The fashion accessories-headbands Greek hairstyles. What are they for?


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With each passing day the Greek hairstyles are gaining more and more popularity. But any Greek hairstyle can be done without the special bezel. Today headbands Greek hairstyles have become truly indispensable decoration for every fashionista. After all, this accessory can be used when creating different hairstyles. The variety of headbands at the present time is so great that girls are often lost and can't determine what the bezel is to what place most appropriate to wear.

Choose rim

If you choose headbands Greek hairstyles, consider the following details.

  • Headbands Greek hairstylesFirst, decide where you will wear it. For work (especially for offices), the perfect rim to classic style. It can be done in either black or beige interiors. And the average thickness and the absence of any of the finishes will make it indispensable for creating daily hairstyles.
  • If you prefer to spend your free time on the beach, you can not do without bright and wide headbands.
  • At night it is best to use headbands Greek hairstyles that include rhinestones or other large decoration.

As for color selection, it is best to correspond with the colors of other accessories.

Bezel rubber band with your hands

To create a trendy modern hairstyle, not necessary to buy headbands Greek hairstyles. You can create them with your own hands!Bezel rubber band with your hands

For this you will need the following materials:

1) fabric;

2) the rim preform;

3) copper wire;

4) several beads.

5) glue gun.

First, put the beads on the wire and makes it flowers round shape. Then glue the flowers onto the fabric glue gun and attached to the rim of the workpiece. By the way, if you want to make a headband on elastic band instead of the rim-blank ordinary rubber band for hats that you can decorate a wrapped cloth with sewn on rhinestones or beads.


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Greek hairstyle with eraser

Greek hairstyle to do simply.Greek prieska with elastic To begin, comb your hair and put on the bezel (it should be located in the middle of the forehead). Comb pulls hair from all the sides to give extra volume. Then flipping the hair under the rim, locking with pins and lacquer.

Rim you can put on and just spreading hairs. But don't forget the basic rules of this hairstyle. First, the headdress flower should be bright, contrasting with the color of your hair. Second, the hair needs to be voluminous.

As for lovers of KOs, they also do not have to abandon their usual hairstyles. After all, to create their casual hairstyles they can also use headbands no matter what they weave the braids: a braid to the side, the usual pigtail or something more original.

To summarize, I want to note that using headbands Greek hairstyles that you can create not only attractive and feminine, but others will long be remembered for its originality.

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