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Such diseases as epilepsy, are familiar to people since ancient times. It is associated with malfunction of the Central nervous system, particularly the cerebral cortex. To predict the time of seizures is almost impossible, they can provoke as strong excitement and sudden negative disorder.

Epilepsy can suffer and adults, they are most often the victims of acquired forms of the disease, which develops on the background of other complex diseases, and there is a congenital form of epileptic seizures, most of them children suffer.

If the earlier this disease was treated with traditional methods, today it is possible to more or less normalize the condition of patients using specific medicines. One of those is the cure "Gabapentin", it is made in Russia ZAO “kanonfarma prodakshn” and “PIK-Farma". Also have pharmacies medicine with this name Indian production. The average price of the packaging of the capsules is 500 rubles.

Properties of the drug "Gabapentin"

Active substance — the gabapentin. Once in the body of the patient, it contributes to reducing the risk of neuropathic pain. This substance increases the synthesis of GABA, inhibits the release of monoamine neurotransmitters group.

gabapentin analogueAfter taking the capsule the effect is achieved within 2—3 hours. The medicine is applicable in the treatment of seizures in both adults and children.

Below will be addressed to the drug "Gabapentin" instructions for use, analogs of this drug. Because it may not be suitable for all patients and not everyone is happy with its price, many are looking for him cheap substitutes or alternative means for the treatment of epilepsy.


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Instructions for use, indications and contraindications, side effects

Consider the drug should not be administered to patients alone, without medical advice. Treatment should take place only under the supervision of a doctor. It was the doctor, according to the recommendations on the use of medication and appreciate the complexity of the diagnosed condition of the patient determines the dose of the drug.

In its application in medical therapy, the physician should be aware of the medicines that can take the patient. Interaction with other drugs may adversely affect the patient.

The Drug "Gabapentin" of the prescribed for monotherapy of focal seizures in adults and children 12 years of age as adjunctive treatment of epilepsy in combination with other drugs in adults with migraines, in the treatment of neuropathic pain, women during a period of intense tides shown at menopause.

And Contraindications to the following:

- hypersensitivity to drugs;

metabolic disorders in relation to malabsorption of glucose and galactose;

- acute pancreatitis leakage;

- age to 12 years;


- breast-feeding.

While taking the capsules washed down with water.

The Cure "Gabapentin" may cause the following side effects:

- dizziness, headache;

- temporary memory loss;

a tremor;

- pancreatitis;

- nausea

- increased blood pressure;

- itching;


- swelling of the face and body.

Reviews about the drug "Gabapentin"

Many doctors (and patients themselves experience it) point to the fact that this tool can be addictive. As necessary, the dosage of the drug is reduced gradually within one week.

Many patients report a manifestation of a bad mood, lethargy, confusion, and sometimes there are even cases where patients are prone to suicidal thoughts, which is pushing prolonged depression.

This focuses the attention on the fact that self-treatment with this remedy is inappropriate and can have negative consequences.

Synonyms medicinal products

Despite the experts noted the high quality of the drug in medical practice, applicable large list of drugs similar effects on the body patients with epilepsy.

For the medication "Gabapentin" the analogue can be selected from the group of drugs, containing in its composition the substance is gabapentin. These include capsules German production “Gabagamma" (900 rubles), “Neurontin" (1400 rubles), Russian release capsules “Capintec" (460 rubles), the ‘Convalis" (500 rubles), Hungarian drug production “Tebantin" (1600 rubles), domestic medicine “Topiramate" (600 rubles), Croatian capsules “the Katen" (800 rubles).

gabapentin analogues cheaperOf this group of drugs patients clearly speak positively about drugs “Gabagamma” and “Topiramate”. Note that these tools are effective in preventing epileptic seizures. In Russia tablet “Topiramate” are in some regions preferential cure, so people this drug "Gabapentin" counterpart, despite the high cost, bother to try, but no person included in the list of beneficiaries, this tool is sometimes can not afford. So often the patients themselves and their relatives are also interested in effective but cheap drugs.

More expensivepreparations of the Hungarian and German release also deserve attention, their influence most effectively, they cause fewer side effects, but of course, most refuse due to the high prices, preferring a more accessible means for treatment.

Similar product containing pregabalin

The drug "Gabapentin" equivalent to select and group other drugs treating epilepsy and seizures. They can contain in their composition other active substances acting on the Central nervous system, similar to gabapentin. Those are set.

The Action element (it contains not one of the drug "Gabapentin" analog) is identical to pregabalin gabapentin. But still more effective is the influence of the first. Pregabalin is included in the composition of the medical drug “Algeria”, produced in the form of capsules (the cost of a package — 600 rubles), as well as drugs ‘Pregabalin Canon” (price-700 roubles).

gabapentin analoguesDespite their efficacy, patients are still celebrating the fact that gabapentin, compared to them, it acts faster. Many are afraid of such drug side effects “Algeria”, as the reduced clarity of vision, the mist in my eyes. A drug “Pregabalin Canon” for many it is a state of sleep, fatigue.

And the cost is above the considered tools. So it is not always the price focuses on the quality and availability of drugs to reduce the threshold of the occurrence of epileptic seizures.

Pregabalin is also addictive, so its cancellation is a gradual reduction in dosage.

There is another substitute with pregabalina — capsules “Lyrics”, they cost 650 rubles. Contain a very long list of side effects, therefore, accepted with great caution, not recommended for the treatment of children.

gabapentin instructions for use analoguesMany doctors say in terms of quality of influence on the normalization of the status of epilepsy patients a substitute for drugs "Gabapentin" analogue “Lyrics” — drug “Pribegin” Hungarian production (costs 600 rubles).

Substitutes with lacosamide

The Pharmaceutical market is saturated with drugs which can change a drug "Gabapentin". Analogue of this medication may include lacosamide. It is contained in a drug “Vimpat" (more "Gabapentin" 5 times) German production.

gabapentin analogues reviewsThis medication "Gabapentin" analogue recommended for adults. Not suitable for core, to patients with renal insufficiency. Its manual specifies a minimum list of side effects, the most frequent — dizziness and nausea, rare — Allergy to components of the medication.

Analogues with topiramate

Pharmakinetic the identical topiramate gabapentin. It contains the following drug "Gabapentin" counterparts: the cure "Topamax" (600 rubles), tablets “Epilepsy" (400 rubles).

gabapentin analogues in RussianThese medications can cause blurred vision (glaucoma), and impaired speech, and confusion, and the formation of kidney stones. Taken with extreme caution. With many drugs to combine them, so a comprehensive therapy for the treatment of epileptic seizures eliminates them from the list.

Substitutes with levetiracetam

This substance can also substitute for gabapentin. It contains such preparations as “Miramax”, “Levikon”, “Levitical”. These medications are also not cheap. The average cost is 600-700 rubles.

Levetiracetam is not recommended for use in the treatment of children up to 6 years. This substance (many patients do focus on this) may be the cause of irritability (especially in children), aggression, hallucinations.

gabapentin analogue lyricsThere is No substitute that would not have caused serious side effects, if you evaluate all the above mentioned drug "Gabapentin" counterparts. Reviews of people talking about the discomfort of receiving them. But still need to undergo drug therapy — the only option is prevention of epileptic seizures.

The Cure "Gabapentin": analogues cheaper

Since the treatment of epilepsy is very expensive, many are still trying, together with doctors pick cheaper drugs. So you can recommend these for medium "Gabapentin" analogues in Russia, as tablets “Popupurl" (cost around 100), capsules “Convulsion" (270 rubles), pills “Lamolep" (400 rubles), tablets “Cezar" (300 rubles).

List of cheap drugs is not so great, but it can replace the treatment with expensive drugs.

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