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To determine the boundaries of the territory, and to record it in the inventory, it is necessary to survey suburban areas. This procedure will not prevent disputes that appear between the neighbors. The work is done by land surveying companies that are engaged in geodesic activities. The survey should be carried out with all stations, which are located in the property. For example, even a small area of 6 acres requires the definition of borders.

What procedure is required

survey plots

The owners of suburban real estate often begs the question of why you need a survey of a suburban area. Although the legislation allows privatization of territories without securing the borders, yet there are some situations when it should be done carefully:

  • Required, if necessary, of the transaction of purchase and sale, gift, surrender of a certain area of the site;
  • If you plan building a house or other object, so as not to violate the borders of its neighbors.

It is believed that the surveying of suburban areas should be performed when there are difficulties with the neighbors. In case of dispute, the matter will be solved in a peaceful way, without recourse to the courts. After the procedure will be much easier to execute various land transactions: sale, exchange, donation.

Pros and cons

The disadvantages include the high cost of services, as well as the likelihood of conflict with the Chairman of the dacha community. In this case, will require the establishment of new legal relations, definition of rules of interaction. This is because collective ownership: includes ownership of the infrastructure, communications and other facilities, which must be consistent with all tenants.


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how much is the survey country site

It Turns out that the land allocation in land surveying forfeited the right to common property. The chair should coordinate all legal relations, as well as to solve other issues.

The advantages include independence, as the owner can focus on their conditions. The land is owned by right, and so is the plot. The area is protected against infringement from other individuals and neighbors. With surveying work to correct the square footage, as well as to legitimize the territory adjacent to the abandoned place.

Who is performing the procedure

The Surveying of suburban areas spends a lot of specialized firms. To choose and buy is possible according to the following criteria:

  • Must be licensed to perform this kind of work;
  • It is important the presence of a positive history;
  • You must choose a company with nezavyshennye prices;
  • To not address many additional questions, one should find out which package of services is provided – full or partial.

The Work is carried out by cadastral engineers. The specialists pass the exam to carry out this activity. Such employees take on the job, specialized firms. Due to this, offers prompt and excellent quality of work.

6 sotok

But because of the deficient work, will not work to put the site on the register, as the boundaries will overlap with adjacent areas. It is therefore important to choose experts on the basis of real opinions of friends and acquaintances. You need to know about the quality of the work performed and the dates of registration of the documentation.

Required documents

If necessary, determine the boundaries of the territory need to know what documents are required for land surveying suburban area. To required include:

  • Certificate of ownership;
  • The document that is the basis for the issuance of the certificate, for example a contract of sale;
  • Registration of ownership rights;
  • Certificate of absence of communication cables;
  • Documentation from the land registry.

Only when there is a full list of documents can be carried out surveying of suburban areas. They can prepare the company performing the work on the definition of the boundaries, but to pay for this service separately.


How to make a survey of a suburban area? Employees perform complex instrumental works in the area, as well as map activities, analysis of old and new documents.

mandatory surveying of suburban areas

For the implementation of the procedure, a specialist collects all the necessary information about the plot. Then I start working surveyors

  • Check the condition of the boundary points of the network;
  • Examine the boundaries of the site, determine the status of the characters.

An Important step is to notify the owners of neighboring properties about the organization of the meeting regarding coordination boundaries. It is necessary to warn them in writing within 30 days. Engineer finds within the building or at the customer's address, neighbors. If there is no contact, the notification is performed through the media.

Since many don't browse the local press, which often publishes important announcements, it is the cause of abuse. For example, a possible increase in area due to the neighborhood, if the documents were designated overstated area. Butthe absence of the owner of adjacent land often perform the procedure impossible.

Features for parcels in SNT

The Boundaries of the territories in the horticultural non-commercial partnership, established according to the information from documents on the right of ownership of land. In the absence of such documentation apply the information recorded in the papers about the location of boundaries.

why you need to survey the suburban area

Because almost all the land available to gardeners without land surveying, there are many controversial situations regarding the definition of boundaries. A territory is not included into inventory, and sometimes established only declarative. And mandatory surveying of suburban areas is fixed in the legislation.

Disputes with neighbors

A Survey is often performed in order to avoid any disputes with neighbours to establish legal boundaries. If you carry out the procedure, further neighbors fail to seize the territory, as will be issued a document on the implementation of the legal procedures. Surveying can be done without the consent of neighbors, but still they should warn about it.

After notifying the neighbors about the execution of the works the land registry is conducting a survey. This should bypass all the tenants and give the paperwork to sign. Then all notices provided to the company that performs the work. If disputes do emerge, it is better to solve them peacefully.

Collective survey

Though the site may not have a cadastral number of SADOVODCHESKOE TOVARISHHESTVO involves the installation on account of public lands. Are common areas such as:

  • Road;
  • Travel;
  • Lines;
  • Gas;
  • Piping
  • Water bodies;
  • Auxiliary buildings.

It Turns out that in total is everything except the parcel was in the partnership. These areas are considered to be collective, so their use have the right to all residents.

A Survey is an expensive procedure, as well as long as the definition of the boundaries of the common land is about 1.5 years. This work is accurate, so as to accomplish the desired engineering skills. Independent its implementation can lead to many problems, therefore it is better to order the work to a specialized company.

The Content of a survey plan

free boundary suburban area

After the work was issued the landmark plan. This document includes the following information:

  • Boundaries and the parcel area, including the neighboring areas;
  • Methods with which the borders were defined;
  • The establishment of easements;
  • Coordination with neighbors;
  • About modifying sites with the work.


Another popular question about how much it costs for surveying of a suburban area. Each region prices can differ, but their average size is in the range of 5-20 thousand rubles. The specific value is determined depending on the purpose, and also from the territory. Subdivision 6 acres, would have cost about 10-15 thousand rubles.

The Price of each company has its own, but there are a few conditions that influence the final cost.

  • Drafting of the contract;
  • The arrival of the specialist for the survey of the land plot;
  • Coordination of the site with adjacent areas that did not pass the procedure of land surveying;
  • Registration of a survey plan.

The List of services allows you to set how much the surveying of a suburban area. In our country there are rules for setting prices for cadastral works. An important criterion is robustness, which is based on data from a special table. Also included labor times, determined from the wages. But these rules apply to state organizations.

Private companies their prices. The average cost of a small area equal to 10 thousand rubles. In some regions there are decrees at lower prices. Often organizations offer to use the services, without which it is impossible to fully complete the survey.

the law of the land surveying suburban areas

Significantly reduces the cost of surveying a collective appeal, it is beneficial to the dacha. At the meeting, selected the person who will deal with this issue. He provided a power of attorney is determined by salary, then it can work with the surveyors.

Be aware that in some real estate transactions, a survey is not required. Defined «dacha Amnesty». Therefore, land issued prior to October 30, 2001, becomes the property according to the simplified procedure. And this does not require the clearance boundary of the passport. It is only necessary to apply to Rosreestr base, cadastral passport, proof of payment of registration fee, after which will be given the certificate.

Can be free

From 1 June 2015 for the organization of municipal bodies, may free land suburban area. It happened with the amendments to the Land code of the Russian Federation. The act of surveying the country sections includes requirements for the procedure. If it is necessary to spend urgently and without queues, have to pay for the service.

Surveying is desirable to do immediately after the acquisition of land. This will allow you to perform a different transaction, and also eliminatesdisputes with neighbours over territory.

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