A fence made of polycarbonate, features of installation and types


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Wood and steel now quite often replaced by other materials used to manufacture fences. As one of the most common solutions is polycarbonate. He won the wood, the fact that the latter starts to break down, rot and crack. The same thing happens with iron: it is negatively affected by external factors. This material is in the process of operation, rust, deform and lose its appearance.

However, after reviewing the range of products of the modern market of building materials, you will be able to understand that technological progress has leaped forward. Manufacturers offer different types of synthetic polymers, which are not terrible weather conditions and temperature variations. In this case we are talking about the same polycarbonate, which has found its application in many fields of human activity. It is possible to make whole structures and structural elements. This includes fences.

Types of fences made of polycarbonate

fence made of polycarbonate reviews

Before you start work on the construction of the fence, you need to find out what are the different types of fences made of polycarbonate to give. Among other options, it should highlight the welded construction, which frame is made of profile pipes or steel angles. On the rear surface of the structure with clamps or screws fastened polycarbonate sheet.

These fences look good when their wrought-iron base. Another kind of the fence – it is a building of stone or brick, which is complemented by polycarbonate sheets. This combination, according to experts, is one of the best. In the end possible to obtain an aesthetically attractive design.


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A Fence can be classified also by the variety of polycarbonate sheets that can be cast or cell phone. The latter is cheaper than the monolithic counterpart. And to choose this fence is because the polycarbonate has a high sound insulation characteristics. This is especially true for home owners who live near busy roads, roads, stadiums, airfields and other structures, the functioning of which is accompanied by strong noise. This can cause inconvenience and trouble.

Positive feedback

fence made of polycarbonate on a metal frame reviews

If you are thinking to choose a fence a fence made of polycarbonate, feedback to verify the correctness of the decision. According to consumers, this material is good because he is not afraid of the impact of moisture, so the leaves are not susceptible to rotting and will not rust. Any structure or structures capable to resist the weather troubles, among them:

  • Rain
  • Frost;
  • Snow;
  • Wind.

According to consumers, the leaves are popular because they are not afraid of the effect of temperature, whether it is high or low. A fence made of polycarbonate, which reviews will be useful to read before you purchase this material differs by the fact, as he undergoes the mechanical stress and shock. The appearance of the fencing in the process of operation will not be affected.

The Material is flexible. The leaves can be given any shape, it's possible to produce constructions of any complexity. Buyers note there is very little weight to paintings, so their transportation and installation light weight. Processing polycarbonate is quite simple, it can be sawing, drilling and cutting. The main thing-to choose the right tool.

Regardless of which type covers material you plan to use the created design will not create strong shadows, as with the installation of fences made of wood and metal. Customers choose polycarbonate also for the reason that it does not require special care. From its surface from time to time will only need to wash off contamination.

Negative feedback

fence made of polycarbonate reviews price

A Fence made of polycarbonate, reviews about which you can read in the article, has some disadvantages, according to consumers. Among others should highlight the need to use reliable basis for the installation of the fence, otherwise the material will lead and blow in the wind. In addition, according to buyers, the impact of the paintings has its limits. Therefore, the design can not throw stones.

If you plan to use a cast version of the material, the polycarbonate is able to withstand even a shot from a gun. What is true for 12-mm sheet. However, buyers stress that a material of such thickness are quite costly, it acts as its main disadvantage.


fence to give polycarbonate reviews

Before you begin installing your fence, you should prepare some tools, among them stands out:

  • Hand drill;
  • Hammer;
  • The grinder;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Building level;
  • Nylon thread.

The first step is to mark territory, these works are carried out in two stages. It is important to assess the perimeter. The master must calculate the number of blades. If the surfacethe soil is not perfectly smooth, but it is the way there are bumps and depressions, then from this problem, you must get rid of, pour the soil or removing it.

The next step is to identify places where to set the pillars. For installation dig holes. Depth to bottom of Foundation should be placed below the frost. If for storage of polycarbonate on the plot is not found suitable premises, the fabric should cover a dense fabric that blocks out the sun's rays. The leaves should be put the goods to protect them from the wind.

Construction of fence

fence made of polycarbonate, price and reviews

After Reading the reviews about fence made of polycarbonate and realizing that this design will fit you, you can begin installation. Once the initial training has been completed, you can begin the construction of Foundation.

When you create the Foundation should be based on indicators of depth of soil freezing. But not every developer is aware of these parameters. Typically, the depth of excavation varies from 0.8 to 1.2 m For most regions belonging to the European part of the continent, the freezing depth is 700 mm. But it is better to act with a margin that will compensate for changes in groundwater levels.

For complex soil it is recommended to use strip Foundation, which deepens to 1000 mm. Its width shall be 300 mm. Under each leg to dig a deep hole, and the mounting location of the pole to make “nest”, which will have a large size. They can be equal to 450 x 450 mm.


price for fence made of polycarbonate with installation

The Installation of a fence made of polycarbonate on a metal frame reviews, which you can read above, provides reinforcement. This will ensure the reliability of the fencing during ground movements.

To be Used for reinforcement should be building rebar, the diameter of which ranges from 10 to 16 mm. it is Important to monitor the continuity of the frame. The elements are welded or connected with each other in the lattice boxes, which are stacked without gaps.

Installation of metal frame

fence made of polycarbonate to give the types

The Next stage of the installation of a fence for the garden made of polycarbonate, reviews about which you can read above, is the installation of poles for paintings. The distance of the metal supports from each other should be 2 m. using a level to align their situation.

The Supports are filled with a mixture of sand and concrete. As soon as the solution dries, the posts can be welded guides from the pipes. The resulting design will be the basis for polycarbonate panels.

The sheets

If you decide to install a fence made of polycarbonate, cost and testimonials you must be known. However, those involved in the work itself, the following stage you can start fixing the sheets to the posts with screws. You can use bolts or rivets. When drilling holes from the edge of the fabric should fall 4 see the Drill should be designed for metal or wood. All fasteners should be placed at the same level.

Cost of fence

If you don't want to do the installation work yourself, you should find out the price for fence made of polycarbonate. Consumer reviews will allow you to understand which team is better to give preference. If the height of the fence will be 2.1 m, to pay for 1 meter will have 1980 RUB. In this case we are talking about the fence on the logs. The thickness of the polycarbonate is 4 mm. If the last parameter will be increased to 6 mm, then pay for a 1 meter fence installation will have 2200 rubles. While the supports are hammered into the soil to 1300 mm.


Sometimes, reading the price for fence made of polycarbonate with installation, consumers decide to do the work yourself. That, in principle, it is possible. Technology installation is not very complicated, the main thing-to follow the recommendations, then the fence will stand for a long time and will delight owners with their appearance.

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