Overview of the car BYD F3: reviews, features, main aspects of design and interior


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Let us immediately say that we're not playing stereotypes. BYD F3 - a Chinese car. So if you expect a woman and a model definition, you do not exactly here. byd f3 reviewsWe proceed from simple rules - all cars have objective and subjective assessment, and this means that each of them has its own target audience. Just different audiences want different cars, based on their personal interests or financial capacity. From the BYD F3, which is identied with the budget cars of Japanese and European manufacturers, there is a considerable crowd of admirers in Russia and Ukraine, which indicates the practicality and reliability of this "Chinese". Now model number BYD is already considerable, and its popularity continues to grow. In addition to our hero, the marketplace model F0, F3R, G3, G6, M6, and others. But back to the topic.

byd f3 owner reviews

Let's get Started. BYD F3, which reviews are good enough for this type of machine, became the first Chinese car that is sanctioned for crash tests at EuroNCAP. In Russia, Demetrius the site, BYD F3 scored 10 points out of 16 for the security, which is a very good result, on the basis of price indicators. On the other hand, the audience for this car is unlikely to account for crash safety as the main argument to buy. byd f3 priceHowever, already in the basic configuration we expect the ABS system with electronic brake-force distribution, protective beams in all doors and two airbags. Traditionally, this segment of the car manufacturer tried to make the basic package of the most intense. Then you and CD-MP3, leather seats, air conditioning, electric Windows, fog lights, alloy wheels and other options that are budget class standard usually does not offer. Among fans BYD F3 reviews about this stuffing reasonably priced car is quite flattering, but there is something to praise, isn't it?


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In our market BYD F3 is represented by two petrol engines. The first is a 1.6-liter engine with 99 horsepower, which is aggregated on the 4-speed automatic transmission. It's a bit slow and not so economical option. But it's automatic, and peak torque is reached slightly faster than in the other version. The second engine is a 1.5-liter engine with a capacity of 107 horsepower, which is aggregated with 5-speed manual transmission.

Ten seconds to one hundred and a maximum of 180 km/hour - it is absolutely normal parameters, which are typical for this class to run as the Europeans and the Japanese. The fuel consumption of mechanics is much lower - 8 liters per 100 kilometers in city mode against 10 of the machine. When selecting the motor in BYD F3, reviews of the owners, as a rule, positively characterize the mechanics of it. Primarily because of cost and a little more power.

One of the most popular Chinese brands

Examples of execution of the budget car lot. Fortunately, BYD F3 chose a quiet design. Of course, adequate materials, and the combination of led backlights, switches of air flow dictated by market requirements. As for the suspension of the car, then there is the dual situation. On the one hand, the chassis is not floating and the machine does not create the impression of a lack of balance. On the other hand, elastic enough sinking ability of the chassis transmits sounds and beats, but the controls are all fairly predictable. Budget car with good performance is a BYD F3Now as for pricing BYD F3: the price of the car with the mechanics is 11 thousand dollars; for the machine will have to pay 3 thousand more. In principle, a segmented vehicle, in which the main advantage is the price, the BYD F3 is a very fine purchase for the average driver. It has everything you need and there is no cheap tinsel, which shoved the Japanese and European automakers in their state employees, increasing the price to 15-18 thousand dollars.

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