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In the frosty days are so eager to be warmed, but to remain feminine and elegant. Today, the choice of winter clothing as never great inexperienced buyer can easily get lost in such a wide range. Especially if you're on a budget. It is possible to find a warm, beautiful and at a reasonable cost a thing – coat of nutria.

Do Not be afraid and squeamish, the fur of this aquatic animal is so durable and warm, no frosts are not afraid of him. This is a real find for fashionistas, combining style, comfort and convenience. Coat of nutria reviews from owners gets extremely excitable. Thing in quality and appearance almost as good as the fur of a beaver, but has an attractive price.

Stylish and modern models

coat of nutria reviews

The Fur of animal fur for the manufacture of products is mainly used in two variations: plucked and sheared. The first type is the most popular among young girls because it is less expensive and very similar to the mink. Fur coat sheared nutria qualitatively similar to beaver fur, lighter and stronger. The thing is completely weightless and has a high abrasion resistance, in contrast to leather goods.

For consumers to designers create fur of this animal model at a different audience of buyers, taking into account age and taste preferences. On the Russian market today, you can purchase an elegant coat, slim or elongate short coat, short overcoat, a jacket and a Cape. Products complement the silver Fox, Arctic Fox, red Fox, and beaver.


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In the collection are coats with jagged sleeves and hem, emphasizing the individuality and creativity of the owner. The color palette is also full of diversity. In the Windows of fashion boutiques presented warm products classic black, brown, purple, red, lemon and walnut shade.

Implements the fur of nutria (photo illustrates model) natural color – brown and white, but their cost is much higher. Models vibrant design with various prints and decorations: large buttons, straps, hoods, hooks, a bright insert, patterns and other decorative elements. Thanks to improved technology and innovative processing products demanded by ladies of all ages, which osubka of nutria.

The benefits of a fur thing

 coat of nutria photo

It Has a high frost resistance and practicality, the coat of nutria. Reviews are the best proof of that. The fur of aquatic animal perfectly warm, never heavy, and long retains the original appearance. Even in a wet and humid climate performance are exhausted. Fur does not tarnish, not thin and not deformed.

As evidenced by the happy owner, the product is lightweight, does not restrict movement, possesses softness and noble Shine. With proper care and careful wear it will last at least five seasons. Not surprising a huge demand for natrievye model. Purchasing elegant products, you provide yourself with comfortable, practical and beautiful winter model.

Features fur coats of nutria

coat of sheared nutria

A variety of fur presented. Looking at them, surely you will want to have in the wardrobe of a similar thing. Before buying you should know some details that will help you to acquire natural and high quality clothing.

All fur products must have the appropriate certificates. The seller is obliged to deliver the documents. The following quality criterion is a proprietary label, uniform label. After a visual inspection proceed to the tactile. Fur coat sheared nutria smooth, shiny, all the hairs she's flat and smooth. If you see cracks, defects or loose dermis in front of you - counterfeit goods.

Don't ignore the seams – they should be symmetrical, firm and flat (strip is also stitched). Be sure to spend on the coat with a damp cloth to check the quality of the painting. Stains on the napkin indicates a violation of the technological process of dyeing. Such a model upon exposure to moisture will turn into tatty dog-eared thing.

How to care for and clean itself?

coat of nutria price

With prolonged use observed rolling wool and matting of the villi. To correct this defect is possible by using a comb. After a fine start to clear. Processed sawdust, gasoline, shampoo and sand the coat of nutria.

Feedback from customers saying that the product is easily cleaned and regains its original form. Need sand or sawdust to sprinkle the product gently RUB until the dirt is removed, shake and again to comb. Heavily contaminated sites to handle gasoline and slowly rubbed during the hair, then hang outside or balcony.

Elegant fur coat from nutria: the price of the product

The Cost depends on the length, type (cut or pinched), brand and age of the animal (the more expensive the fur of the animal, which is not more than 1.5 years). On average, a shortened version will cost around 15 000-20 000. If finances allow, don'thesitate to buy the winter stuff.

Will Last a long time and warm in frosty days elegant fur coat from nutria. Reviews most women meet in a positive way. An inexperienced person is almost impossible to distinguish from nutria mink and beaver. It looks great, is flattering, looks great and sparkles beautifully in the sun. It's a good alternative to the costly furs.

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