The dough for pancakes recipe a nutritious Breakfast and a delicious dinner


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We Offer the dough for pancakes, the recipe is versatile-you can use these crepes as a separate dish and stuffing. Preparation of the dough takes a minimum of time, and the result is baking you in any case will not disappoint.

No limit – how to pancake batter with filling or “independent” pancakes laying eggs. Worth several times to try – and you will notice that the more eggs added, the more dense turn out pancakes. If you overdo it, the finished product may even become solid and will be difficult to roll or envelope roll. If not, add the eggs, the pancakes, of course, will not fall apart and crumble, but will no longer stick to the pan.

Typically, the flour is sifted – to saturate with oxygen. It pour slide in a bowl, separately whisk the eggs and pour them into the well in the flour hill. A half of liquid, intended for the dough, add the flour with the egg and mix this thick batter with a whisk, whisking. Don't forget that liquid-whey, milk, yogurt - needs to be warm. Whisk whisk more convenient than a spoon, because it is possible to achieve homogeneity – without lumps. Blender and mixer are also great for test preparation. Mix well, add to the dough the remaining liquid and a little vegetable oil. In the end, the dough for pancakes, the recipe of which we describe should have the consistency of liquid sour cream – if you are going to bake classic pancakes, the consistency is very liquid sour cream – if it is too thin. To add sugar and how much-is also a matter of taste, it depends on what you need the pancakes.


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The Pan needs to heat. Pouring her batter for the first pancake, turn down the fire. Find the optimal temperature. It may be necessary sometimes to add a little oil (despite the fact that the dough has been added), before baking the first pancake is a must.

The Dough for pancakes, recipe of cooking, which is here set out, can be the basis for wonderful pancakes, if you add more flour and a little slaked soda.

The Dough for pancakes with meat is prepared as follows. Take a deep bowl, pour the milk or whey, eggs, a little sugar and salt. All this stir and slowly pour in the flour, previously passed it. Whisk the batter to avoid lumps. If you have a mixer, just fold in a container of all the ingredients and whisk this device. Add a little vegetable oil. On a well-heated pan pour the batter, fry the pancakes for a long time is not necessary, can and does sear them on one side only, and then on this side to put the filling. Pancakes take an envelope or roll. You can fold the pancake in half 2 times. Then lay them back on the pan and the white side is browned.

The Dough for pancakes, the recipe of which involves the use of yogurt, it is better to dilute the milk or serum, so they don't stick to the pan and not too loose. If you want to cook something delicious for tea – ready-made pancakes while they're hot, grease with butter and sprinkle with sugar. These products are very delicious to eat with cheese and tea.

If the griddle pancakes burn, wash and calcined it with salt, below the salt layer completely covers the bottom.

Remember that the batter for pancakes turns “better”, the end product tastier and delicious, not burnt – if after the whipping, and mixing for 40-50 to stand. It will become more elastic, and if you didn't have the mixer or a whisk to make the pastry, homogeneity, you can easily achieve it, stirring until the dough is an ordinary spoon.

Recipes is not difficult, but the pleasure from the delicious meals your family will get required!

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