Cinquefoil goose: the therapeutic properties and contraindications


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Today we look at one of the traditional medicine, used in medical practice. The name pretty funny - Potentilla goose. Foot in the sense of "hand" it has nothing to do, except that it resemble the form of roots and shoots. The article describes Potentilla goose, medicinal properties and its use in the treatment of diseases.

What is this plant?

Potentilla goose

Cinquefoil goose superficially resembles a fern except for the fact that leaf size is much greater. When it blooms, the bloom of yellow florets. The Bush itself has a thin moustache (think strawberries). In the vernacular the plant is also often called goose foot, soft grass, coronica and spruce branches. It is wild grass, that is, it grows wherever it is found wet clay soil, so finding it is easy. Stocking plant, usually from may to August, when the bloodroot goose starts to blossom. However, the roots and rhizomes is still better to collect in the period from September to October. By this time the plant has time to stock up nutrients for the coming winter. For blanks use all its elements: leaves, roots, rhizomes, flowers and seeds.

How to treat the plant

Processing Methods to be used vary depending on the purpose and type of treatment. At home make tinctures, decoctions and squeeze out the juices. You can prepare homemade ointments or creams, drying.

Cinquefoil goose is freely sold in pharmacies in any form. Its price is low. The advantages of buying are obvious – everything you take will be certified and, accordingly, quality.

Indications for use Potentilla goose

We got a glimpse of the plant, it is now useful to know what cures it. Let's start with the description of useful properties. So, cinquefoil goose contains many components. Here are some of them:


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  • Tanning substances;
  • Choline;
  • Starch;
  • Quinic acid;
  • Vitamin C;
  • Zinc;
  • Protein;
  • A fatty oil.

Potentilla goose formula of the flower

The Preparations of this plant are very effective in the treatment of such symptoms, ailments and diseases, such as:

  • Diarrhea;
  • Bleeding;
  • Abundant mucus;
  • Bleeding gums;
  • Cracks in tongue;
  • High cholesterol;
  • Tuberculosis;
  • Scurvy;
  • Hernia;
  • Gastrointestinal ailments;
  • Liver disease;
  • Kidney stones;
  • Painful menstruation;
  • Wounds and cuts;
  • Eczema;
  • Violations of the exchange;
  • Convulsions.

Now it's clear why helps cinquefoil goose. As with any substance that contains many ingredients, it has a very extensive list of contraindications.

When not to take?

Potentilla goose contraindications

Whatever good means in their properties Potentilla goose, contraindications she still has his. The most common problem is the idiosyncrasy of components. If you consider that products based on it, and just dried grass, you do not have strict restrictions on categories of people (pregnant, lactating, children), it is better before use to consult a doctor. A strict ban on the use of this herbal remedy imposed on patients who suffer from:

  • Thickening blood;
  • Constipation;
  • Colitis;
  • Large stones in the kidney;
  • Low pressure.

Cooking Tips and the use of decoctions and juice

Potentilla goose is used in medicine

To prepare a decoction of the roots in the home require a cook essence. This should be done within the hour, and raw materials use rate of 20 g root per liter of water, and then broth to filter. The mixture to drink two or three cups a day or use for other purposes (e.g. rinsing your mouth, if you have bleeding gums).

If you have a house the grass of this plant, decoction is prepared two hours in a water bath. Raw take rate of 20 g per 200 ml liquid.

Infusion of roots (10 g per 200 ml) boil 15 minutes then insist for another 20 min. Drink it two tablespoons four times a day.

Seeds prepared on the basis of the same proportions, but boiled with milk for five minutes.

Other uses

Cinquefoil is also consumed mixed with other ingredients - nettle, knotweed, mint, yarrow, couch grass and shepherd's purse. One hundred grams of this mixture boil for fifteen minutes, and then insist for another thirty. You can take a bath with the addition of broth, pre-mixed it in warm water.

So to obtain the juice (more nutrients) have to work hard so as to manufacture it in sufficient quantities to be problematic. Each plant ingredient is ground separately to a fine soft pulp, and then just squeeze. This nectar of the herb drink one tablespoon four times a day. He is very good at helping the appearance of acne.

Fresh grass stands out separately as the way of its use differs from the others. A mixture of finely chopped Potentilla stirred at the rate of one to one withjuice of green rye, which greatly increases the effect. Very common dosage: one tablespoon three times a day.

Other applications Potentilla

Potentilla goose foot

Do Not forget that from any of infusion can make lotions for the treatment of scratches, cuts, burns, and just clean them from the skin for prevention. This is because the plant has high antiseptic properties. How to treat and prevent diseases you can drink the healing tea. You can brew the dried herb in its pure form, and experiment with adding different herbs to change the taste. To do this, just need to pour boiling water over two teaspoons of raw materials. To increase the useful properties of tea is recommended to add peppermint and Melissa. Put the sugar in large quantities is not recommended. For beneficial effects on the body enough to drink two-three cups of tea a day.

The Plant has gained increasing popularity in veterinary medicine because of its easy availability and properties. If your pet suffers from disorders of the gastrointestinal tract, the use of preparations of this herb is almost indistinguishable from how it's used for a similar treatment of humans. The proportions will not change. Just do not force the pet is forced to drink the broth (by the way, before that you need to cool down). Cats you can just give to chew on the green grass or adding ground herb in a bowl food.

Bottom line

Potentilla goose-healing properties

Grass, "the cinquefoil goose", used in medicine which is approved by doctors - is quite an effective remedy for the treatment of many diseases. The more that buy the useful ingredient in the broth is not too difficult. In season, the plant can and does for free to collect in the forest. But and pharmacy chains the price is low, it does not exceed seventy rubles. In the article we considered in detail what is useful and when, what is the bloodroot goose. The formula of the flower, roots and leaves, as well as their correct use, also mentioned in the text. This plant deserves the attention of those who prefer traditional methods of treatment of diseases. But please note that cinquefoil (goose leg otherwise) also has contraindications, so before its use, does not prevent to consult a doctor.

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