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We all used to buy all the necessary furniture in the store. Undoubtedly, the variety of models now is simply amazing. Even the most picky buyer will find a suitable option. But why not try to make something really exclusive? How about to manufacture a sofa? With your hands, you can create original stuff that will give your home an indescribable charm.

sofas with their handsOf Course, if you have anything more complicated than a stool not collected, you will have to start with simple designs. Please be patient and proceed. Consider the design of your future product. This will determine its size. Detailed sketch sketch, show the important details and design features. Making the sofas with their hands, do not neglect the calculations. Saying about the need for multiple measurements about this case. Otherwise you have to redo already half-assembled products.

Divan frame is usually made in the shape of a rectangle. Can be mounted inside a special compartment for boxes and baskets for clothes. Consider in advance the options of access. If it goes above, then the seat should open like lids. Sometimes it's easier to do a similar niche side, they hung the doors.

corner sofa with their handsThe Drawing is ready, the measurement is done, now you need the material. Before getting to the sofas with their hands, pick up a necessary tool. Ready-made kits to work with wood in every specialty store.

When Purchasing the lumber to build a couch frame, pay attention to its quality. It should be dry, smooth and without any defects. For the manufacture of backrests and armrests will buy the Board. For wood need varnish and stain. At the same time, take the foam for padding and a suitable fabric, which are sheathed sofas. With your hands you can make pillows or cushions.


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Assembling a frame of timber, watch for loose parts. Additionally, you can coat with glue the joints so that they are not loose. You don't want to one day be on the floor.

a constriction of the sofa with his handsSetting the sofa back, adjust the tilt angle. The seat and backrest is necessary to give softness. To do this, lay the foam or batting in sofas. Their hands stick it to surfaces and then their panel upholstery fabric. The fabric is easiest to fix using a special stapler. Then sew slipcovers, pillows, and decorate the finished piece of furniture.

Difficult? Scary? Then pre-practice on something old. Suitable padding of the sofa with his hands. Remove outdated upholstery. Assess the condition of the “guts”. Make sure there is no damage to the wooden frame. Broken boards should be replaced, the joints re-glue fixing update. The spring mechanism is also subject to restoration. To do this, not very much (literally a half compression) and bind the springs. On top of the mechanism is laid a layer of batting and stuffing of batting or foam. Then cut the decorative fabric, sofa re-sheathed. Padding attached to the frame brackets. When you work with a furniture stapler, be careful.

Get Creative, have no fear. Even the simplest design can be submitted in the unexpected light. Vintage decor, funny pillows, cushions instead of armrests – these details will transform your small work a miracle.

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