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The Odessa dialect and expressions - a unique phenomenon, which was influenced by centuries-old history and many different nationalities. Today, the language, jokes and phrases of this region go far beyond the city. So in this article we try to better understand and to meet these amazing and wonderful people - Odessa.

The Mix of culture

On the South wide of Ukraine, the beautiful shores of the Black sea stretches an amazing Odessa. This city, which are the hallmark of 192 steps of the Potemkin stairs, the ensemble of the Primorsky Boulevard, the elegant Duke de Richelieu monument, the market "Privoz" and other architectural landmarks. But the real gem of this region is its friendly and good natured people.

Odessa of the expressionA Strange and very colorful people living in this region. From other southerners it is distinguished by the breadth of the soul and a subtle sense of humor that is present in their language.

Odessa expressions, which are also called jargon, arose because of the mixture of peoples living in this territory. 1790-1820 years considered the beginning of the formation of speech. Then on these territories, where the indigenous inhabitants were Turks, Greeks and Italians who migrated EN masse Ukrainians and Russians. Here and subsequently migrated to the poles and the French. Particularly strong influence on the language and traditions of the Jewish Diaspora.


The City was and still is home to various ethnic groups, each of which had a significant influence on the formation of Odessa.

There is evidence that in the early 1930s the national composition had the following statistics: almost 40 % Russians, 37% of Jews, 18 % Ukrainians, on other peoples. After emigration, the collapse of the Soviet Union and transformation of the boundaries of interest has varied, but the city still remained people who speak all languages.


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There is even a special linguistic group, studying natural Odessa humor and language. Many scholars have identified the dialect as a separate and independent course. Studied and repeatedly applied to the particular dialect of the writers. In particular, a real treasure of a living dialect is a collection of stories by Isaac Babel. Often hear amazing words in the movie.

Odessa expressions and phrases

New projects

Recently appeared on television series “Liquidation”. The story tells about the post-war period. The main characters struggle with gangs. But most of all spectators were struck by the fact that the actors reproduced the unique Odessa jargon. There were replicas and dialogues, full of jokes, peculiar only to this city. In order to reconstruct the events of 1946, the film was shot in one of the most popular historical areas of the city, on the Moldavian.

Before writing the script, the author Alexey Poyarkov few months he lived in Odessa. Besides that people working with literature, he rode public transportation, went to Privoz and just talked to ordinary residents. Therefore, the writer tried as close as possible to get acquainted with a unique dialect.

Do Not waste time and actors. To adopt the intonation of the actors helped a linguist. Some of them also had long conversations with the local population.

The Pearl movie

The Series was not without colorful Odessa expressions. For example, one of the main characters - - - has the answers to any questions. He is one of the most beloved characters in the audience. That he belongs to the most funny jokes. In particular, in one scene a man says to a friend that was not a window in the women's bath and the holes are not necessary. He used the famous turnover: “You wanna do me wrong”. Odessa expressions of the other characters are no less funny for the viewer. For example, David Gotsman used the now popular phrase: “don't make me nervous”.

have to ask a couple of questionsThe Series again popularized the unusual dialect. Met the language, and in such projects as “the Life and adventures of Teddy jap”. It should be noted that wrote the script, based on the work of Isaac Babel. The success of these projects is largely the merit of unique humor, who likes the audience.

Favorite song

Often in the paintings use slang songs that subsequently exist independently of the movie. It happened with the song that was played in the film "Two soldiers". One of the main characters, a southerner by birth, sings “Barges full of mullet”. Little-known today, the film's plot, but the melody, the text and Odessa expressions of this song is familiar to everyone.

The Interesting story of this work. The film's Director asked the musician Nikita Bogoslovsky to write a song for one scene. The author briefly worked and built his masterpiece, the ‘Dark night”. But events have conspired so that the melody became popular even before the movies. So the composer was forced to re-create. This time the Director was asked to write a song where I would use a living language. For the native of Leningrad, who was unfamiliar with the folklore of this city, the task seemed unrealistic.

Schaub VI lived like cry the Blues


But the author had a creative attitude to work. He put an ad in the newspaper asking for those who is familiar with the jargon of Odessa, come to the Studio. Such an abundance of people he was expecting. A few days later the man wrote down everything he sang and talked to guests. So he soon made a completely independent work.

Subsequently, the authorities made a remark Maestro, because, according to the party, the song did not match the image of the hero who did it. But the people were in awe of the composition.

Those who have ever heard this song, it will be interesting to see what means a particular word. For example, the barge and the barge is a boat with sails and propelled the ship. Mullet - a kind of fish. Drayman - the people who work at the port stevedores. And “MT” is a brand of cigarettes. Mentioned in the song and well-known areas of the city such as the Fountain, French Boulevard, Moldavian pour.

Odessa expressions, and intonation is the soul of this composition.

Simple and intuitive world

A Separate issue is the jokes. The humor of this region have been popular at all times. Funny, light and interesting stories fascinate many. But in order to understand the dialect, the subtle sarcasm or irony, one must at least possess Ukrainian or Russian language. Talk native southerners is a mixture of different dialects. Phrases and concepts mixed up, so many words arose because of a combination of different languages. For example, such a common phrase for Odessa, as “sho you think you are”, refers to ukrainianism.

Except that the person must be a polyglot, you still need to have a sense of humor and be intellectually developed. Momentum is often unpredictable and illogical. Their essence is hidden in the concepts. You never know what the outcome of not only the conversation, and the offer of Odessa.

It Should be noted that the native speakers do not notice their dialogue is nothing special and funny. That is normal conversation for visitors to the city - a real feast.

Odessa expressions and phrases today are pouring from the screen. This region gave the Russian show-business dozens of well-known comedians.

sho you think you are

Dialog with the dictionary

One of the most popular satirists of our time - Mikhail Zhvanetsky. His works satirize the shortcomings of the individual and society as a whole. Childhood and youth men took place in Odessa. Here he wrote his first works. Today, they understand the world. Despite the fact that the satirist a year of touring, he hasn't lost his native accent and sense of humor. The language of this author's straightforward, but for other expressions often need a dictionary.

For Example, the phrase “Have to ask a couple of questions" translates as “I Have a few questions”. The word “me” should be understood as “me”. But most of the momentum depend on the intonation, and to understand their essence only in dialogue.

But there are suggestions that it is absolutely incomprehensible to the visitor of the city. These include words like “shlimazel" (translates from Yiddish as "unlucky people") or ‘EN masse" (from Greek - "the crowd"). Odessa expressions and phrases with these words are often unfamiliar even to residents of the region.

Even the zhvanetski said that this nation speaks every language incorrectly.

Odessa dialect and expressions

Featured shows

Many other comedians and musicians popularized the dialect. Leonid Utesov often used unusual phrases and words in his songs. Did Arkady Raikin, and Klara Novikova.

Also poured it on the games of Club cheerful and resourceful. The team «Odessa gentlemen” even managed to get prizes. Subsequently, the young people organized their own show that was very popular. There the viewer could hear the old pieces, for example: “Schaub VI lived like cry the Blues” and new jokes.

Even now it is beyond the territory of the region. Praises the unique dialect of a group of young and promising southerners. «Odessa Mansa” began his career in 2011. Light and warm jokes, the team immediately won the love of the public. One of the main tasks set before them...

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