The drug "Cytoflavin": analogues and diseases in which they are used


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In recent decades, the problem of various diseases that affect the brain and cause a breach of its activities, is becoming increasingly important. Diseases such as stroke, ischemic brain damage and atherosclerosis, is significantly “younger”, and catch up with people under the age of 30 years. To help in overcoming such ailments are able the drug is Cytoflavin indications“Cytoflavin”. Counterparts he has and they are produced by many pharmaceutical companies, but the question about the appropriateness of their use must be decided only by professional doctors.

What is?

The Drug “Cytoflavin” – is a complex metabolic preparation that contribute to the normalization of metabolic processes in the body. Its main active ingredients are:

  • B vitamins:

- nicotinamide;

- Riboflavin;

  • Riboxin;
  • Succinic acid.

Due to the combined effect of these substances this drug not only acts as an antioxidant, but also activates the cell regeneration processes.

Rendered action

The Cure “Cytoflavin” helps,

- improvement of blood flow and restoration of supply to cardiac tissue and brain with oxygen and nutrients.

- to restore and increase of intellectual resources;

- activation of enzymes-antioxidants that destroy free radicals;

- stimulation of the cell nutrition and energy;

- regulating the activity of the nervous system;

- reduce the level of anxiety and depression;

- the relief of violations of reflex activity;

- the removal of oxygen starvation of the fetus and normalization of the supply of the placenta during pregnancy;

- localization of the lesions, the affected tissue necrosis.

When to use?

When administering the drug “Cytoflavin” indications typically resemble the following:

1. Treatment of chronic forms of encephalopathy of various etiologies.

2. First aid and further treatment of strokes.

3. Treatment of diseases such as:

  • Cerebral atherosclerosis;
  • The asthenic syndrome;
  • Ischemic brain damage;
  • Cerebrovascular disease.

4. As an aid to withdrawal of a patient from anesthesia.

Analogues with similar therapeutic effectCytoflavin analogues

According to the manufacturer of the drug “Cytoflavin" analogues of it are not yet established. However, we can identify drugs that provide similar effects. In that case, if due to contraindications or individual intolerance of the individual components can not be applied tablets “Cytoflavin”, equivalent, analogues, do not contain the allergens that may be prescribed by the attending physician.


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Preparations-analogues for treatment of cerebral atherosclerosis

When the disease cerebral atherosclerosis occur destructive changes in the membranes of the arteries of the brain, which are manifested in the proliferation of connective tissue formed around atherosclerotic plaques and deposits on the surface of calcium salts. For the treatment of this disease is assigned to the drug “Cytoflavin”. Counterparts, and indications which is similar to this preparatom:

  • «Aminalon»;
  • «Winpath»;
  • «Vinpocetin»;
  • «Dimefosfon»;
  • «Cavinton»;
  • «Mexidol»;
  • «Nootropil»;
  • «Trental»;
  • «Aaron»;
  • «Avital»;
  • «Pantogam» and others.

Medication-analogues used in stroke

Pills cytoflavin analogues

A stroke occurs When acute circulatory failure and, consequently, the power of the brain. Due to the occurrence distinguish ischemic stroke, when lesion occurs because of a clot or atherosclerotic plaque that is blocking a blood vessel, and hemorrhagic, which is caused by the rupture of an artery and bleeding out in her brain tissue. Fairly common practice of prescribing “Cytoflavin”, analogs which have similar effect:

  • «Actovegin»;
  • «Cernitin»;
  • «Midocalm»;
  • «Mildronat»;
  • «Cinnarizin»;
  • «Fesem»;
  • «Cerebrolysin»;
  • «Nootropil».

Drug analogues at different encephalopathy

Modern medicine understands under encephalopathy organic brain lesions that are not associated with inflammatory processes. The reasons because of which they develop similar diseases can be oxygen starvation, and Cytoflavin counterparts indicationsCirculatory disorders of the brain. If such violations are prescribed medication “Cytoflavin”, analogues of which sledujushie:

  • «Vinpocetin»;
  • «Cernitin»;
  • «Cortexin»;
  • «Mexidol»;
  • «Pentoxifyllin».

concluding remarks

Drugs ‘Cytoflavin” is produced in tablet form and in the form of solutions for injection. The choice of drug, and the question of the possibility of changing it in any similar medication should be done only by a doctor. Self-medication in such cases is very dangerous!

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