq, as before, are experiencing oppression. The territory belonging to the Kurds, in the 1990-ies we clean carefully. The indigenous population were expelled and even exterminated. Their lands were occupied by Arabs and was controlled by Baghdad. But in 2003, when US troops began to invade Iraq, they were supported by the Kurds. A large role was played by perennial oppression of the people of the state of Iraq. The transfer of the US military occurred in the territory of Kurdistan. Autonomy to the Kurds of Iraq came after the fall of Baghdad.

Today on the territory of Kurdistan began to develop numerous companies. Special emphasis on the development of tourism, especially here there is something to see.

Investments inIraqi Kurdistan to foreign investors effective (10 years of exemption from taxes). Actively growing and oil industry, the backbone of the economies of any of the countries of the Middle East.

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