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Wooden Board every year becomes more and more expensive. Far not everyone can afford to finish and the atmosphere of the room made of natural material. The choice often falls on the practical inexpensive substitute.

MDF Wall panels on the building materials market appeared long ago and quickly gained its popularity. Wall decoration MDF boards in Russia has been underway for several decades. No need to be a master of the highest rank, to quickly and affordably give the room a new refined look. You only need the precision, accuracy and basic skills of a craftsman home.

MDF panel photo

What are MDF?

This building material is manufactured by hot pressing of dry powdered wastes of woodworking enterprises. Under the influence of steam sawdust becomes soft and pliable. The smallest fiber, twisting, connect with one another even without the intervention of the adhesive components. As a result, the panel structure is similar to felt, but compacted a lot of pressure. As visually MDF panels? Photos used in the article will allow you to make an idea about them.

Board MDF does not differ with some heavy-duty characteristics, but due to the absence in the composition of the adhesive substances are completely harmless. Installation of panels can lead any wood glue.

walls by panels MDF

Used the tool

All, of course, not provide, but the basic tool, without which it can not do, should be on hand:

  1. Roulette. It is better to use a 5-meter instance.
  2. Building level. It can be made of a conventional harness attached to the end nut.
  3. Nozzle drill. Will easily replace the screwdriver.
  4. Square Metal bench with different legs. It is useful for cutting slopes.
  5. Jigsaw or any saw with fine teeth. It is desirable to have two hacksaw – with transverse and longitudinal sepilok.
  6. The Grinder for cutting metal profiles, if the frame will be collected from them. The tool must have a protective cover.
  7. Common tools that should be in every master: knife, screwdriver, pencil or marker, a set of drill bits, a hammer, small nails (shoemaker).

Preparatory work

Before you mount the MDF panels will have to spend a lot of preparatory work. It is necessary for the reliability of the fastener. With wood surfaces, it is clear - here the installation process much easier to conduct. Difficulties arise with brick walls.


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You first need to remove the plinth. Bulging or crumbling plaster, better to remove completely to the ground. Will be immediately noticeable hidden defects of bearing walls that need to be addressed.

walls by panels MDF

Cracks and Crevices, it is recommended to cover the construction mixture. After the plaster hardens, noreport the wall with primer and give it several hours to dry out.

The installation Process

Finish MDF panels is conducted in two ways:

1) with glue;

2) installation of a hard skeleton.

The Frame is assembled from wood or special metal profiles is MDF (it is a steel channel of thin metal).

Obreshetku from wooden bruskov it is easier to make and cheaper. Although the entire framework later need to handle the fire team. This too will take time. The wall panels are fastened to the laths by means of Kleimenov (another name – the clips). Themselves rods are perpendicular to walls.

the installation of panels MDF


So, consider, how to mount an MDF panel. Depending on the size of boards, number of rows of racks will be different. In a standard room where the ceiling height does not exceed 2.5 m, enough for 4-5 runs along the wall. Main – to after installing the panel were tight, but not “played” after any touch.How to attach MDF panels

Upper limit frame is fixed at about 15-20 cm below the ceiling. At the same distance from the floor is fixed to the bottom bracket. The middle frame slats are placed in equal proportions between the extreme bars. It is desirable that the distance between slats does not exceed 50-60 cm, Also we should not forget about the fasteners of the frame at the perimeter around Windows and doors.

Where the panel there is a groove, is attached to claimer. Examples of the upper and lower element and making sure the wall Board is straight, extreme clips on the straps are fixed with screws. After that add the rest of the fasteners - the number of runs of the frame. Later Board your tenon is inserted into the groove of the first panel and also fixed clips on all straps.

Do Not forget that the first panel is rigidly mounted all the strips on the screws from the side of the ship. Also tightly fastened and extreme Board, which is rarely found intact. All traces of the installation are hidden behind the decorative corners. A great option in this case - MDF profile. It will blend with the overall design of the room.

profile MDF


Another way to attach MDF panels, and requires a perfectly smooth and clean wall.The carrier surface can be any – plywood, concrete, brick, or drywall. Glued panels are often on "liquid nails". This glue suitable for any surface.

This installation method has some serious shortcomings. Dismantling of areas is difficult. The Board is constantly breaking down. To align the walls we have to clean the remnants of the hardened glue, and it is quite difficult.

Replacing some of the wall planks too will entail a lot of problems. The rest of the wall can be reared up, losing all harmony, and thus attractive.

In addition, the inner part of the MDF boards are not treated water-repellent composition, and in the case of wetting of the bearing wall panel over time, will swell and it will start to warp.

finishing MDF panels

What is a better way?

If the height of the walls or laying large MDF panels decided to do horizontally, on the length of the room, the best fit frame option. Also, this method provides for the insulation of walls, however, will also decrease the amount of space. This method will be useful in the case where there is a large surface roughness.

A Room with low ceilings and smooth walls faster and cheaper than “elevate” glue method. Here the loss of the dimensions of the room will be minimal.

It Should be defined and the performers of the work. Installation of panels MDF consists not only of direct installation of the boards themselves. Before the work beginning it is necessary to determine the amount of the purchased material and item of hardware. We must not forget about the existence of certain peculiarities which the ordinary man, the layman, can be unknown. In the future the decoration of the walls panels of MDF will take time proportional to your experience.

Pre-treatment and repair of the main walls also require some knowledge and skills. The solution suggests itself-to entrust the repair better professionals.

Now you have an idea on how to mount an MDF panel. Nothing tricky and daunting in such work there, but the master, of course, will make her better, and faster. However, everything depends on thickness of wallet and size of your experience in conducting similar works. The choice is yours.

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