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According to sources of the media (media), education obtained in the schools of Germany, is considered one of the best. Therefore, a great demand among foreign citizens. Now in Russia it became fashionable to send children to study in other European countries, one of which is Germany. But before you send your child to study in school in Germany, you need to have an idea about the ranking of educational institutions, their structure and the requirements to the educational process.

German primary school

In Germany, the educational process in the school starts from 6 years and lasts 4 years. The exceptions are schools in Berlin. Primary education runs for 6 years.

school in Germany

In Germany, schooling is compulsory for all children. Every year in January, interviews with children who will go to the first class. Is determined by the degree of readiness of the child to the school educational process. This interview is conducted with the help of social psychologists and doctors. If the child is not suitable for school on several indicators, it is left for another school year in kindergarten or make a special group for preparation for school.

Elementary school in Germany does not provide for a system of grading during the first two years of study. In the first and second grades, the class teacher twice in an academic year is required to prepare a detailed description for each student. Starting with third grade students two times per year receive report card, which displays all the scores in the subjects.


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what are the schools in Germany

At the end of primary school after passing the test, students receive diplomas with grades and recommendations for direction of further education – College (for the most successful children), secondary schools, lyceums.

German secondary education

After graduating from primary school children continue their education. Only, unlike the Russian children, each child goes to the school, defined by the passed testing and characterization of the primary school.

the lowest grade in German schoolsEducation in German schools and the second stage takes into account personal qualities and determined in accordance with the profile of learning.

  1. Hauptschule – the period of training is 5-6 years. Output the student can go work a minimum wage job or enroll in vocational school.
  2. Realschule – the period of study is 6 years and enables the student to enroll in a high school gymnasium or to find a more prestigious job. This school is for children who received an average score on the elementary education level.
  3. Gymnasium & ndash; training period is 8-9 years. Children gain knowledge in foreign languages and the natural Sciences, deeply studying mathematics, technology and art, preparing for University entry.
  4. Gesamtchule – is something of a cross between a gymnasium and a real school, with no additional bias in technology and the Humanities.

Grading System in German schools

Entered the school in Germany, be sure to know their rating system. It differs from the Russian in two principles:

  • The level of students ' knowledge is evaluated on a six-point scale;
  • Grading is done on the principle of mirror reflection to the Russian.

Waldorf school Germany

The lowest grade in German schools is 6 points. Further grades are exhibited on this principle:

  • Poor-5 points.
  • Mediocre – 4 points
  • Satisfactory – 3 points.
  • Good – 2 points.
  • Excellent – 1 point.

On the basis of the estimates during training at elementary school is the distribution of children in secondary schools, which are already inextricably linked to the definition of a child a great life.

Types of German schools

Sending a child to study at school in Germany, you must know what types of schools there are.

primary school in Germany

International schools established for children of foreign nationals wishing to receive an education in accordance with the German system. For admission to a school of this kind the child must be communication skills in German corresponding to level B2 of the European system of evaluation.

Boarding Schools designed for children of German citizens and other States related to the category of wealthy. The level of German language skills needs to be higher than for schools international. Children live in the residential buildings, located in picturesque places in Germany that belong to this institution.

Russian school give the chance to Russian children to get a decent European education. Communication in institutions takes place in two languages, with more emphasis on the German language.

Waldorf school

Parents Have a choice between public school and private. The category refers to private Waldorf school. Germany closely monitors the educational process in these institutions. Great attention is paid to education of the inner world of the child and his personal qualities onthe basis of individual approach. All communication is built in the spirit of brotherhood and unity.

education in German schools

About 20 % of the children in the Waldorf school consists of students with an immigrant background. Waldorf school provides immediately two levels of education (primary and secondary), so get to it “from” is quite difficult.

The Best schools of Germany

On the question of what schools in Germany are the best media sources give the following reply:

  1. Pensions – school Bon Basel, gymnasium Achern, College of the Holy Allasia, school Odenwald. The cost of training in these schools is paid for by the state budget, as accommodation, meals and additional services are paid by the parents of the students.
  2. The Best private schools – Brandenburg international school, school Neubeuern, a gymnasium in Munich, school of St George's school, Salem.

All these educational institutions are similar in the monotony of academic disciplines. The only difference in the spectrum for the provision of additional educational services. In addition, the schools share in the prestige. Boys from wealthy families, in most cases, attend private educational institutions. Here held individual sessions with those children who are falling behind in some subjects.

How to go to school in Germany?

Entered the school of Germany, the child needs to overcome minimum requirements:

  • Knowledge of German must correspond to level B1-B2 according to European standards. Requirements knowledge of the English language defines the school.
  • You Must provide a list of the annual assessments received while training in Russia over the past two years.
  • You Must present a letter of recommendation with detailed information on the student made on the letterhead of the educational institution school administration.

Parents should arrive at your chosen educational institution in advance and to write the corresponding application. With you should take a birth certificate of the child.

How much to pay?

And, of course, in addition to all the above requirements, parents should realistically assess the child's desire to learn and their material well-being. The cost of education in Germany ranges from 11 600 to 40 000 euros. Payment must be made within the first semester.

No matter What education was selected for the child, it should be successful and worthy!

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