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Apparel and accessories of leather very comfortable and practical for everyday life. They are not easily soiled, wear-resistant and never lose visual appeal. However, external factors can sometimes lead to zatupleniju material. How to soften skin? Will I have to throw away product or it can be reanimated?

What to do?

If leather clothing or gloves get dirty, it is easy enough to wipe with a damp cloth and the problem will be solved. A small amount of water on the front side of the skin will not harm her, even if you get a leather jacket in the rain, or accidentally stepping in a puddle in leather shoes. But a large amount of water can wet the inner surface of the skin, and then after drying it will become too hard and dry.

how to soften the skin

But there's no rush to get rid of favorite things. Today invented many ways that will help solve the problem. There are three main choices:

  • Traditional methods or modern, "life hacks”.
  • Professional products for skin care.
  • Dry cleaning Services.

These methods soften the skin arranged in order of increasing cost. Cheaper to deal with the problem of folk remedies at home, but will have to answer for yourself. Let's consider each possible option from the point of view of efficiency.

Glycerin and sunflower oil

It is quite popular methods that are often share with each other the participants of online communities. Unfortunately, experts do not recommend using these even available, but harmful to products means. Skin softening glycerin makes it fragile, and sunflower oil has only a temporary impact. Subsequently, the product will freeze even more, and the skin from sunflower oil will be unpleasant to Shine.


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ways to soften the skin

Goose fat

Even our grandparents knew how to soften the skin on the shoes – using goose fat. A goose must cut out the fat, melt it in a pan and allow to cool. Formed lard who need to RUB the skin until then, until the fat will not cease to absorb. If you believe the reviews, this way you can even revive old knee-high boots. Goose fat is used and experienced shoemakers.

Unfortunately, the availability of this method it is possible to challenge – you must have on hand the goose. If he is missing at home, you can buy in the store in the market. But the amount of time spent and the cost of poultry commensurate with the professional resources to care for the skin.

Castor oil

Tools, softening the skin, sold in any pharmacy. One of them – castor oil. They need to soak a cotton swab several times to wet the surface of gloves, shoes or clothing. Means found to be effective and harmless for the product – the material will again become elastic and soft. While castor oil is quite inexpensive, and to use it, you will not need to spend a lot of time to additional manipulations, as in the case of goose fat.

how to soften the skin on the shoes

Hand Cream

How to soften leather gloves easily? It turns out that will help any ladies hand cream. Enough to put on gloves, squeeze a small amount of cream to hands and massage them, as in the usual procedure of manicuring.

Shoe Polish

Tools for shoes can help to soften the skin of any product. So, the Shoe Polish can be mixed with an ordinary baby cream in equal parts. The resulting mass should be applied to shoes or clothes from the skin with a thick layer and leave for a few minutes. If the Shoe Polish to use is not colorless, and any color, we can simultaneously update the color of the product.

Homemade ointment

Another folk remedy – an ointment based on beeswax. It drowned in a water bath, then mixed with castor oil and turpentine. This cream will not only soften the material, but also will protect in bad weather.


How to soften the skin on the shoes if it is new and threatens the appearance of calluses? To do this, the heel is rubbed with paraffin or wax. In addition you can go back with a hammer, but it is quite dangerous measure – can damage skin integrity.

Professional products

There are a number of manufacturers, that are designed to spravyatsya with the problem of hardened skin. Help professional products for shoes – each of them will indicate the type of skin and the recommendations of the manufacturer.

money for shoes

What brand should I purchase? This question quite difficult to answer because the price range in stores are designed for every budget. It should be noted that experts still do not advise to save on skin care, as it is much cheaper to buy an expensive tool, than every year to buy expensive gloves and shoes.

Today popular enjoy manufacturers such as Salton, Ecco, Salamander. They offer quite a wide range of tools for various materials, including for the skin – natural and artificial. Buyers note acceptable the quality of any of these funds. Considering the affordable price and ease of use, professional tools these brands cancalled “Golden mean" in the question of methods of softening leather products.

the means of softening the skin

How to soften skin products with a larger surface, such as leather jackets? Suitable spray to soften “Indeed”.

Expert Help

If the product does not give any folk methods or professional sprays and foams, it is necessary to consult a specialist. Some owners of leather products and do not risk to affect the skin than either alone, and immediately run to the dry cleaners.

Want to choose one in the list of services that includes treatment of the accessories and clothes from leather. Professionals will work with product, using proven technology. Unfortunately, such service is not cheap. Therefore, this method is the most efficient and high-quality but inaccessible.

skin softening glycerin

How to soften new shoes to avoid blisters? You can seek in a Shoe shop. Shoemaker has in its Arsenal of special tools, which he will treat the shoes, then put pads. This method carries some risks – under the influence of the pad seams may burst and the product to deteriorate.


Articles of leather not only expensive, but require careful maintenance. It is much easier to prevent trouble than to spend money and effort to fight them. You can't protect the shoes or gloves from the street dust and dirt, and contact with road chemicals in the winter are inevitable. But the basic rules of Shoe care and other leather products has not been canceled:

  • If the skin is still wet, then it takes time for the full drying – a day or two. If we are talking about shoes, it is best to have two or three pairs in reserve, and while one pair of “rest” to wear the other.
  • Dirt and dust must removed immediately upon arrival from the street. If you leave this lesson, “later”, then after a day the dirt can absorb. Even professional tools will be powerless, and will just mask the stains.
  • Shoes should only be worn with a spoon, laces – to unlace, lightning-undo to the end. It is not necessary to save time and to neglect these tips, otherwise the shoes quickly deformed and lose their original appearance.
  • If the product need repair-you need to see a specialist immediately.
  • Means on care of footwear or other product you must pick carefully. It is important to consider the type of skin and the manufacturers ' recommendations. A truly high-quality universal means does not exist.

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