Wild meat near the nail: treatment, causes and ways of solving problems


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Has long been considered good practice to do a pedicure and manicure. Moreover, it concerns not only women but also men. Well-groomed skin, smooth nails, no hangnails - all signs of a person who is a significant level of life. In addition to the aesthetic side, this way solve many medical problems. Unfortunately, sometimes they appear after inflammatory processes. For example, wild meat. The treatment will be discussed below.

What is it?

wild meat next to the nail treatment

In Other words, wild meat is the ingrown nail. When it is the result of external influence begins to grow into the nail wall. More often affects the toes, as shoes they are in traumatic conditions. Especially for big fingers. Less nails grow on the hands. In the absence of treatment, the inflammatory process is enhanced and leads to the appearance of pus and ulcers. And this in turn leads to blood poisoning.

Wild meat near the nail: treatment, causes, symptoms

Scientifically called onychocryptosis Onychocryptosis. It occurs for different reasons. Is characterized by inflammation and pain. Most often it occurs due to improper pedicure.

Many people do not know how to properly cut nails, and it entails a sea of complications. So, it is a mistake to cut the nails at an angle or oval lines. It is important to cut only in a straight line and only those areas that fall outside of the nail walls, as cut short the nails under the pressure of the Shoe starts to dig into the skin tissue.

 proud flesh near nail treatments on the hand

Many women chasing after fashion wearing uncomfortable clothes and shoes. And narrow shoes, squeezing fingers, deform the nail plate and break their line of growth. That's why children rarely wild meat as they are mostly comfortable footwear.


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Sometimes the growth of the nail plate is changing under the influence of mechanical injury. Therefore, striking the finger, try to properly care for it, so you will prevent proud flesh near the nail. Treatment always begins with identifying its causes.

For Example, such a defect often occurs as a consequence of cross flatfoot. As due to the thickening of the arches of the foot changing the load on the fingers and that the deformation of the nails. Accordingly, first you need to remove the cause of the anomaly. The nails can grow and the resulting destruction of the nail plate fungal infection, which contributes to the deformation.

Why grows the nail on the hand?

wild meat next to the nail treatment causes

If the toes are clear, then with the nails on the hands - no. Wild meat near the nail: the treatment at hand does not differ from the treatment on the toes. Most often, the nail on hand grows because of a fungal infection or in case of injury. Sometimes due to wrong manicure, which is excessively cut the nail corners, then deformed growth plate. Then injured side bolsters and cuticle. When running the scenario, you receive the suppuration and inflammation.

Wild meat near the nail: treatment and symptoms

Treatment of ingrown nail depends on the stage of development of the inflammatory process, since in the initial stage, symptoms are redness and swelling at the site of ingrowth of the nail. With further development, there will be pus, ingrown toenail plot all feels like a foreign body, causing discomfort. In severe cases, the progression of the disease just appear skin growths that are popularly referred to as wild meat. It causes a further deformation of the nail plate. In rare cases, the process could also affect the bones of the foot.

Action Plan

Some people believe that they can cope with ingrown nail. At the initial stage it is possible to try to do it yourself. It is important to determine the root cause of the condition and eliminate it. For example, if you have uncomfortable shoes, you change it.

do Not neglect the treatment to the doctor. Especially if there are risk factors such as diabetes or narrowing of the blood vessels. As they can aggravate the disease and lead to serious consequences, such as gangrene.

methods for the treatment of wild meat next to the nail

The Doctor evaluates how strongly rooted the nail, selects the treatment regimen and, if necessary, prescribes medicines. Also, if there is purulent discharge, cleaning the wound and prescribed antibiotics.

Treatment options

Traditional medicine offers some treatments ingrown toenail. In General, they are divided into conservative and surgical. There are traditional methods, but we will look at below. So, if you have wild meat near nail hands or feet, treatment should be started immediately.

Conservative intervention is possible only in the early stages of the disease. The main goal is to correct the line of growth of the nail and to remove the ingrown piece. This applies to a number of recommendations. For example, I advise you to wear comfortable and airy shoes. To soften the nail plate and remove the pus, apply warm baths with the addition of an antiseptic. After they carefully removed the piece of ingrown nail. Moreone way of correcting growth of the nail is to put a piece of cotton wool or a bandage between the ingrown part and the skin. In this way, all corrected in about two months.

 wild meat near the nail of the foot or hand treatment

Similar action have special brackets and plates. They are attached to the nail and lift the ingrown piece, changing the line of growth. It is somewhat reminiscent of braces. Fix time - about two months.

Sometimes the treatment of wild meat on the big toe requires surgery. So, in severe cases, partial or complete removal of the affected area. When you confirm a fungal infection you need to completely remove the nail plate, as the fungus invades her completely.

One of the modern methods of treatment - fungus removal laser. It is proven that it effectively cleanses the affected area from the dispute. Another innovative method of treatment - wave method. Is he using a special apparatus and is a type of surgical intervention.


Ways to treat wild meat near the nail is not limited only to traditional medicine. Folk remedies also effective. For example, you can apply a poultice: onion crushed and mixed with a spoon of honey, the resulting mixture is applied to the affected area and left overnight. This achieves a softening of the plate. Then the ingrown area gently rises from the nail shaft and is removed.

treatment of wild meat on the big toe

When a person has a wild meat next to the nail treatment I would like to start as soon as possible. You can use butter. They need to grease the nail, closing night film. In the morning, to gently lift the ingrown portion of the nail, placing him in cotton wool with butter. As a rule, the procedure should be repeated for two weeks.

In any case, the appearance of the wild meat on the nails do not delay treatment and be sure to contact your doctor.

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