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Knitted mink – is a special technique of creating a garments. It implies a formation of so-called strands of fur (with subsequent viscous crochet or knitting).

Knit mink

Garments of knitted mink not only have an adorable look and comfortable, but also are very durable, thanks to its unique and unique technique of knitting.

For the winter time people try to prepare in advance, to acquire warm outerwear. And then there is purchase much needed items for the winter such as coats, coats, jackets. Really unique and original selection of this time period will be the purchase of special and delightful clothing from knitted mink. But, unfortunately, in the winter season these products cost more than in the summer. As a result, if you are not able to acquire the necessary thing, believe me, is to wait until the period of the sale and treat yourself to an incredibly beautiful product of knitted mink, and stay satisfied low prices.

Knitted mink with your hands

To tie it yourself, first we need to understand what constitutes a knitted fur. Paul Lishman is a well-known designer, she first used a similar method of knitting. This technique is meant the location of the fur with both internal and external. This made things quite pleasant to the touch.

But in order to make a thread of fur, you need to make considerable efforts. First, the skin must be cut into thin strips, then together. For this purpose, a special elastic Foundation. These manipulations will allow for a long time the product to be quite resistant to wear. Many self-respecting ladies will notice that the garments of knitted mink are significantly different from conventional products of its structure. Their pile is not so long. Thanks to the various methods, knitted mink allows you to create different patterns from the different kinds of furs.


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What you need to purchase:

– the spokes;

– thread;

– blade;

– skin the mink.

These accessories are the first thing you will need for knitting mink products manually.

Articles of knitted mink

Cap of knitted minkVest knitted minkQuite a wide range of things created this way. But the most famous, of course, can be considered a wedding boleros, ponchos, wraps, capes. Vest knitted mink also has a lot of popularity these days. But the most amazing thing can rightly be considered a coat that is the perfect complement to an elegant set consisting of mittens, scarf and hats from knitted mink. The latest product has its own peculiarities, therefore is not suitable for everyone. The owner of such headgear must have a certain shape of face that the thing she approached.

Very often, the cap of knitted mink doing a standard round shape and tight. The volume this product gives texture of the fur. Knitted mink is one of the most affordable and common materials that you can use to create real masterpieces.

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