The concept and duration of the working day


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The working day – run-time employee in their immediate work functions. In addition, the working applies the time at which the employee performs no duties but is payable on the basis of norms of the labour law (downtime caused by the employer, etc.).

Normal and reduced labor time

Normal duration of the working day is eight hours a day, forty-per week. This value is the maximum in the entire territory of the Russian Federation. For certain categories of employees, the magnitude of the normal work week reduced:

  • Up to 24 hours – teenagers up to sixteen years of age;
  • Up to 35 hours – to invalids of the first and second groups;
  • Up to 36 hours – pedagogical workers, employees of harmful and/or dangerous industries.

Working hours may be reduced for certain categories of employees, for example, for physicians, and for those whose work involves chemical weapons, materials containing HIV, etc. Also, the law establishes the need to reduce the duration by one hour the day before the holiday.

The Reduction in hours for these categories of citizens is the norm, and therefore necessary for all businesses. In this case, payment is done without recalculation.

Incomplete working day

Sometimes reducing the number of hours worked can be initiated by both an employee and employer. Transfer to part-time employment valid on request:

  • A pregnant woman;
  • Employee raising a child until the age of fourteen or a disabled child;
  • Employees who care for a sick family member.

There are two options: the reduction of the working day, preserving the duration of a working week or a reduction of the working week with preservation of the hours of daily work (when some day of the week is declared the additional output).


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Part-time employment for women with children under three years of age, it is possible with the preservation of their maternity leave and the relevant benefits.

In addition, there is the possibility of establishing a partial working time at the request of the employer, for example, when the company significantly changed the conditions and organization of labor. However, it should be remembered that the period for which you enter the incomplete working day, which in this case may not exceed six months. Employees must be informed about the introduction of a new regime in advance (two months) under the signature.

Since the mode is not the norm, wages will be based on hours worked or work performed. If the incomplete working day was introduced on the initiative of the employer and the employee to move to a new regime does not want (because they do not want to lose in earnings), it should be dismissed on grounds of redundancy with all consideration of the payments and benefits.

Incomplete duration of working time remains an employee all rights to receive them home (on a General basis), sick leaves, calculation of insurance experience.

Working hours in the enterprise

The Length of the working week as well as the number of staff working on an abbreviated or partial week that fixes the so-called enterprise mode and time tracking. It implies the allocation of labor time, prescribed in local acts. It also includes:

  • The daily duration of performance of professional functions;
  • A clear indication of hours of work and lunch break;
  • The circle of employees with non-standard day.

The formation of the working hours at the enterprises of the Department of labor or, in its absence, human resources.

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