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When a person wants to stand out from the crowd, he is able to dramatically change their appearance: dyes her hair green, covers the whole body with bright tattoos does body piercing in unimaginable places, was remarkable for the abnormal modifications, etc. of Course, individuality must be respected and accept. In this article we will tell you about the personalities who wear the title of “The ugliest people in the world” (photo you can see below).

Dennis Avner

the ugliest man in the worldLooking at the man, many are convinced that the monster on the planet still exist. Everyone knows that a man under the pseudonym “Hunting the cat”. It ranks first in our list and by the way, is the winner of “the ugliest man in the world”. What is so extraordinary in his appearance? Yes, almost everything! In Dennis there are extraordinary modifications, as numerous tattoos, sharp claws, sharpened teeth, implants in the face. But that's not all. People wonder how can a person decide on surgery in order to radically change the shape of the ears, to bisect the upper lip and make the tiger tail. Now hardly someone will be surprised that Denise – winner of “the ugliest man in the world”.

Lucky Diamond Rich

10 most ugly people in the worldAll parts of the body covered with tattoos, even the ears and gums! Hundreds of artists have done this work, and the guy suffered more than 1,000 hours of pain. By the way, he still knows how to swallow swords.

Eric Sprague

the ugliest people in the world photoEric was Born in 1972, now called ‘the lizardman’. Do you know why? He was one of the first to do surgery to split the tongue. And if you believe the stories and rumors around him, Eric I think those who introduced the fashion for such a modification and made it popular. But not only that gives him the right to be on the third step of our list. Even more surprising plain green tattoo which covers his entire body! Eric's teeth sharpened very sharp, and silicon implants and does frighten people, because the guy with the necessary skills and to butt!


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Pauly Unstoppable

The Alias of this person – “unstoppable”. He has the largest nostrils, the scars on the neck, head, forked tongue, implants, and many other extraordinary elements.

Cala kawaii

This man is the fifth step in our list of ‘the ugliest man in the world”. It all started with the fact that Kala was opened in Hawaii a private Studio of tattoo and piercing. Apparently, things were not very good, because he kind of decided to advertise his business. For this feces is 75% covered with tattoos on the body. If it is still possible to understand and accept, here is a cut tongue, silicone implants, multiple piercings and horn alienate many people and even frightened. As he says Kala, but it attracts crowds of people to his Studio.the ugliest people in the world

Elaine Davidson

This is the first woman in our list of ‘10 ugliest people in the world”, but not the last. What distinguishes this native of Brazil from the rest of the women? Yes, the fact that she has 2500 tattoos all over his body and multiple piercings. Only her face has approximately 3 pounds of excess weight! Elaine now lives in Edinburgh, she really misses the homeland. And to return home to her scary, because there are not only understand this but can still beat.

Julia Gnats

The woman takes the seventh position in the list of “the ugliest man in the world”. In her case, it all began with a terrible congenital disease-porphyria. It is accompanied by the fact that the skin blisters after exposure to sunlight. And they are, as a rule, transformirovalsya in scars. To somehow hide these flaws, Julia made numerous tattoos, and today it is called the “woman-painting”.

Rick Genest

the ugliest people in the worldThis place belongs to the man with the strange nickname “skeleton”, which he received because of the tattoos on his body, fully reflecting human anatomy. It turns out that Rick – this is a real skeleton. At the same time, it's quite famous. He starred with Lady Gaga in her video and promoted the Foundation. Today Rick has fan clubs and he is – an in-demand model. A man is not ashamed of his tattoos, he was proud of them and is in for even more fame.

Etienne Dumont

the ugliest people in historyThis extravagant literary critic living in Geneva. For that he made the list of “the Most ugly people of the world”? His body from head to toe completely covered with a complex tattoo. However, this is not all that can boast of Etienne. Under his skin there are silicone implants that make him “cattle”, and in the ears and under the lower lip – five-centimeter ring! This, together with the classic round glasses making him look like some maniac from the movie.

Tom Leppard.

the ugliest people in the worldThe Tenth position belongs to 67-year-old man who is covered with tattoos 99%. Withthe one hand, he enjoys reading, and on the other – walks in the woods. What's strange about that? Yes, the fact that he only walks on four legs!

The ugliest people in history

If to speak not about the present but about the past, here too you can select people that are unique for one reason or another. These include, for example, Fyodor Evtimov, who lived in the XIX century. He suffered from hypertrichosis-abundant hairiness, which is luxuriantly covered not only the whole body, except feet and hands, and face. He performed in the circus as a humanoid dog.

Here you can mention Priscilla loter, who lived in the early twentieth century in the United States. Long dark brown hair covered her entire body, and his mouth had 2 rows of teeth.

History knows a lot of people with those and other flaws. Someone born with two heads, someone with a ponytail someone with four legs. Some cases are due to genetic diseases, while others remain something mysterious and incomprehensible.

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